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This Sleek Lunch Box Can Heat up Your Food Every Day

Say goodbye to cold baon!


We've all been there before: you work long and hard to prepare packed meals each week so you can have an appetizing and nutritious lunch at work only to find that it doesn't taste quite as good after getting cold and sitting in a plastic container all day. But before you resign yourself to spending more money much each day just to get a hot meal, we found a handy solution: this electric lunch box from LoyoLa will resurrect your cold baon!

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This compact case has a built-in steamer, which means you can heat up your food every day without having to line up to use the office microwave. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and wait five to 10 minutes for your food to heat up. You can do so just before your actual lunch break starts so your food will be ready right on time. Just plug it in to where you'd normally plug your phone charger and go back to work while the lunch box does all the heavy lifting for you. The device has two layers for holding food, so you can steam both your rice and your ulam in one go.


Plus, we're obsessed with the lunch box's pastel pink color! It's also available in a sleek white design. 

Check them out:

LoyoLa Electric Lunch Box in Pink


LoyoLa Electric Lunch Box in White

The LoyoLa Electric Lunch Box is available on Lazada for P5,439.


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