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A Major Overhaul for a Studio Unit

Having a cohesive theme and investing in the right pieces helped transform this reader home

Photography: Vincent Coscolluela (After)

It’s one thing to read about inspiring tiny homes, and another to visit a condo unit that’s been transformed by one of our readers. Prior to the makeover, the space lacked personality—with mismatched pieces and vibrant colors that look out of place. To make the most of it, our reader searched for pegs online and started working on her dream project.

Armed with a theme in mind, she slowly transformed the space into a calm and inviting compact home where she can feel relaxed, get some work done, and showcase her love for the beach. Fortunately, she was lucky enough to score great deals and sale finds—resulting in an envy-worthy and welcoming home that’s well within her budget. Here are some of the changes we loved in the space:

Entrance/Dining Area

We've mentioned it before—your home's entrance sets the tone of your space and would easily catch the attention of your guests. Instead of keeping the round table and matching chairs, the owner brought in a white square table with wooden legs and blue chairs that serve as accents. To maximize the floor area, a bench was also added near the bedroom's entrance to accommodate more guests.

Find similar tables and chairs at Mandaue Foam and CW Home Depot.


Before the makeover, the kitchen used to be a cramped nook with a limited countertop and appliances taking over most of the floor space. To remedy the situation, the owner brought the refrigerator out by the door and extended the kitchen area. Extra cabinets were added and these were all painted in white for a bright and unified look.

A blue backsplash adds to the calm and beachy feel, while floor tiles were used for the countertop. Since the owner also loves to cook, it's important to have a spacious and well-kept kitchen where she can move around and finish tasks easily.

RL Tip: For a seamless look, work with utensils and accessories that follow the theme. For similar pot holders and wall accent, visit SM Home or Robinsons Department Store.

Living Area

Who would want to hang out in a living area that looks dated and dull? After the makeover, this nook became a cozy spot that's reminiscent of a beach cottage. Cool and calming colors dominate the space—with the teal sofa bed serving as a focal point.

To further maximize the area, a tiny workstation was added and a built-in shelf by the window, too. 

Adding a shelf not only makes the living area even more interesting, it also gave the owner an opportunity to showcase books, plants, and other beach-inspired accessories.

Find a similar sofa at SM Home. If you loved the work desk and chair combo, visit CW Home Depot.

Living Area

To turn the unit into a serene escape, a daybed was customized and added by the window. It serves as an extra sleeping nook or a reading corner where the owner can catch up on her favorite novels. Since storage is of utmost importance in any home, the daybed also has compartments underneath—these can be used to store magazines, extra linens, and other belongings.

Ensuring privacy and adding an extra dainty touch are the curtains with a lovely print. Investing in soft furnishings and experimenting with patterns are easy must-dos that can help you give your space a redo. Remember to choose pieces that go well with your theme or match the accessories you already have.


One of the challenges that the owner encountered after acquiring the unit pertains to the layout. It's a studio unit, but a partition separates the sleeping area from the rest of the space. Instead of adding a door, she kept the layout as is. This proved to be a good decision as the bathroom is located within the bedroom and guests would need to use it during get-togethers.

Blue dominates the sleeping space—with various shades chosen for the pillow covers and accessories. Replacing the old bed is a prized find with an upholstered headboard scored from a furniture expo.

RL Tip: When giving the bedroom a makeover, make sure you invest in a quality mattress, top-of-the-line pillows, and crisp sheets. These can help you sleep better and get enough rest.


To update the look of the bathroom, the tiles were changed and the wall was painted in blue. Instead of keeping the toiletries on the counter, the owner opted for a wall-mounted mason jar organizer that maximizes the vertical space and follows the unit's theme.

Find a similar organizer at Robinsons Galleria and AllHome.

Click here to see more photos and view the complete home tour.

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