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Nothing Over P500: Christmas Kitchen Items to Score in IKEA


Christmas is a few weeks away and if you're having friends and family over for Noche Buena, Media Noche, or just any gathering, you could do a holiday-themed tablescape aside from the usual Christmas tree and lights. And IKEA is a great source for all sorts of Christmas kitchen items to really tie the festive look together.

Vinterfint is IKEA's Christmas collection that covers all your Christmas decor needs, from trees, ornaments, gift-wrapping essentials, knickknacks, and of course, items you can use in the kitchen and for food presentation!


Here's a list of Christmas kitchen items from IKEA that you can add to your cart:


Photo by IKEA

Vinterfrint: Cupcake Liners


Price: P80/65 pieces, available via IKEA website

Planning on baking cupcakes or muffins as your potluck contribution? These cupcake liners use chlorine-free bleached paper and are treated with silicone just like baking paper for easy removal. These are part of the Vinterfrint collection, which has the same heart patterns seen across most of the items in the collection.



Photo by IKEA

Vinterfrint: Pastry Cutters


Price: P250/set of five pieces, available via IKEA website

Another baking tool you'll want to add to your cart is IKEA's stainless steel pastry cutters. The Vinterfrint pastry cutters come in a set of five pieces with designs of a Christmas tree, Christmas goat, star, heart, and Santa Claus.


Photo by IKEA

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Vinterfrint: Aprons


Price (left): P400, available via IKEA website

Price (right): P400, available via IKEA website

You also need an apron while baking, right? IKEA has that, too! They have one for adults, featuring a red and white floral pattern. And if you're cooking with a kid, you can buy the children's apron set which comes with a chef's hat, adorned with red, blue, and white hearts all over.


Photo by IKEA

Vinterfrint: Pot Holders


Price: P170/two pieces, available via IKEA website

Now that you have the apron, you can complete the look with these decorative red pot holders! This comes in a two-piece set, and each red pot holder has white floral decorations printed on it.


Photo by IKEA


Vinterfrint: Heart Jars


Price: P290/three pieces, available via IKEA website

These 4-oz glass jars have a rubber seal to make them air-tight and heart-shaped decals. You can use these cute mini jars for the glazes for your ham, nuts and crackers for your charcuterie board,Âand dipping sauces for roast chicken, grilled skewers, or whichever ulam recipe you're serving.


Photo by IKEA

Vinterfrint: Wire Basket


Price: P490/each, available via IKEA website

To hold all your round fruits that bring in luck for the new year, you can use the Vinterfrint basket that's made of steel fused with a metallic red powder coating. If you're not using it for New Year's Eve, you can also use it for bread! There's even a cake stand version of this that you can use for a festive cake!


Photo by IKEA

Vinterfrint: Side Plate


Price: P190/each (available via IKEA website)


You can use these floral-patterned plates for appetizers, like lumpia, bibingka, or puto bumbong. You can also use it for dessert, like a slice of fruitcake, fruit salad, buko pandan, or a refrigerated mango graham float.


Vinterfrint: Floral Mugs


Price: P150/piece, available via IKEA website

Something you can pair with the side platers are these 10-oz mugs that have red and green decalsÂinspired by Swedish folk art. This drinkware is something you can use for your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even eggnog if that's your thing.


Photo by IKEA


Vinterfrint: Bottle with Stopper


Price (left): P150, available via IKEA website

Price (right): P180, available via IKEA website

It's necessary to have refreshments for any gathering, even if it's just water. This Christmas-red bottle with a stopper can store 17 oz of a drink you want to serve the guests. There's another bottle that's made with clear glass and has a red heart design, this one has a 34-oz capacity.


To clean, heat the bottle with warm tap water so as to prevent any cracking. These are dishwasher-friendly (up to 140 degrees F/60 degrees C) but make sure that you're not putting any drink that's hotter than 120 degrees F (49 degrees C).


Photo by IKEA

Vinterfrint: Trays


Price (left): P180, available via IKEA website

Price (right): P300, available via IKEA website

IKEA's Vinterfrint collection has two designs for trays. The circular tray with a 13-inch (33-cm) wide diameter comes in a gorgeous red color with a subtle floral pattern, while the other Vinterfrint tray isÂsmaller (and cheaper!). This 8x11-inch (20x28-cm) tray is white with a colorful tree design.

Trays have multiple purposes. You can use it for serving food around the crowd, for storage where the guests can get plates and utensils, and for your centerpiece.


Photo by IKEA

Vinterfrint: Napkins


Price (Santa Claus): P90/30 pieces, available via IKEA website

Price (Floral): P120/30 pieces, available via IKEA website

Price (Red and Green Stripes): P90/30 pieces, available via IKEA website

Price (Gold Stars): P90/30 pieces, available via IKEA website

Price (Red with Snowflakes): P60/30 pieces, available via IKEA website

IKEA's Vinterfrint collection has many paper napkin selections, all with different designs. There's one with a Santa Claus pattern, floral patterns in Christmas colors, red and green stripes, a pattern of gold stars, and a set of red paper napkins with white snowflakes.


The Vinterfrint collection also has a heart-shaped napkin holder (P120) just in case you need something to store the napkins!


Photo by IKEA

Vinterfrint: Handtowels


Price (left): P250/two pieces, available via IKEA website

Price (right): P450/two pieces, available via IKEA website

IKEA also has Christmas dish towels you can use when you're cooking, baking, and drying dishes. There are two sets available, one of which is a two-piece set of 20x28-inch (51x71-cm) dish towels with red and white stripes and floral patterns.

The other set is a two-piece set of 16x28-inch (40x71-cm) white hand towels with red hearts. With this specific heart design, you can also use it beyond the holiday season. You can use it for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and date nights, too!

Photo by IKEA

Vinterfrint: Placemats


Price: P120/piece, available via IKEA website

These 45x35-centimeter placemats have a colorful print, with illustrations of animals that look like reindeers and moose. What's great about these mats is that it has an anti-slip material on the underside so it firmly stays in place.

There's also a plain red placemat if you want it simple! These also measure 45x35-centimeter and cost P120 per piece.


Photo by IKEA

Vinterfrint: Table Runners


Price: P290/piece, available via IKEA website


You can make the dining table more visually appealing, and matchy-matchy, with the Vinterfrint table runner. This 14x51-inch table runner is white with the same floral pattern seen across the Vinterfrint collection. It uses festive colors like red, green, and yellow.

For the same price, there's a plain red table runner if you need something solid, less "noisy" on the table.


You can check the whole Vinterfrint collection via the IKEA website.



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