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10 Home Decor Pieces That Will Help You Achieve a Korean-Style Bedroom

Are you into all things Korean?


If you're into K-Pop, K-Drama, K-BBQ—basically all things Korean—then we can bet that the next item on your agenda is turning your room into a Korean-inspired bedroom featuring a minimalist-chic aesthetic. You know what we're talking about—light wood fixtures, sheer white curtains, light-colored walls, platform beds (or futons on the floor), and a few styled, IG-worthy corners that show your personality, such as your workspace or bedside area. If you're looking for items you can add to your bedroom to achieve that fresh and clean aesthetic, then you're in the right place.

Add these 10 home pieces to your bedroom to achieve that Korean aesthetic:

Pragma Arch Mirror (P6,200) from Eurielle Deco

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No aesthetic bedroom is complete without a standing mirror like this one from Eurielle Deco. How else will you take double tap-worthy OOTDs? The Pragma Arch Mirror features a light-colored rattan frame that'll fit right into the Korean aesthetic you're going for. Plus, its arched top adds a unique touch to the frame!

Available online.

Legless Chair (P2,950/small, P3,450/large) from MUJI


Korean bedrooms usually feature low setting furniture pieces, so this legless chair from MUJI will help you achieve that aesthetic. The best part about this chair is its portability—you can use it on the floor or on the bed or even take it to the living room! Plus, it features a six-stage reclining function, so you can adjust the backrest depending on your needs. Pretty neat, right?

Available at MUJI stores.

3D LED Night Lights (P150) from 


It can't get any more Korean than this! This adorable lamp from comes in the shape of a finger heart, perfect for a fan like you. Not only will it illuminate your room at night, it'll add tons of character to your space, too! The lamp comes in other designs, too, so you can choose one that suits your personality. Best part? It's only P150!

Available online.

Clothes Rack (P2,500) from H&E Furniture 


This wooden clothes rack from H&E Furniture has a light wood finish, making it perfect for your Korean-inspired bedroom. Apart from using it to hang up your favorite clothing pieces, it’s also designed with hooks on the side so you can use it to hold your bags, hats, umbrellas, et cetera. It also has a platform where you can store your everyday footwear!

Available online.

3D Digital Clock (P389) from Sugar Shop PH 


Here's a clock that deserves a spot in your bedroom: This super-cool digital clock from Sugar Shop PH is perfect for your minimalist space. Place it on top of your work desk, bedside table, or hang it up on the wall—it's simple and staightforward but packs personality, which is what you want for your Korean-inspired bedroom.

Available online.

Four-Piece Checkered Sheet Set (P1,170 to P1,349) from 


Your choice of bedsheets can really make or break your space's look. This checkered sheet set will add just the right amount of contrast to your Korean-inspired bedroom. The set includes a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, and two matching pillow cases—get one in a light gray or camel color to match the vibe of your room!

Available online.

Soy Candles (P500/each) from Sunny Label 


Not only will these candles from Sunny Label make your room smell like heaven, they'll add a tiny splash of color to your space, too, thanks to their adorable handpainted jars. The soy candles come in a variety of scents, so you can choose a candle to match your mood.

Available online.

Sushi Cat Plush Toy (Salmon) (P399) from Miniso 


A Korean-inspired bedroom isn't complete without a cute little plushie (or two—or 10, we don't judge!). Miniso has a wide selection of budget-friendly plushies that are way too adorable and very soft to touch—they make great cuddle buddies for when you're feeling down in the dumps!

Available online.

Foldable Lazy Bed Desk (P264) from Top One 


Get yourself a small foldable table like this one from Top One—perfect for days when you just wanna stay in bed but also need to get some work done. You fold it and store it after use or keep it in the middle of your bedroom where your legless chair is placed for tiny "living" area in your own room! The table comes in a light wood color and has white foldable legs that'll fit right into the look you're going for.

Available online.

Floor Lamp in Simple White (P841) from T Mall Genie 


To complete your Korean-inspired bedroom, add a minimalist floor lamp like this white piece with wooden accents from T Mall Genie. Place it next to your bed and choose a warm light so you can relax and unwind after a long day at work.

Available online.

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