Mini Makeovers: 7 Bedroom Decorating Ideas from a Real Living Reader

Discover how to transform your bedroom without taking on any major renovation work

Photography: Christine Bravo

If there’s one room in the house that calls for a personal touch, it’s the bedroom. Since the bedroom is the most private and significant space in the house, I devoted time and energy towards creating a place that I can retreat to at the end of the day, a place where I can enjoy my favorite hobby: sleeping!

While I already knew what I wanted to do, the challenge was how to create a stylish look, reflect my personality, and end up with a happy sanctuary that I can truly call my own. After decorating my own bedroom, here are 7 things that I learned.

Find design pegs

Start by collecting photos from design magazines, websites, and online sources of inspiring images like Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. Look for pictures of bedrooms that make your head explode because they’re so good! Some of them may be a little bit over the top, but you need to have something to look forward to, right? 

Once you have your collection, you can go through each photo, and pick the elements that you like the best. For example, you can look at every photo and choose the color of the wall, the type of furniture, and the kinds of patterns that you will use. 

In photo: This is a picture of my bare and unfurnished bedroom! This was the blank canvas that I had to work with. 

Think of keywords and work on your furniture layout

Based on the pegs that you have gathered, you should make a list of keywords that are important to you. Do you want it to be cozy and comfortable? Rustic and country-inspired? Bold and vibrant? These keywords will help you identify the elements that you need in your space.

After you have picked out the design elements, and interesting keywords for your bedroom, you can think about the furniture layout. Find out where you should place your bed, dresser, bookshelf, and other bedroom furniture. 

RL Tip: Instead of moving everything around, you can simply draw your bedroom!

In photo: Before I moved in the rest of my furniture and my decor, this is what my bedroom looked like. 

Create a moodboard

You can use design applications or software to see all of the things that you want in your bedroom. For my bedroom, I put together photos of furniture, decor, pillows, and rugs using Photoshop. I used this to decide how to pair furniture and decor and colors and patterns. Being able to see what the bedroom will eventually look like can help you save time, money, and energy. 

In photo: This is a photo of my bedroom that I put together using Photoshop!

RL Tip: No Photoshop skills? You can cut out the design elements that you want for your bedroom and paste them on a piece of paper.

Think about colors and patterns

I suggest starting with something that you’re most in love with. It may be an artwork or a rug that you already own or even your favorite color! For my bedroom, I was inspired by my recent obsession with blue. I chose yellow as an accent hue to complement this.

Also, you should never be afraid to play with patterns. I learned that it’s not a crime to use print on print. I actually consider it as a statement in the bedroom. Since I fell in love with African handwoven rugs, I wanted to experiment with more patterns in my own bedroom. 

Knowing the colors and patterns that you like will help you choose furniture and decor.

In photo: This is a closer look at the bedroom that I decorated using Photoshop! I chose blue, yellow, and intentionally mismatched patterns. 

Figure out your budget

Figuring out how much money you can spend is the most important part of decorating a bedroom. Think about your budget and decide on what you can invest in. Can you afford to buy a new bed? Will you be able to bring in side tables and accent chairs? 

There are many budget-friendly furniture and decor available in different stores. You can also work on your own DIY projects. Just be as patient and as creative as you can be. 

In photo: This is what my bedroom looks like now! After collecting my design pegs, working on Photoshop, and deciding on the budget, the space is now furnished with a bed, a side table, an accent chair, a shelf, and a dresser. 

Take your time

Remember: if you can't afford to decorate the whole room all at once, it isn't a problem! You can never have the perfect sleeping sanctuary in a snapit takes a while and usually requires refining before you come up with the best bedroom. 

For your own space, think about the things that are more important to you and start with that first. Don’t rush through the design process! It's worth taking a little extra time so that you will have an efficient, functional, and picturesque bedroom. 

In photo: To complement the furniture, I chose wall art, pillows, throws, and rugs in my favorite colors and patterns. A beautiful bedroom doesn't have to be an expensive one!

Keep it simple

We don't really need to have it all! Crowding your bedroom with useless pieces will just take away the feeling of having a special retreat. Fewer items will allow you to appreciate the form and architecture of your bedroom in all of its glorious simplicity. Owning fewer things can make your bedroom look clean, open, under control, and peaceful.

In photo: A closer look at my bedroom! This shows that you can dress up basic furniture with art, decor, and soft furnishings like curtains, pillows, and rugs.

In photo: If you don't want to decorate your entire bedroom, you can just update the contents of your shelves! I filled the tall white shelf beside my bed with blue and yellow decor for a refreshing look that matches the rest of the space.

In photo: I also adorned the table on the other side of my bed with a few of my favorite trinkets.

In photo: You can also spruce up your windowsill with a few potted plants. 

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