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5 Investment Pieces for the Home

Why not splurge a bit and get quality pieces that can last for many years?


It's not every day you buy furniture so why not make it count? Here are five investments that you should make for your space.

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Proper Lighting

Your Returns:

Whether it’s a floor lamp or a ceiling fixture, lighting can define the aesthetic quality of a room. Poor lighting can affect the overall impact of a room’s design. Also, sprucing up your home is not a one-time project it takes time and revisions, and investing on a fixture that shows your style can make your space your own. So save up for a lighting piece that best portrays your personality be it a bright and colorful chandelier or a modern table lamp. 

Items featured:

Pinno Floor Lamp (Slatted Shade), P14,232; Vermont Modular Bookcase, P32,564; Gammon Dining Chair, P19,845; Gaston Tea Table III, P11,454; Broadway Letters, P1,494 each; Kicking Horse Décor, P4,794; St. Patrick 3-panel Divider, P27,601; Capuccino Cup and Saucer, P2,000 per set of four; Oris Tea Lights, P771.92 each, all from Triboa Bay Living

RL Tip: Pick lighting fixtures that are compatible with LED bulbs. LED bulbs cost way more than halogen and CFL bulbs, but LEDs are efficient energy savers and last longer than standad bulbs.

A Proper Bed and Mattress

Your Returns:

Getting a good bed frame not only equates to a good snooze after a long day; it also becomes the focal point of your bedroom. An upholstered headboard is a classic piece that fits well in a small studio or bedroom, as it takes up minimal space. Plus, you don’t need to have a headboard custom-built. Depending on the style, a bed frame can provide a sophisticated and cozy feel to your haven, like this upholstered bed with tufted headboard. 

Items Featured:

CMAX Bed, Horizon Buffet Cabinet in walnut finish with white glass top, Islands Side Table, Allure Table Lamp, Holly Vases, Lace Area Rug, Millie C Vase, prices available upon request, all from Calligaris

For tips on how to choose the right mattress, click here.

A Plush Rug

Your Returns:

Some get discouraged to get an area rug because of the maintenance that goes with it. But a cut- or loop-pile area rug, with once-a-week thorough vacuum cleaning, has its pros, too. It not only adds character to your space, it also outlines the room especially if you don’t have dividers for each area. An area rug also becomes additional informal seating. Just plop some pillows on it, and you have extra seats for your guests! 

Items featured:

Aztec Brown Rug, 5’3”x7’6”, P24,415, Decoliving Manila • White Chesterfield Sofa, P80,625; Yellow Chelle Ottoman Bench, P27,000; all from Home Matters

RL Tip: A quality rug is an investment piece, so make sure you give it proper TLC. Interior designer Van Acuña advises that you vacuum your area rug regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating. Treat spills immediately by blotting stains with a 100% cotton towel. Gently dab on the soiled spot, as rubbing vigorously will only damage the rug. Van also suggests having it cleaned twice a year by a professional cleaner to ensure that your investment piece gets a longer mileage.

Familiarize yourself with the different sizes of rugs, here.

To know more about the different types of area rugs, click here.

A High Quality Sofa

Your Returns:

The sofa is probably one of the biggest pieces in your living room, so it’s best to keep it in a neutral tone to easily match accessories and smaller furniture pieces that you have. Updating the look of your sofa is as easy as throwing in new pillow covers and throws. When buying a new one, always check if the piece fits into and is proportionate to the room, so keep a tape measure with you.

Items featured:

Two-seater Sofa, about P115,000+, Open Shelving, Lugo Coffee Table, Quilted White Vases, Carved Glass Brown Vase, Hour Glass Sculpture, Dromedar Sculpture, Carved Glass Yellow Vase, Flash Rug in Brown, prices available upon request, all from Bo Concept

A Sturdy Dining Table

Your Returns:

The dining table can have multiple uses, especially in a small studio or start-up home. It can be used to entertain guests over meals, and it can also serve as a temporary work area. For more flexibility, get an extendable dining table that you can pull out when you have guests coming over, and retract when you need more space. 

Items featured:

Ottawa Extendable Dining Table, about P120,000+, Egg Trays, Letter Sculpture, Acrylic Horse Sculpture, Ottawa Sideboard, Dining Chairs, Table Lamp, prices available upon request, all from Bo Concept

RL Tip: It’s better to get a hardy, well-made dining table rather than an inexpensive one that won’t withstand the wear and tear of family meals over the years. You don’t even have to buy matching dining chairs—save up on those and mix and match your seats!


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