This Retro-Looking Stand Mixer Is Your Next Kitchen Essential

It's a pretty and helpful appliance.

Photography: SMEG Philippines

These retro-looking stand mixers from SMEG would look gorgeous in any kitchen and the good news is, there's more to it than how it looks.

Stand mixers are the workhorse of the baking world. It mixes, whips, blends, beats, kneads, and even gently stirs. It's the heavy-duty baking appliance that you upgrade to when you realize that baking is a passion you want to continue doing.

The SMEG stand mixers come in gorgeous pastel colors of blue, green, and pink, but it also comes in dreamy cream and stark black versions, too.


It's not just about the looks. The stand mixer runs on a powerful motor.ÂThat means it also has 10-speed settings like other stand mixers. What makes it so easy and a joy to use is that you can easily glide from one speed to another seamlessly, so you can dictateÂexactly how fast or slow the mixing is done.

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That's why stand mixers like SMEG are so popular with both serious and professional bakers. It's your reliable helper and kitchen assistant. While it kneads, whips, and creams ingredients for minutes, you can step aside and do other tasks that need doing.

The mixers have a range of attachments that make it worth the splurge and investment, too. All the SMEG stand mixers have the capabilities to use these attachments: a pasta roller and cutter, slicer and grater, and an ice cream machine.

Best of all, if you're itching to give this stand mixer a real-life test run, you may visit the SMEG Experience Centers located at Park Terraces in Makati, Metro Manila and at the Design Center in Mandaue, Cebu.


SMEG regular stand mixers (in pink, pastel blue, pastel green, black, and cream, (P31,995) are also available in all white (P36,995) as well as in all red (P34,995). Attachments are sold separately: pasta roller and cutter, P12,495; slicer and grater, P5,995; and ice cream maker, P6,995. Visit the SMEG website, SMEG on Facebook, and SMEG Philippines on Instagram for more information and details.

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