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AirBnb Sets New Cleaning Protocols to Limit Spread of COVID-19

Hosts will have to keep their property vacant for at least 24 hours before allowing guests to check in.


As the threat of COVID-19 persists, many businesses have been planning what the "new normal" will be like for them in the coming months. For AirBnb, this means stepping up their cleaning measures. 

"We are developing a new Cleaning Protocol for hosts, with guidance from the former US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy and in partnership with leading experts in hospitality and medical hygiene," the short-term rental company announced on their website

The new, optional cleaning protocol will be launched this month. According to AirBnb, this includes a certification program, where hosts who decide to opt in will be guided on how to effectively sanitize their property. Consequently, guests will be able to see which properties are participating in the program. 

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"The host Cleaning Protocol will include specific information on COVID-19 prevention, such as the use of personal protective equipment, like masks and gloves for hosts or their cleaners, as well as disinfectants that are approved by regulatory authorities," AirBnb explained. Additionally, hosts will be required to keep their property vacant for at least 24 hours before allowing guests to check in. According to AirBnb, this protocol was recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as it addresses "the possibility of particles that may remain airborne for a few hours. The protocol will be available to all hosts."

Meanwhile, for hosts who won't be enrolling for the program, they can create a vacancy period between stays instead. As AirBnb explained, "hosts can commit to keeping their home empty for a set period in between stays, with no activity other than cleaning. Reservations will be automatically blocked during that time frame, currently set at 72 hours. This option includes the same 24 hour wait period before entering, and hosts should still observe CDC recommendations and other applicable local guidance."


The company further noted that this concept is expert-backed, and it was initially developed for Airbnb’s Frontline Stays project, where hosts have provided over 200,000 places for COVID-19 frontliners around the world. 

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