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'Walang Trabahong Pang-Forever': 5 Lessons on Investing from Dimples Romana

Dimples and her husband have been investing in real estate properties since 16 years ago when they got married.

Photography: @dimplesromana on Instagram

Dimples Romana is proof that there is nothing you can’t do if you put your heart to it. On her social media accounts, the Kadenang Ginto actress recently posted a photo of their newest property, a three-storey commercial building, which she acknowledges as a blessing from above. 

“Today is a very special day. After months of construction of our very first commercial property, na-bless na! Last year, binibiro ko si Lord, sabi ko, ‘Lord, building na lang po ang wala kami.’ Naalala ko ang Diyos ang tunay na nakakaalam ng puso natin. You may be judged, talked about, pulled down but He is the only one who knows your true intentions and your heart. And He will bless you accordingly,” she captioned a photo of herself and her family with the building as the background.

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Dimples, 34, and her husband Boyet Ahmee, 43, have been investing in real estate properties since 16 years ago when they got married. To date, they already own 10 properties, including this one: two condominium units; a beachfront property in Palawan; a farm and vacation home in Cavite; a mango and avocado farm in Batangas, and four houses, including one that they gave to Dimples’ mom Virgie in October last year (the generous Ate also sends her younger siblings to school).



In a previous Instagram post, Dimples shared that she makes it a point to invest her earnings from each acting project on a new property or business. The house they gave to her mom and siblings, for example, is a fruit of her labor from her much-talked-about afternoon soap Kadenang Ginto where she plays the iconic role of Daniela Mondragon. 

These gains, Dimples says, is not without sacrifices. “Maraming sakripisyo din ang kinailangan naming gawin, tulad na lang ng oras at panahon. We have to be away from one another often so we can both work hard to achieve all these,” she said in July, which means not being with daughter Callie and son Alonzo sometimes.

She adds, the reason she posts photos of their acquisitions is not to flaunt what they have, but to encourage others to dream big. From her experiences, Dimples teaches us a few lessons on money management and securing our family's future. 


Lessons on investing from Dimples Romana

1. Have a specific goal in mind.

For Dimples and her family, the goal is to achieve financial freedom at a certain age. “Most of our money we put in properties, learning from our family friends who have turned into great mentors for us in establishing a good, stable financial status in life. Goal ko talagang magkaron ng financial freedom in the near future and for that to happen, kailangan muna namin to work hard and invest wisely ngayon,” she said in one of her posts.


2. Never be afraid to (day)dream.

As with anything, all of what Dimples and Boyet have now began with a dream. She says the farm in Batangas was borne out of a “dream of waking up to the sound of my children running around and laughing their hearts out, I’ll be cooking in a palayok over fire maybe sinigang? Or bulalo. Aakyat lang ng puno at iidlip. Ang sarap mangarap.”

For their commercial building, she hopes for it to become “a place where I can teach and share what I know, and a place where my friends from the industry can share what they know, too.”


3. Invest while you are young.

The mom of two acknowledges that show business is rewarding but fleeting — and therefore it’s wise to save for the future while you can.

“Walang trabahong pang-forever, walang kasiguruhan ang buhay, but we can always try to do our best while we’re young to invest our hard-earned money in things that matter,” she captioned a photo of their commercial building in January 2019.

The fact is, the same goes for any line of work or business, so Dimples advises, “Habang bata tayo at may lakas, I feel it’s the best time to invest your hard-earned money to reap the fruits of your labor early in your life too.” 


4. Have faith. But do your part, too.

Dimples has never failed to acknowledge the hand of the Divine in everything they have been blessed with. But this tireless mom also works like there is no tomorrow, doing movies, teleseryes, hosting jobs, endorsements, and even writing and publishing a book in between her momma duties.


5. Take the leap.

Dimples says in one of her Instagram posts that for many of their dreams that have turned into realities, she and her husband have had to “take the leap and wait for the net to appear.” She encourages her followers to keep going, “Kahit na mahirap, kahit na parang imposible, kahit na pa-give up na kayo.” Because, as they have proven time and again, the net will appear “not only with a few fish but plenty.”


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