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These Delicious Dishes Will Complete Your Christmas Spread

Bring something new to the Noche Buena table this year

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Christmastime may closely be associated with tradition, but we strongly recommend you introduce a new practice: Have the family try something new. We've rounded up all the delicious dishes sure to fill your belly with all the magic and calories the holiday season is known for.

Marissa Hallare's Apple Torte

Too elaborate to be called a pie but not quite a cake, this attractive apple torte is sure to become one of your family favorites. The surprise ingredient? A rich cream cheese that adds flavor and dimension to the classic apple and cinnamon combination.

For orders, contact 0917.811.8428

Naturasi Freshly Made Italian Cheese


Made in the Italian tradition, Naturasi's hand-made burrata, mozarella, provola, and stracciatella make preparing holiday bites a breeze. As a simple appetizer, it may be served with sliced tomatoes, basil and drizzled with your best quality olive oil and a dash of fresh ground pepper. Add your favorite crusty bread, and buon appetito!

For orders, contact 0936.911.0819;

Yuanâs Paella Wagyu Roast Beef

Don't be fooled by the name Yuan's Paella. Its Wagyu Roast Beef is just as stellar as its namesake dish. Each juicy serving, a hefty 6.6-pound slab of bone-in roast beef, comes with a side of gravy.

For orders, contact 0917.887.7986; [email protected]

Ley's Kitchen Oxtail and Tripe Kare Kare

Ley's Kitchen takes a jab at this Filipino classic and does not disappoint. This sensational kare-kare recipe makes use of all the typical components of the dish: oxtail, eggplant, bokchoy, and string beans, but it's the savory peanut sauce and melt-in-your-mouth oxtail that sets it apart. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without the bagoong on the side.


For orders, contact 0917.848.6889;

China Mommy Truffle Mushroom and Crab Meat Fortune Bags

For easy-to-eat and mess-free Chinese food, China Mommy's bestselling Fortune Bags are the perfect pass-around food item. Aside from the hit original flavor, filled with pork, seafood, mushrooms, and vegetables, the caterer has introduced two new assortments. These new money bags are packed with either truffle mushroom or crab meat and meticulously wrapped in tofu skin and steamed.

For orders, contact 0917.514.8540;

Mara de la Rama's Chicken Liver Pâté


A savory offering from the kitchen of Mara de la Rama, one of Manila's top pastry chefs. She's whipping up a limited number of ramekins of chicken liver pate with red wine and dates. Packed in pretty red boxes with a bag of crostini on the side, it's good to go. Place your order at least 48 hours prior to pick up.

For orders, contact 405.2580

Gourmet Finds Chicken Relleno

Best known for its French pastries, Forbes Park-based Gourmet Finds is diversifying its Christmas offerings with the introduction of a savory menu of dishes the family will enjoy feasting on—tarte flambée, Swedish meatballs, porchetta, Chinese stuffed chicken, and more. If you must try anything from this selection, let it be the chicken relleno. Gourmet Finds puts its own twist to the Filipino favorite by incorporating a slew of premium ingredients like Australian cheese, jamon Iberico, Spanish chorizo, and Vienna sausage, aside from the usual mix.


For orders, contact 0921.762.2240

Pria's Kitchen Buttercrunch Slabs

When ordering slabs of this special chocolate and nut brittle (available in three sizes), make sure you add a few extra pieces to keep for yourself. When serving, bring out the hammer and let your guests enjoy pounding away.

For orders, contact 0917.819.0545

SpecialT's by Talia Asuncion Prawns Thermidor

One of our newest home cook finds for this year, Talia's Asuncion's menu has so many wonderful dishes to try, but for the holidays, her rendition of the classical prawns thermidor will surely please everyone.

For orders, contact 0917.890.0303; [email protected]

Aleth's Kitchen Cumin Crusted Halibut Fillets with Leeks, Chickpeas and Garlic

We love her beef Bourguignon and her once-a-year offering of her momâs taba ng talangka, but this new fish entrée is our current favorite. Packed with flavor and lighter than the usual cream and cheese topped seafood fare, this dish is a welcome addition to any holiday table.


For orders, contact 851.0180 Steaks

Whether as a present to your loved ones or as an indulgement for yourself, prime cuts from pledge to be the "best steak you'll make." The offerings range from black Angus ribeye to tenderloin, and you can have your steaks delivered right to your front door and ready for the grill in 90 minutes (Metro Manila residents only).

For orders, contact 0956.388.5886

Joy Limâs Cerveza Negra Cured Pork Belly Ham


Christmas wouldn't feel like Christmas without a festive ham on the table. Take a chance on Joy Lim's flavorful holiday ham. Made upon receipt of each order, Joy makes her hams in small batches to guarantee quality. Great for gifts, each 1.2-kilo ham is vacuum packed and packaged in a tampipi banig box and comes with a honey fig sauce.

For orders, contact 0917.590.2011

Cirkulo Paella


Take your pick from any of Cirkulo's much-loved Paellas: marinera (seafood), negra (characterized by squid ink), montaña, (vegetarian) or the traditional paella Cirkulo. Perfect for large gatherings, it is the one party platter that should not be missing from your festive spread.

G/F Milkyway Building, 900 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati, 810.2763

Chef Jessie Smoked Milkfish and Bihod Pie


Served with croutons, Chef Jessie's Smoked Milkfish and Bihod Pie gathers the crowd around the Noche Buena spread as soon as it's served. It's made with cream cheese, pistachios, smoked milkfish flakes and more. Chef Jessie had even posted the recipe on the official website.

Chef Jessie, Amorsolo Square, Amorsolo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati, 890.7630

Xáncho Spiced Short Ribs with Chestnuts and Figs


Always on our Christmas list, this hearty beef stew checks all the right boxes when it comes to holiday flavors and ingredients. Grab a bottle of his Brandy Butter, too, and spread on anything and everything for some special Christmas morning memories.

For orders, contact 0917.830.7020 or 0917.505.4572

Lechon Diva Biko Langka with Biko Tutong


From Lechon Diva Dedet dela Fuente, our favorite purveyor of lechon, comes this sticky rice creation laden with fresh coconut cream and mixed with langka. Topped with more langka bits and tutong, then sprinkled with latik, it is all our favorite biko memories wrapped in one.


Meanwhile, dela Fuente's updated rendition of the Pancit Paranaque she grew up with is reborn as Pancit Lagkit. This simple noodle dish is made with lots of vegetables and pig ears and is a favorite of celebrity chefs Margarita Forés and LG Han of Michelin-starred Labyrinth Singapore.

For orders, contact 0917.866.0662


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