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5 Things We Love in Heart Evangelista's Condo Kitchen

Plus where you can buy them if you want to work on a kitchen makeover!

Photography: Screenshot from Youtube/Love Marie Escudero (Main Photo)

We all know Heart Evangelista for the fashion icon that she is, often dressed with designer brands from head to toe. But if you've been following her on Instagram or watching her vlogs on YouTube, then it's no surprise that sheâs definitely living the chic lifestyle beyond her wardrobe.

Have you seen her condo unit that also functions as her office? You can check it out here. If you loved Heart's compact yet functional kitchen, you may want to check the items we noted below and where you can buy them. Who knows? The list may come in handy when you give your kitchen a makeover.

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5 items we loved in Heart Evangelista's condo kitchen and where to buy them:

Xtreme Induction Stove

Photo by Xtreme

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Price: P4,495

Heart mentions that her dad's house burned down so having an electric stove, as compared to a gas stove, makes her feel safer. "I do not like the idea of fire and anything that can lead to that."

This specific brand and model from Xtreme has a 4 digital LED display, and it automatically shuts off if there's no pot, the pot is empty, or after working for two hours as safety features.

You can buy the exact same brand and model here.

Aesop Handwash

Photo by Aesop


Price: P1,800

We spotted a bottle of Aesop handwash near her sink, after all, isn't it important to keep your hands clean before, during, and after cooking?

Aesop, an Australian luxury brand, has two scents for their Aromatique Hand Wash: Ressurection which has mandarin, rosemary, and cedar, and Reverence which has vetiver, petitgrain, and bergamot.

You can buy Aesop Handwash via the Aesop website.

Xtreme Refrigerator

Photo by Xtreme


Price: P30,494

Heart says to always invest in a good refrigerator, and to that, we totally agree! It's one of the few appliances that you almost never turn off, and it's more efficient (and saves you money) when it's an inverter refrigerator. The refrigerator in her condominium is the Xtreme Cool Doble Door Inverter Refrigerator which is a two-door refrigerator that has an inverter compressor, an interior lamp, and 75-wattage and 230-voltage.

You can buy the refrigerator here.

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Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle

Photo by Bath and Body Works Egypt


Price: P850

Just when you think you needed more candles, Heart makes another good point about why you need one more: "It's a Filipino thing when you're cooking tuyo, garlic rice, itlog na pula, at kamatis. You need the candles, darling!"

In Heart's Kitchen, she uses a 3-wick candle from Bath & Body Works, in the scent Paradise Sunset which is described to smell like "freshly squeezed lemon, sunny citrus, coconut waves, creme de musk with essential oils."

You can buy Paradise Sunset here.

Xtreme Electric Kettle

Photo by Xtreme


Price: P1,295

Amidst her white kitchen, you can see hues of blues that pop out. Aside from the Paradise Sunset candle, she also has Xtreme's 1.7-liter electric kettle that comes in a mint blue body. This has a double stainless wall, pop-up lid, and a 2,035-wattage.

You can buy the electric kettle here.

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Want to watch and see what else you might spot in her condo kitchen? Watch the video below as Heart takes you on a kitchen tour:

*Heart Evangelista is an endorser of Xtreme appliances.



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