Come Home to Comfort in This New Haven in Quezon City

The Arton East at The Arton by Rockwell is soon to become the newest premier address in Katipunan.

by Charlene J. Owen
Sep 3, 2021

There is something homey about Katipunan in Quezon City. It could be because of the residential areas bordering it, or the schools that line its main avenue, or even the restaurants that dot the vicinity.  

If you've studied in one of its major universities, then you probably treat the area as your second home; while new shops replace your old haunts, there's still something nostalgic about walking along the road, brushing past students, and wondering if you were just as wide-eyed several years back. If you're a recent visitor, Katipunan will always have a place for you, from secret watering holes to familiar grocery stores that are essential for when you finally decide to move in.  

And speaking of moving in, this new option may be what you've been looking forRockwell Land launches The Arton East, the third tower at The Arton by Rockwell. 

Overlooking the academic neighborhood of Katipunan, The Arton East at The Arton by Rockwell offers not just a good location, but also a roster of great amenities.
PHOTO: Courtesy of The Arton East at The Arton by Rockwell

Rockwell Land is known for its smart, efficient, and deluxe residential developments that take to heart the needs of its communities. From the cuts of its condo units to the amenities offered to its residents, it has become a trusted name known for excellence through the years. 


Rockwell Land brings the same level of service and artistry to The Arton East. Rising to 34 storeys, it offers a beautiful view of Quezon City, the Ortigas Business District, as well as the mountain ranges of the Sierra Madre beyond. 

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It's all about space 

The Arton is a 1.9-hectare property, 80 percent of which is open space—a very important consideration these days when safe pockets of green are much coveted. You're initially greeted by a wide driveway bordered by trees, encouraging you to a slower pace as you enter the building. 

A road bordered greenery welcomes you as you drive up to your home.
PHOTO: Courtesy of The Arton East at The Arton by Rockwell

A spacious and elegant lobby opens up before you, quiet and cool, offering negative space and soft lighting to signal that yes, you're home. Moving up the floors, you get to see units customized to fit your lifestyle, and the thing about Rockwell developments is that each condo unit—even studios—are cut in a way that makes them feel spacious and practical.  


The studio unit goes from 24 to 28sqm, and makes for the perfect dorm for students. The one-bedroom unit ranges from 46 to 49sqm, and is a great choice for a young professional's first property investment, or a couple's first home. 

A NEUTRAL PEG: This typical layout for a one-bedroom unit's living area uses a monochromatic palette to open up the space.
PHOTO: Courtesy of The Arton East at The Arton by Rockwell

Are you starting a family? Or maybe you just need more space? The Arton East's two-bedroom unit goes from 64 to 72sqm. Efficiently zoned, a typical unit layout offers proper partitions between common and private nooks, maximizing the area without sacrificing the opportunity for the creative use of space. 

Perfect for a growing family, the three-bedroom unit's floor space runs from 84 to 130sqm, offering a home that's conducive for work, play, and rest. Ask about units with access to a personal balcony and get a wonderful view of the Katipunan skyline! 

A WORK-FROM-HOME SET-UP: This typical layout for a two-bedroom unit utilizes the space by creating an efficient home office while still having enough area for leisure.
PHOTO: Courtesy of The Arton East at The Arton by Rockwell

All you need in one place 

The Arton East understands the need to cocoon as well as to connect. This is why Rockwell Land has made it their priority to offer top-notch amenities that can cater to your everyday needs. 


If you're working from home but you don't want to remain in typing away in your room the whole day, you'll be glad to know that The Arton East has a co-working space. Create your professional and personal boundaries by staying in this area during office hours, and clock out as you “head home” to your unit. 

At The Arton East, a co-working space is available to help you focus on what needs to be done.
PHOTO: Courtesy of The Arton East at The Arton by Rockwell

The tower also has its own pool for its residents, but you're also free to use the rest of the amenities in the property, including other swimming pools, a gym, a FIBA-sized multi-purpose court, a play area, and a function room. Look forward to 2025, as all these will be accessible and operational once the tower turns over. 

THE RELAXING OUTDOORS: Enjoy the breeze pool side after a long, busy day.
PHOTO: Courtesy of The Arton East at The Arton by Rockwell

Come home to comfort 

Aside from being a laid-back neighborhood, the Katipunan area has its own kind of charm; almost like a safe and easy stretch before jumping onto the highway to Antipolo's cooler climes, or into the bustling heart of Metro Manila's business districts. All these are quite accessible to you, too, whether you choose to take a car, a jeep, or a cab, or maybe board the LRT 2 that would connect you to the main MRT line along EDSA. In the end, it's all about finding your own space that feels right, and at The Arton East, that's exactly what you'll have.  


* * * 

Image and renders courtesy of Courtesy of The Arton East at The Arton by Rockwell

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