How Do You Find the Right Oven for Your Kitchen?

Don't just buy what looks good. It's important that you invest in a hardworking appliance.

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Are you one of the many who has tested a ton of recipes recently? Whether you’re always up for a kitchen experiment or baking a new treat, we’re sure you’ve considered rewarding yourself with an oven.

We can’t blame you as the oven is a superstar of an appliance that’s considered as a must in the kitchen because you can use it to prepare new dishes for the family. Who doesn’t want to bond over good food and pastries?

As easy as it is to go online to search for the perfect oven, you might get overwhelmed with the options available – based on size, color, and installation. To help you find the right cooking partner, we’ve listed all the considerations you need to make so you can narrow down your search and purchase the one that can make your kitchen dreams come true.

Choose between conventional and convection ovens.

These two choices refer to how heat is distributed to cook food. Conventional ovens are likened to stoves, with the heat source located at the bottom. explains that, “it consists of ovens with built-in heat sources and no-heat ones, which must be placed on top of an actual stove.”

Meanwhile, a convection oven is referred to as a thermal oven which can cook food from all directions. This type of oven is said to deliver even cooking and baking results.

Think about the size – of your kitchen and the oven you can add to it.

One of the most important things homeowners need to master is measuring. This comes in handy whenever you need to buy furniture or appliances so you can guarantee that it can fit in the allotted space.

Before you shop for an oven, go back to your kitchen’s layout and measure the area where you intend to place the appliance. Using these measurements as guide can help you trim down your options.


As explained by, most ovens measure around 27 and 30 inches wide. For household use, there are three types of oven you can look into according to size:

  • Single Oven – the standard option, it’s meant for average cooking needs of a small family. It’s available as a separate appliance or can be placed under a stove.
  • Double Oven – do you have a big family and do you often invite friends for get-togethers? A double-oven is the best choice as it allows you to cook two dishes at once.
  • Triple Oven – this type gives you space on top to cook flat dishes and another at the bottom for roasting and baking.

Consider how you will install it.

Depending on the size of the area where you intend to place the oven, think about how you will install it as well. Are you going for a freestanding oven, a wall-mounted one, a slide-in, or a drop-in? Who knew these types are available? Unhappy Hipsters explains what sets apart each type below:

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  • Freestanding – commonly available in stores, this is considered as the most affordable and can fit in any kitchen style
  • Wall-mounted – perfect for small space kitchens and those who want a seamless aesthetic, this is considered as the most expensive, probably because the installation alone may cost you a fortune
  • Slide-in – installed by sliding an oven into a built cabinet
  • Drop-in – as the name suggests, it is installed by lowering it into a built cabinet

Electric or gas? Make a choice.

There are ovens that use both, but you have the option to choose between an electric oven or a gas one. Before you decide, take into considered your existing power connection to see if it can handle the load of the appliance. In the same light, you also need to make sure if your gas line or connection is perfect for the oven you’re eyeing. It takes work to be able to install an oven so you need to cover these bases.


An electric oven is commonly seen in many homes as it’s cheaper and user-friendly. A gas oven, on the other hand, is the top choice by those who love baking.

Don’t forget the additional features.

Thanks to technology, appliances are now equipped with special features that make them more enticing. When shopping for an oven, make sure you review and compare the features of each. Take note of these when making a shortlist as these add-ons can make cooking, baking, and maintenance easier.

Some of the features you can look into include self-cleaning functions, Wi-Fi capability, and multifunction settings that let you grill and slow-cook your food, to name a few.

Ready to buy a new oven? Make sure you keep these tips in mind to make it easier for you to find the one. Aside from reviewing this guide, don’t forget to consider your budget. Avoid buying an expensive oven with extra features you won’t be able to maximize. Pick one that suits your needs and lifestyle.


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Don’t just buy what looks good. It’s important that you invest in a hardworking appliance.

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