Three Condo Units with Three Design Styles in Quezon City (Part 2)

A fashion editor's quirky but feminine space, a cool and interesting bachelor pad, and an organized office for a work-at-home mom

Photography: Ocs Alvarez

To celebrate its eleventh anniversary, Real Living Magazine presented Real Living Space: The Ultimate Shopping and Design Showhouse.

Held from October 24 to 26 at Magnolia Residences in New Manila, Quezon City, RL Space was an opportunity for readers to walk through spaces designed by Hannah Acab-Faustino, Kristine Neri-Magturo, Wilmer Lopez, John Vigilia, Vera Villarosa, Ayet San Jose, Kimi Manuel, Ysa Villar and Mark San Diego of Edition Lifestyle, and Charlene Carlos and Leona Panutat of L’Indochine.

In case you missed this event or you would simply like to see the units again, here are photos of the units styled by John Vigilia, Ayet San Jose, Wilmer Lopez, Kimi Manuel, and Vera Villarosa.

Fierce and Fashionable Abode

To help our esteemed design team create real world spaces, Real Living has given each of them a special client profile, similar to what they would receive when they first meet with a potential client.

This unit was envisioned to belong to a fashion editor who describes herself as "feminine but quirky." She likes to entertain close friends at home and loves clothes, books, and Instagram. She is as brave with her choices of home decor as she is with her own outfits.

Sophistication reigns supreme in the living and dining area that interior designer John Vigilia designed. 

He furnished the living area with a solihiya sofa with solid narra frame, which shows that the homeowner wouldn’t settle for anything less. “As with fashion haute couture, where meticulous details give a piece a certain character, the furniture pieces and accessories sport bespoke details. The caned and carved details of the sofa give the impression that the piece is certainly handmade and crafted to precision,” John says.

The sofa is paired with an oval center table with a woven base. The main furniture pieces are complemented with equally stunning accessories, like the huge artwork that are hung on the walls. Indeed, this unit seems to say, “Go big and go bold.” 

Solihiya sofa, Soumak

Geometric rug, Decoliving

John placed the dining area by the window, and the colorful fabrics on the dining chairs instantly catch the eye. “Fabrics come alive with their colors and patterns,” says John. Hung beside the window is a dramatic artwork by Tokwa Penaflorida that sport colors that tie in with the dining chairs.

For a dramatic look in your own space, don't be afraid to play with patterns! Mismatched prints can change the style of your home.

Upholstered red chair, Soumak

Painting, Tokwa Penaflorida

Dreamy Wonderland

While the living and dining areas were styled by John Vigilia, the bedroom was decorated by interior designer Ayet San Jose. 

Simple. Fun. Quirky. These are the words that Ayet had in mind when she whipped up this bedroom for a woman who works in the fashion industry. 

The bedroom is a dreamy haven of bright hues and girly accessories. Ayet calls the bedroom “a blank canvas with splashes of color and interesting collectibles.” 

If you want the same refreshing feel in your bedroom, you can also choose vibrant shades! Start with a few pieces like throw pillows and tabletop decor in rainbow colors.

On a wall near a window, Ayet placed cutout letters of the word “Dream.” The word jazzes up the bare walls and serves as a motivational reminder for the owner of the bedroom. 

You can also spruce up your bedroom walls with the letters of your name or your favorite words! 

The charming white divider that Ayet placed beside the bed serves as a backdrop for her bedside setup. 

White floral screen, Crossings Home

Pink wooden chair, Soumak

Table lamp, Soumak

“It’s a room where you feel refreshed when you wake up, and at night, you can enjoy a dreamy slumber," Ayet explains.

Hip and Stylish Bachelor Pad

This unit is for a single male in his early thirties who loves cooking his meals and listening to music. He gous out to pubs, bars, and trendy restaurants, but also entertains a few close friends at home.

Interior designer Wilmer Lopez’s signature Scandinavian look graces this unit. In the dining area, the glass-topped dining table is surrounded by metal stools and spindle back chairs.

Create the same eclectic feel in your own dining room by using different types of chairs. You may also want to paint the same chairs in different colors for an unexpected look.

In the living room, the tufted black sofa is spruced up with a Union Jack pillow.Instead of the usual coffee table, Wilmer chose a pair of stools. 

The wall beside the sofa is covered with vintage-style posters.

For a similar look, spruce up a plain surface with your own collection of retro art prints.

Facing the sofa is a console table inspired by a filing cabinet. It is topped with a vintage radio and other kitschy finds. The space is completed with a white floor lamp, a whitewashed ladder, and a Papa Bear chair. 

Vintage floor lamp, find similar at Space Encounters

Papa Bear chair, Space Encounters

Masculine but Quirky Bedroom

For the bedroom of the bachelor pad, interior designer Kimi Manuel chose practical furniture and trendy accessories. Dark wooden pieces exude masculinity while pops of bright hues keep the look young. Overall, the room is fun and functional -- making it possible for the owner to enjoy the space before heading out for a night with his friends.  



The bed has hidden drawers that can be used to store extra pillows, bedsheets and other personal belongings. The wall behind the bed is decorated with a “You Are Here” wall décor -- a reference to Foursquare, an online application.

Bed with storage, Mandaue Foam

The tall shelf beside the bed is filled with books, candles and faux plants. 

In your own bedroom, you can always replace the existing decor with store-bought items for a brand new look. For example, you can change your old picture frames.

Bookshelf, All Home

Elegant Living Area and Home Office

Found on the ground floor of Magnolia Residences, this space was envisioned as a living area and personal office for a work-at-home mom. Interior designer Vera Villarosa created two areas in the function room to serve as workshop spaces -- the first is a bright and airy living room bathed in natural light.

An orange sofa serves as the living room’s focal point -- all the other furniture pieces are in neutral hues. A gray area rug is a fitting final touch in the space.

Coffee table, All Home

Behind the sofa is a console table topped with different accessories.

For a sophisticated appeal, choose classic and timeless home decor for your home.

For the home office, Vera created a nature-inspired vibe by using faux plants and a light brown rug with a leaves and branches pattern. The earthy colors serve as the ideal backdrop for a bright orange sofa topped with a pair of throw pillows.

No office would be complete without a roomy bookshelf that can store and display the owner's prized possessions.

For your own home, follow Vera's example and pair vases of different colors and sizes together. 


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