You'll Love These Mom-Approved Bed Vacuums That Pick Up Dust and Mites

You won't believe how much dirt can accumulate on your mattresses and pillows.

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Nowadays, it’s become important to keep the house clean, not only to get rid of harmful viruses and bacteria, but also to help keep allergens at bay. If you’re bringing home a newborn, it’s essential to do a thorough, deep clean before their arrival, according to an expert.

“We want to make sure our area is as dust-free as possible, so [this includes] constant cleaning, punas ng sides, sweeping a lot,” suggests Ria Campos-Lopez, a child behavior specialist and certified baby sleep coach at Stratum Health Partners.

One area you need to focus on: your family's sleeping space. We might not notice it, but dust and dirt also stick to our mattresses and pillows. If you find yourself scratching a lot or “bahing ng bahing” when lying on your bed, it’s possible that it’s accumulated dirt or worse—dust mites.

But trust moms to find a solution! In Smart Parenting's Smart Parenting Village, nanays shared a very useful and affordable find: The Deerma CM800 Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum.



This handheld vacuum is getting good reviews from moms in shopping sites for a good reason. PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lazada

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The handheld, mattress UV vacuum cleaner uses advanced HEPA filtration to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns. The ultraviolet light also claims to be capable of eliminating dust mites, with a sterilization rate up to 99.99%. It also leaves surfaces dry and comfy thanks to a warm air outlet which removes dampness.


If you have a newborn or kids who are sensitive to dust, this device will help keep allergies at bay. PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lazada

And it’s not just for your bed—use it for cribs, pillows, sheets, and sofas. You’ll be impressed with how much dust it can pick up!


One member who was convinced by her fellow moms to buy it even left a glowing review: “Ito na si Deerma. Na-amaze ako. Deep-seated dirt from beds and pillows.” Sulit!

You won't believe how much dirt can accumulate on your mattresses and pillows until you've tried the device. PHOTO BY Courtesy of Mojica Myra Golda


Buy it here for P1,899.

Want something better? For a couple hundreds more, we found another Deerma model that comes with three removable brushes for a more thorough clean!

The Deerma CM1300 has three different attachments to address various cleaning needs. PHOTO BY Courtesy of Shopee

The CM1300 comes with the dust mite controller, a flat suction head, and a cleaning brush for crevices and tight spaces. It also has the UV light and dual filtration features!


Buy it here for P2,199.

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