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Dangwa Deals: P100 Flower Arrangements And More

If you're on a budget, head to Dangwa, which has the freshest blooms and the lowest prices. Here are six stalls to visit in time for Valentine's Day.

Photography: Chrisia Borda

Buying flowers? Dangwa is the top-of-mind, go-to place. It became a popular flower market because of the Dangwa Bus Station located along Dimasalang St., Manila, where flowers from Baguio get transported to Manila via Dangwa buses plying the Manila-Baguio route. Rows of stalls selling flowers can be found along the stretch of Dimasalang Street and branching out among streets that are perpendicular to it. Manila Flower Center located at the corner of Dos Castillas St. and Laong Laan St. alone can already offer you a variety of flower arrangements and other flower types aside from the ubiquitous rose. Here are some of the stalls you can visit: 

1. Aliejza Flower Shop

Stall 9 Center, 1265 Laong Laan cor. Dos Castillas Sts., Sampaloc, Manila
Tel. No. (02) 781-0077

This flower stall is among the first stalls you will see when you go to Manila Flower Center. Big flower arrangements can cost up to P600 each, while small arrangements the size of a table centrepiece cost P100. If you want to buy loose flowers, Malaysian mums are available at P180 to P200 per dozen. Stargazers coast P180 to P250 per stem, while Casa Blanca costs P180 per stem. Meanwhile, baskets cost P10 to P12 each, while floral foams cost P70 for a pack of four.

2. Amang’s Flower Shop

Stall 11 Center, 1265 Laong Laan cor. Dos Castillas Sts., Sampaloc, Manila
Mobile 0915-9426587

Here, Malaysian mums cost P150 to P200 per dozen, and while a floral arrangement costs P300 to P500 each. White and violet orchids are also available for P500 to P700 per bunch. This stall, as well as the other stalls in the area, is open 24 hours. It is best to shop for flowers at dawn when there are fewer people and some flowers are cheaper.  

3. RNL Flower Shop

Stall 14 Manila Flower Center, 1265 Laong Laan cor. Dos Castillas Sts., Sampaloc, Manila
Mobile 0929-329-1697, 0995-324-7013

You can get a basket of arranged flowers, composed of a few roses, baby’s breath and astromeria, for P300 to P400, while a basket with gerbera and mums cost P350. An arrangement that consists of white Malaysian mums (radus), green line flowers, and anahaw leaves can cost P350. If you want smaller baskets of flower arrangements, you can get one from P100 to P250, depending on the size. 

4. PMJL Flower Shop (also known as Pia’s)

Stall 42 Center, 1265 Laong Laan cor. Dos Castillas Sts., Sampaloc, Manila

If you want to get more affordable flowers, head to Dangwa as soon as you can, as prices usually go up right before Valentine's Day or Undas. A flower arrangement can cost P500 up to P800, so better make your purchases before the aforementioned dates. On regular days, a basket of white mums cost P250, while a bigger basket of arranged flowers can cost up to P300. If you want to make your own arrangement, you can buy loose flowers—chrysanthemums cost P250 per dozen, radus flowers cost P150 per dozen, while sunflowers cost P120 per piece

5.  Mhean’s Flower Shop & Accessories

Stall 22 Center, 1265 Laong Laan cor. Dos Castillas Sts., Sampaloc, Manila
Tel. No. (02) 871-7950; Mobile 0919-816-5685

Mhean’s doesn’t offer flower arrangements, so if you want to be creative and make your own, this is the place to go to. Yellow and white Malaysian mums abound and cost P70 per dozen. Floral foams cost P100 to P120 per pack of four pieces, while ribbons for your flower arrangements cost P30 to P100 per roll. 

6. Red and Beri Wedding Expo/Flower Shop

Stall 28 Center, 1265 Laong Laan cor. Dos Castillas Sts., Sampaloc, Manila

Unlike the other stalls at the Manila Flower Center, this stall specializes in custom-made arrangements for weddings and other occasions. But if you want to buy loose flowers, you can also get them from this shop. Daisies and carnations cost P180 per bundle of 10 pieces. Blue million stars cost P150 per stem. At the time of this shoot, made-to-order succulents in burlap were ready for pick up—each costs P60. 

NOTE: The prices and types of flowers quoted here are subject to seasonal availability. 

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