Order is Key in this Bedroom Transformation

Interior designer Andrew Galano chose just the right elements to give this room the makeover it deserves

Original Article: Tisha Alvarez Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Styling: Gwyn GS Guanzon and Issa Villar Interior Designer: Andrew Galano

There was so much potential for Jason Lim’s bedroom. Unlike other makeover entries, the 23-year-old’s room was quite different. It had the provisions all set—just that it wasn’t exuding a relaxing atmosphere as it should. Initially, he tried a little DIY with the unsightly walls by peeling the paint by hand. When he found it too frustrating, he resorted to sandpaper, paint remover, and even paint stripper—but he realized these fixes weren’t giving him the results he wanted. Aside from that, clutter was everywhere with barely any storage options available to keep them organized.

These are just some of the problems that interior designer Andrew Galano had to face. His recommendations? A fresh paint job, proper furniture placement, and a clutter-free environment—all important elements for a place meant for rest and relaxation.

Here are some tips and ideas that we can learn from this bedroom makeover:

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How Much It Costs:

Cypress Construction Supply
Patching compound, paint try, sandpaper sheets, paint roller housing - P 285
Handyman Do It Center
Cans of paint, paint rollers, paint brushes, Polituff with hardener, rolls of masking tape, shelf brackets, sandpaper, mask, green chair - P 11,490
Kool Home Hardware, Inc.
Light bulbs - P 50
Marilyn General Merchandise
Pails - P 83
Our Home
Table lamps, floor pillow - P 2,395
Play & Display
Clock - P 169
Showcase Carpet Center
Orange carpet - P 1,500
SM Homeworld
Bed pillow, set of beddings - P 2,160
Urban Effects
Roman shades - P 5,440
Contractor's fee - P 7,100
Grand Total:

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