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16 Stylish Home Items That Cost P85 And Below

This new mall-based store in Pasay offers budget home shopping in air-conditioned comfort

Photography: Albert Labrador

We all tend to flock to the usual budget shopping haunts of Divisoria, Dapitan Arcade, and Quiapo to scour affordable home finds.

The new Abenson Home store at WMall in Pasay City has dedicated a specific space in their store for budget-friendly items—all under P95.  “So we have our home value section in which we start out with P65. That's a fairly large area. Everything in that area is P65 to P95. We import that from Japan,” explains Abenson Home’s MarK Zwolfer. “We have some of the similar stuff but again, it's the quality of the items, and that there are unique items as well.” 

There is a clean, minimalist-Japanese feel to most of the items, which is a big plus, style-wise! So we browsed the shelves for 16 pocket-friendly picks that could be fun and functional additions to your home.


1. Mt. Fuji dinnerware

These cute, graphic plates of the iconic Mt. Fuji are perfect for any Japan-ophile. These are best to serve your mochi, cheese tarts, or gyozas on. If you’re on a diet, use them as décor or as a catchall for your keys or spare change.


Mt Fuji-shaped Plate, Mt. Fuji Print Plate Ceramic Scoop, both at P85 each; Mt. Fuji Bowl, P75

2. Carnival-style glasses

These pretty tumblers have vintage, carnival-glass feels but are not as precious. They can serve as everyday drinking glasses especially if you’re sharing your home with young children. You can also turn these into a penholder or a vase for your worktable.


Clear Tumblers, P85 each

3. Cookie catchalls 

These canisters clearly spell out F-U-N and can be appreciated by kids of all ages. Store cookies, chocolates or staples like sugar, coffee, and powdered milk in each and place them on your kitchen shelf. Best thing about them is that since they’re clear, you can easy tell if you need to head out to the store to replenish.

Canisters, P85 each

 4. Bottles for condiments 


Give everyday cooking essentials such as your cooking oil, soy sauce, and vinegar a visual upgrade by transferring them to these glass bottles with cork caps. A uniformed look can give your countertop a sense of order and a calming spot to look at while slaving over the stove.
Bottles With Cork Stoppers, P85 each

5. Egg containers

If you’re looking for a less conventional container for your salt and pepper, this is a good option. Not exactly, a shaker, its lid comes off and you can you can then sprinkle a pinch of salt onto your dish. Take off the lid, and you can use it as an eggcup, too.

Egg Cups, P85 each


6. Decorative sparklers


Warm a room with these shiny, sparkly votives for that touch of bling. They can even remain during the holidays as holiday décor if you’d like more sparkle in your home.

Votive Candle Holders, P85 each

7. Ikebana bowl 

If you’d rather go minimalist with your flower arrangement, this shallow bowl is a good alternative to a vase. Add water, pick a flower or leaf from the garden, and then plop it in. Voila! Instant Ikebana. 

Clear Flower Bowl, P85

8. For your air plants


Give your little tillandsias a new home in this cool, glass dome. Hang a couple of them in groups by the window if you want more impact. If you’re not into plants, you could also display small figurines in them. Just glue them onto the glass so they wouldn’t fall out of the opening.

Hanging Planters, P85 each

9. More hanging planters

Little as it may be, this planter could pack a punch! It can both prop up a tiny potted plant and a glass planter while at the same time, saving a bit of space on your worktop. That’s a lot value for a rather small thing. 

Stand for pot and hanging planter, P85 each


10. Architectural planters


For the modernist gardener, here’s a pot for you. Its clean lines, subdued colors would go well with the rest of your décor, we suspect. Plus, this plastic variety would potentially last longer than your breakable terracotta pot. 
Wave Square Pots, P85 each

11. If you still manage to kill succulents

If so, here are are everlasting alternatives. Since these don’t need sunlight or a drop of water to thrive, they can be placed just about anywhere. Liven up a bookcase, shelf or your work desk with one or two of these.

Artificial plants in pots, P85 each

12. For the playful gardener 


For the budding gardener, here are some cute tools for you! They may seem like toys—thanks to their bright hues—but they can definitely get the work done. Plus, if you’re short in storage space, these garden tools can be hung as décor when not in use.

Garden tools, P85 each

13. Faux flora

If you don’t have access to fresh flowers or fresh leaves on a regular basis, then these fake ones may be the ones for you. Add life to a corner in your home by plopping one stem into a bud vase or place a bunch in a nice pot. Just don’t forget to dust them on a regular basis to keep these fake flowers from getting icky.

Artificial Flowers, P85 each stem


14. Style pegs


Clothespins have finally evolved! From the ubiquitous wooden ones, there are now these clear plastic types that come in different sizes. There are also the pegs with a hook that could be used when a rod is available instead of a clothesline. When decorating, you can use these clear pegs to hang your photos on a string of fairy lights in your bedroom.

Laundry pegs, P85 each for each set

15. Clear catchalls

Get organized with these clear trays and see exactly what you own. These trays come with two, three, and four compartments and could fit inside any cabinet or shelf. They could also be used to organize make-up and beauty essentials without adding to the visual clutter. 

Clear Trays: 2 trays, 3 trays, 4 trays-set, P85 each

16. Pump and wash


This pump turns liquid hand soap into rich creamy foam. Even better, it reduces soap consumption and thus stretches your supply a bit longer than usual. Place this dispenser in your bathroom or kitchen to make hand washing something less of a chore and more of a pleasant experience.

Foaming Pump Soap Dispenser, P85 each

Abenson Home is located at 3/F WMall, 19 Coral Way, Pasay City; or follow them on their Facebook page


Scared to venture out to crowded bargain centers? You can still get your fix in the comfort of malls. There is The Landmark in Ayala Center, Makati, TriNoma, or Alabang for budget ceramics and pillowcases (some items are even below P50).

Want something more convenient? Then head to Robinsons Home Living, at all Robinsons Department Stores. They’ve got a new collection by Ito Kish, with some pieces under P300!

And who could resist the budget stores Miniso and Daiso?  Daiso has some pretty nifty kitchen gadgets that all clock in at P88, while Miniso has cool electronic gadgets that look far more expensive than their below-P500 price tags.

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