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Do Your Budget Home Shopping At 168 Mall in Divisoria

From P150 pillows and P200 rugs to P300 lamps, here are all the affordable things you'll find at this popular Divi mall

Photography: Jilson Tiu Pictorial Direction: Dagny Madamba

A handwritten sign at the storefront of one of this Divisoria mall’s many stalls reads: “Ang produkto namin ay parang Mercury Drug—parating bago.” It’s a humorous quote that sort of embodies the entire mall, as with each turn of the corner, you’ll spot another new find.

Squeezed in between CM Recto Ave., Santa Elena, and Soler Streets in Divisoria Manila is 168 Mall, which was launched in the mid-2000s to offer Divi shoppers a more comfortable, sheltered, and air-conditioned option than the chaotic, open-air sidewalk stalls.


The mall is better known as a place to buy affordable clothes, wedding ensembles, and electronic accessories, but 168 is practically a treasure trove of sensibly priced décor, furniture, and even building materials. Here’s a sampling of what you can find there, categorized per floor and product type:


Assorted décor: Ziyang Home Décor Shop

On the first floor is Ziyang, which sells a hodgepodge of home items and décor. Noteworthy are its Moroccan-style pendant lights, which sell for P1,600 to P8,000. The trendy hurricane lanterns range from P300 to P600, and the smallest ones sell at only P100.


If you’re looking for classical or opulent lighting fixtures, their crystal chandeliers go from P5,000 to P6,000. Elegant candelabra will set you back P700 to P900 each.

Some of their more popular products are their scented oil diffusers, which come in all shapes and sizes, from the standard round ones, to tower and flower-shaped diffusers. These range from P700 to P1,300.


Soft furnishings: Hame Hongkong Home Textile


This shop at a corner on the third floor is practically a haven for soft furnishings. Short-pile bathroom rugs sell for as low as P150 to P180. Shaggy bathroom rugs meanwhile, are P200.

Their throw pillow covers are competitive in terms of both price and design, and are just as trendy as the ones you find in department stores. The throw pillow covers go for as low as P120, while the fillers cost only P100 for an 18”x18” size. 


The shop carries piles of carpets and area rugs, which range from P1,300 to P2,500, depending on the size. Their quilted sofa covers cost only P450 each.


Party décor: Happy Notes Store

If you’re throwing a big birthday party for your kids, then it’s worth heading to Happy Notes to buy the décor, costumes, loot bags, and balloons in bulk. Their hanging lanterns cost as low as P20 to P50, to as high as P210.



Lighting: Yeelite Store

This store sells all sorts of lighting fixtures and bulbs. Their slim-edge surface lights go from P300 to P800, downlights from P260 to P470, pendant chandeliers from P1,500 to P7,500, and crystal chandeliers from P6,000 to P20,000.

Yeelite’s bulbs and combination LED lights are affordable at P140. Looking for a trendy LED Edison filament-style bulb? They sell those for only P200 each.


Dinnerware and food containers: Uncle Sam’s Warehouse

If you’re a foodie looking for branded glass or plastic food containers and dinnerware, head to Uncle Sam’s (they also have another outlet on the fourth floor). Corelle, heat-proof Pyrex, and Libby food containers and dishes cost from P250 to P2,000.


Best Choice Home Interior Building Construction Materials Corp.


This store sells about any finishing material you can think of (tiles cost P90 to P190), but their benches, wooden tables, and desks are worth a look (marble-topped tables cost P16,000 to P28,000).

Dagny’s tips for navigating and shopping 168 mall:

1. Keep your eye peeled for the stores. The home stores are mixed in along with the RTW and fashion accessories stalls; even though it’s indicated that home décor is on the 4th or 5th floor.

2. Canvas at similar stalls first, before buying. Huwag maging atat bumili. The next stall might give you a better price than the previous one.

3. It’s easier to haggle at wholesale. You might not get a discount if you only buy one item. And bring smaller bills if you’re shopping early in the day.

4. Shop early, and it’s best to leave small children at home. It’s not as crowded in the morning (168 opens at 8am), but it does get pretty busy as the day wears on.


5. Bring tote bags if you don’t want to be carrying tiny plastic bags all around the place. If you need a bigger bag for your haul, there are bayong-style bags for sale on the sidewalks outside.

6. There are three (three!) food courts at 168 Mall. You’ll never go hungry in between shopping—there is one food court on the third floor of the old wing, and the others are on the third and fifth floor of the new wing. You’ll also find classic Binondo dimsum restaurants such as Wai Ying mixed in with the standard fast food joints.

168 Mall is located at Sta. Elena and Soler Sts., Divisoria, Manila and is open from 8am to 8pm; follow them on their Facebook page for updates

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