Goodbye Clutter! A 15sqm Bedroom Gets a Makeover

Photography: courtesy of LAHUBRE Designs and Pleiocene Pictures Interior Designer: LAHUBRE Designs

It’s not unusual to find a ton of knickknacks in the bedroom—whether it’s memorabilia from our favorite films, books on shelves, and posters on the walls. After all, to be able to call a room ours, we need to personalize it with the things we love.

The owner of this 15sqm bedroom is a big Harry Potter and K-Pop fan. Aside from photos of her idols adorning different corners of the room, she also has toys, books, and other must-haves all over the space. “Our client’s child was outgrowing the space and she wants to dedicate a significant part of it to well-loved hobbies and current interests,” shares LAHUBRE Designs.

To transform the compact room into a bedroom perfect for sleeping and storing things the occupant holds dear, the interior designers addressed the number one problem in the space—storage. “We immediately thought we needed to change the flooring materials and that the existing closet and racks had to make way for a more efficient storage system,” the design team explains.


It helped that the client knows how to invest in sturdy furniture pieces as the designers expertly incorporated these into the new look, allowing them to save on costs. Aside from addressing storage and giving the room a more maaliwalas feel, LAHUBRE also made sure there’s a focal point, a simplified flow, and an inspiration wall where the occupant can display her posters.

See more of the bedroom’s transformation below:


Prior to the makeover, the occupant had a small closet and movable storage in every corner of the room. Posters and photographs of her favorite Korean stars also took up space, with the dresser looking cramped in between open shelves.


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To improve the bedroom, LAHUBRE focused on the layout. They opened up one part of the room to maximize the windows and let in natural light. “Make sure the source of natural light and ventilation are not blocked. We created a layout that’s free from obstacles and allows the occupant to be productive and efficient,” the design team explains. After the makeover, the room looked bigger than 15sqm!


The bed is a durable furniture piece and the designers simply had to reconfigure it to match the new look of the bedroom. 



“We came up with storage that incorporates the headboard without disrupting the visual flow while establishing a focal point at the same time,” they share.


Curated shelves now complete the bedroom. Books and important collectibles are now better appreciated on the open shelves. One of the room’s striking new features is the color blue used in the space as requested by the occupant. “We decided on its extreme tone and shade to create a balanced composition,” say the designers.

LAHUBRE Designs created a wall where posters owned by the occupant can be updated every now and then. “We decided to place a back-painted glass panel to allow her to stick posters and scribble on it without the damaging the wall,” shares the team.

Instead of buying a new vanity desk, the designers repainted and gave the old piece a new look. It helps to save on cost by checking which pieces you can upgrade and still fit in the area. The repainted vanity desk now holds a special spot in the bedroom.

They also changed the flooring by opting for Tajima flooring material to add warmth. According to the designers, it’s easy to install and they didn’t have to demolish the existing floor tiles. The bonus? It complements the bed frame to create a seamless look.


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