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A Living Area Makeover for a Young Entrepreneur

Interior designer Joby Belmonte turned an old-fashioned space into a charming haven

Original Article: Tisha Alvarez Angluben Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Styling: Issa Villar Ching Interior Designer: Joby Belmonte

Many homeowners have lived in the same house for ten, twenty, or maybe even thirty years or more. These homeowners can tell you that while the calendar on the wall and the pictures in the frames may change through the years, most of the furniture pieces have remained firmly in place. While these old items may be a familiar and comforting sight for some people, others may be longing for a drastic change and a modern look.

In the case of entrepreneur Liza Marinas, she felt that her living area seemed like it was stuck in the 80s or 90s. She dreamed of a brand new look similar to the beautiful pictures she would see in design magazines, but she simply didn't know where to begin. Thankfully, interior designer Joby Belmonte knew exactly what to do!  

Here are the 5 things that we can learn from this living area makeover:

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How Much It Costs:

Paint, paint materials, carpentry, lighting, and accessories - P 20,097
Robinsons Appliances
Sanyo 21-inch TV and Philips DVD Home Theater - P 19,985
Robinsons Department Store
Furniture and accessories - P 16,422
Curtains, curtain rod, and throw pillows - P 8,355
Bright Ideas
Assorted candles - P 6,017
Lionel Lights and Lamps
Floor lamp - P 5,000
Furniture and accessories - P 29,988
Labor - P 8,700
Slipcover materials and labor - P 7,600
Miscellaneous - P 1,565
Grand Total:

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