Ward Off Mosquitoes: Products to Buy During the Rainy Season

Because we want our homes to be safe havens.

The rainy season can be a real buzzkill when it comes to relentless bloodsuckers invading your space. But fear not, because we've got your back with a roundup of awesome products to keep those mosquitoes at bay. From electric mosquito repellents that create a bug-free fortress to scented gels that make your home smell fantastic while repelling pests, and killer lamps that give those pesky critters a shocking surprise, we've got some nifty tricks up our sleeves. 

Whenever you want to chill indoors without worrying about a single insect bite, these products have got you covered. And if you're curious about how these mosquito repellents work or which one suits your needs best, we've got your questions covered, too. Let's dive in and make this rainy season mosquito-free and fantastic.

Products to help ward off mosquitoes

Electric Mosquito Repellent

These products come in various shapes and sizes, but the idea is pretty simple: they use electricity to diffuse the substance that helps get rid of the mosquitoes. Others may even use light in combination with diffusion to attract the mosquitoes and then force them a not-so-friendly stop. 


Usually, these devices work by releasing repellent compounds into the air to create a bug-free zone. They help you enjoy your time indoors so you can have a peaceful night's sleep without any mosquito interruptions. Just plug them in or turn them on, and let the repellent magic happen!

Kangaroomom from Lazada offers a “tasteless and smokeless” option for those who have kids, pets, or both at home. Just plug this baddie in and wait for a few minutes for it to work. The package also includes refills for when you need to have replenishment pronto.

Kangaroomom Electric Mosquito Repellent is available in LazMall for ?37.00.

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Grace Baby also has a similar product. The anti-mosquito compound is also “smokeless,” which makes it a good choice for those who are sensitive to strong smells. Its design is similar to Kangaroomom’s unit in terms of general appearance and how you activate it. Simply plug it in an outlet, switch on the button, and you’re good to go.

Grace Baby Electric Mosquito Repellent is available in LazMall for ?71.81.


Scented Gels

If you wish to have all the mosquito protection you can get without using electricity as a medium, scented gels are also good alternatives. These things typically come in small containers, and depending on the specific product that you’ll get, it can make your space smell amazing. There are also unscented ones for those who don’t feel like comfortable having additional scented stuff at home.

If you go for the former variety, these gels often contain natural scents like citronella or lavender, which mosquitoes can't stand. So, while your room smells like a flower garden, those buzzing biters are going to think twice about joining the party. You can plop these gels on tables, shelves, or hang them up. After that, let the pleasant aroma and mosquito defense do their thing.

They're also super easy to use. Just open the container and let the gel work its magic. So, say goodbye to annoying mosquito guests and hello to a fragrant and mosquito-free home!


Jessie Health offers a pure plant extract formula for their mosquito gels. This means that these are safe to use even if you have a little one at home or someone who is currently pregnant. For their product, the gel is infused with citronella oil.

Jessie Insect Repellent Gel is available in LazMall for ?34.54.


Locaupin also has their own line of mosquito repellent gel known as Sparklean. This all-natural anti-lamok product can provide protection for your home for up to 25 days after fully opening the jar with gel infused with citronella oil.

Locaupin Sparklean All Natural Mosquito Repellent Scented Gel is available in LazMall for ?47.00.


Farcent Philippines has their version of this mosquito-repelling gel as well. Compared to the two brands mentioned above, they have a slightly different packaging that opens by popping up the lid by a few inches. You may adjust the width of the opening to adjust the aroma that the gel releases to the immediate surroundings. Take note that a wider opening means a faster rate that the gel will run out.

Farcent Scented Gel + Mosquito Repellent is available in Shopee Mall for ?358 for a set of two (200 grams each).


Killer Lamps

These lamps use a combination of light and a bit of trickery to lure in those flying menaces. Just turn on the lamp so it can emit a warm, inviting glow. Mosquitoes will eventually fly towards the light and they get zapped! Just keep in mind, they're not for the faint-hearted as you'll hear some zaps from time to time.

Homie Appliances Inc. has a 3-in-1 electrical mosquito killer that can be placed on a flat surface, hung on a wall, or handheld for when you want to give those pesky pests a direct hit as they’re buzzing by. 

Dreepor Electric Mosquito Swatter Killer With UV Lamp is available in LazMall for ?299.00.


WeHome Philippines also has their own version of a killer lamp that comes with a removable washable tray. It’s easy to set up and has no chemicals so you and the kids or pets at home can be at ease–that is if you’re ready for the occasional buzzing sound.

WeHome Mosquito Killer Electric Lamp is available in LazMall for ?787.00.


Ace Hardware also has Akari mosquito killers for those who don’t have the time to manually shoo the insects away. Just place it on a flat and stable surface where mosquitoes tend to frequent and watch as they slowly dwindle in numbers with each zap.

Akari Mosquito Killer is available in Shopee Mall for ?1,500.


Frequently Asked Questions on Anti-Mosquito Products

What are mosquito repellent products?

Mosquito repellent products are the stuff we use to keep those annoying bloodsuckers away. They come in all sorts of forms, like sprays, lotions, candles, coils, and even those zapper things.

So, how do these mosquito repellents work?

They basically give mosquitoes a hard time finding us. These products release smells or substances that mosquitoes can't stand, confusing their radar and making it tough for them to munch on us.

Are mosquito repellents safe to use?

Yup, they're safe when you follow the instructions on the label. Just stick to the rules, especially with products that have DEET or other strong stuff.

What's the deal with the ingredients in mosquito repellents?

You'll find ingredients like DEET, picaridin, citronella, and more in these things. Each one has its own superpower when it comes to keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Which mosquito repellent is best for kids?

Kiddos can use repellents with DEET, but it's smart to go for ones with lower concentrations (like 10% or less). Babies under 2 months? Keep 'em comfy with nets and protective gear.


How long does a dose of mosquito repellent last?

The protection time depends on the product. Some last a few hours, others keep you bug-free for up to 8-12 hours. Check the label for more information on specific products you have at home.

Can I pile on multiple mosquito repellents for extra defense?

It's not really necessary. Stick with one reliable product and reapply when needed. Mixing 'em up might not be a great idea.

Do natural mosquito repellents work as well as the chemical stuff?

Natural repellents like citronella or essential oils can work okay, but they might not pack the same punch as the chemical ones. Results may vary.

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