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When we’re about to make a huge decision, we often spend weeks studying our options and mapping our plan of action moving forward. It’s safe to say that working on a home improvement project—whether it’s a simple update or a major overhaul—requires a similar and thorough planning, too.

While it’s a given for homeowners to constantly look for ways on how to improve every nook and cranny at home, you might be wondering if there are certain signs you need to watch for to help you decide if you need to invest in a makeover. After all, your project might require a great deal of money and we’re sure you’ll want to have a final look that’ll blow your guests away. To help you settle this dilemma once and for all, here are a couple of hints that scream “My house needs a makeover!”—

1. You think twice (or thrice) before inviting friends over.

If your family or group of friends loves having weekly get-togethers, the venue usually depends on who the assigned host is. While there are a few who’d offer their homes in an instant, there are some who are quite hesitant. Are you one of the latter?

If the answer is yes, chances are, you’re worried about the clutter taking over your place and the amount of time that’s needed to hide the mess just in time for the party. To be able to invite your friends, you need to have a cozy spot where they can hang out and enjoy refreshments.

2. The areas in your home no longer serve its purpose.

It’s no secret that our homes evolve over the years. As much as we would like to keep things as is, there are instances wherein the living area doubles as a study nook or play area and the dining room functions as a pantry, too.

To be able to turn things around in your space, you need to rethink the layout of your home and see if extra storage must-haves are needed. Getting rid of things you no longer use or need can also help you define and make the most of each area at home.

3. Going home is not on top of your list after a long day.

Who wouldn’t love to come home to a clean and relaxing bedroom after tackling a long to-do list? We’re sure many of you will agree when we say that there’s no place like home after a grueling day.

However, if you’d rather go to the mall or stay in a coffee shop, there might be something about your place that can be improved. Is it your bedroom? Do you need a new bed? Or does the overall vibe of your space make you feel extra tired rather than relaxed? These are just some of the things you need to think about.

4. Your space doesn’t suit your current lifestyle anymore.

Are you constantly thinking about starting a home-based business? Do you need an extra bedroom for your kids? Is it time to expand the living area?

If these are some of the questions you find yourself thinking about, it’s time to consider having your house renovated. To be able to live the life you want and do the things you love, your home must cater to your needs and have enough space for the changes you have in mind.

5. The cost for minor repairs has ballooned into a huge sum of money.

It’s inevitable to have minor repairs around the home—especially if these concern busted pipes, leaky faucets, and faulty electrical wiring.

If you find yourself spending more than you used to, it’s time to consult with a professional to see if a makeover or renovation is needed. While you might have to prepare a budget, you are assured that problems will be addressed in one go. You’ll also have an opportunity to update your furnishings and work on a style you want.

Given this list, are you ready for a makeover? Check your space and ponder on the points raised above. While inspecting your home sweet home, get ready to join this year’s Ultimate Makeover contest, too!

Simply answer this question in 50 words or lessWHY DOES YOUR SPACE DESERVE AN ULTIMATE MAKEOVER? Support your answer with three clear photos of the area/room or different areas that need a makeover, plus a solo photo of yourself or with your family. All files must be 5MB in size or smaller. Complete your e-mail with these details: full name, birthdate, occupation, telephone numbers (must be current, landline or mobile), e-mail address, and complete home address (with home or unit number, floor/building name, street, barangay, and zip code). Send your e-mail to reallivingmakeovers[at] with the subject: Ultimate Makeover 2017.

In main photo: Our 2016 Ultimate Makeover winner. Click here to see the transformation.

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