3 Mini Makeovers For P3,000 Or Less

Spruce up three busy areas at home without burning a hole in your pocket

Original Article: Issa Villar Photography: Miguel Nacianceno and Jun Pinzon Styling: Issa Villar

Christmas is just a few weeks away and many are busy finalizing their Christmas décor and holiday parties. While we’re all excited to spend this time of the year with loved ones, I bet there are a few who are planning to work on simple home improvement projects to usher in the New Year.

If you’ve been planning to give the home a new look, but worried about the expenses, we’ve got tips and tricks that can help you. These ideas will cost you around P3, 000 or less—depending on the look you have in mind and where you plan to shop. Invest in minor changes, bring in new accessories, and don't be afraid to experiment with color! Get started with these must-dos:

When it comes to furnishing the living area, many homeowners turn to neutrals. Beige, for example, can help you achieve an open and clean look. However, sticking to an all-neutral palette can give you a space that's dull and boring. Remedy the situation by working with bright colors and pops of lively hues.

1. Get started with a painting or any wall accent.

Whether it's an old painting you've had for years or a newly bought masterpiece, use it as a basis for the accessories you can add to the space. In the living area above, the colors of the seating pieces and pillow covers follow the dominant colors of the piece on the wall. Another option would be to use the painting as the focal point, then keep the rest of your decor and accessories neutral.

RL Tip: Looking for art pieces that you can add to your space? Click here.

2. Take note of balance.

While a vase of flowers can add a refreshing touch, it seemed too light when compared to the side table. It also looks empty and bare. Achieve a balanced vignette by displaying a clock, a framed photograph, and a table lamp.

For cute decor you can work with, check out Heima.

3. Bring in a lot of pillows!

Invest in fluffy pillows in different fabrics and pillow covers in varying textures. If the space allows, you can also add an ottoman made of another material.

Looking for interesting pillows? Visit Space Encounters!

Meals can be more fun and enjoyable in a dining area that's cozy and inviting. While homey is good, it can look dated if you don't have the right accessories. Invest in pretty tablecloths, work on a captivating centerpiece, and reward yourself with a new set of dinnerware.

1. Showcase your table.

If you have a beautiful table with a nice finish and an enviable sleek look, it's time you make the most of it. Say bye bye to old tablecloths and work with placemats instead. Doing this turns your table into a functional must-have that's also the focal point of your decor.

2. Mix up your dinnerware.

Create your own dinnerware combo by playing around with the plates, bowls, and glasses you have. A colorful set can add life to your dining area and keep it from being boring.

3. Add height.

Your centerpiece can be a conversation starter that captivates guests. Make it interesting by playing with height and color. Display a clear glass vase filled with flowers or have acrylic fruit bowls. You can even have an enchanting terrarium! When finalizing the centerpiece, make sure that your guests can still see each other.

You might be wondering how one can best improve a bright kitchen with plenty of storage. Before the makeover, this kitchen looked too plain and the shelves aren't properly maximized. To solve these concerns, you can use your dinnerware and utensils as decor to liven up the white shelves. 

1. Reward yourself and invest in new appliances.

Since we do a lot of activities in the kitchen, it's important to have quality appliances that make tasks easier. Purchase high-quality appliances that can last for a long time. You may also want to be on the lookout for well-made pieces that can be displayed.

2. Keep your shelves and cabinets organized.

No one wants to have plates, cups, and bowls that are eyesores in the kitchen. Organize your shelves by grouping similar-use items together and fixing it according to how often you use each. Utensils and must-haves that you use on a daily basis must be placed on an accessible shelf, while those that you rarely use can be kept on the uppermost tier.

3. Inject colorful touches.

Achieve a bright and sunny cooking corner by working with colors like yellow, orange, and red. These can be the colors of your accessories, utensils, and even some of your dinnerware. You can also have touches of w00d as part of the vignette you can set up in a corner of your countertop to liven up the kitchen.

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