This Is The Reason Why Your Home Has Negative Vibes

And here's how to remove those negative vibes and create a peaceful, positive home

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When looking for a home to invest in, it’s not just the technical aspects that you should look at. It’s also important to find a space that makes you feel at peace even by just thinking about living there. After all, why bother buying a place that is physically beautiful but fills you with discomfort the minute you step into it?

However, it’s not always possible to tell right away if your home is a peaceful place or not. Often, you’ll only know once you actually get settled in there. Maybe you feel that there is an eerie presence lurking somewhere in the area, or that the atmosphere is heavy and wearying. But don’t think that only previously-occupied homes experience this. According to design consultant Grace Moslares, “Lahat ng houses meron n’yan. Mapapansin mo ‘yan, kahit bago, kahit luma. Lahat.” So, whether you live in an old home or in a brand-new space, it’s very possible that different sorts of negative energy already reside there.

But don’t worry! With the help of some simple tricks, you’ll be able to say goodbye to those unpleasant vibes and create a space that is not only peaceful but also positive and stimulating.

What gives a house bad vibes?

Before cleansing your home, you should first know what it is that gives a house negative vibes. Experts say that the energy in a home is heavily influenced by the energy of the people who live (or used to live) there. If that energy is mostly positive, the vibe of the home is also positive. But if the energy of the residents is predominantly negative, the home will also absorb a negative atmosphere. Unless there are conscious efforts carried out to clear out that negativity, those unpleasant vibes will likely hang around the home, even if new people occupy it.


How to cleanse the negativity away

Do a deep clean

One factor that can make a home feel like an unpleasant place to be in is the presence of clutter. You won’t be able to relax if you constantly see objects in disarray or if you never know where to find the things you need. Start off by clearing out the clutter—throw out what’s broken or no longer usable, give away the things you don’t want anymore, and instead just keep those that you really need or use regularly.

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Deep-cleaning doesn’t just involve getting rid of clutter. It’s important to also clean the air inside your home. One great way to do this is by burning some sage. Sage is not only helpful in eliminating negative energy, but is also able to clear air of micro-contaminants and bacteria. Simply light up some sage, then blow out the flame and walk around your home, blowing smoke into each corner.

Get some plants

There’s a reason why doing nature-related activities are so relaxing. Studies have shown that the presence of plants helps us feel more at ease and less stressed. Green wonders help people feel a lot more focused and productive, and just happier in general. They are also a natural filter for negative energy. Place at least one plant in each room in your home to help fill the whole space with positive vibes.

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Make use of salt

Salt is not only great for adding flavor to food—it can also be used to throw negativity out the door! You can use salt in a variety of ways: Sprinkle it on your carpet, then leave there for an hour before vacuuming; put bowls of salt in the corners of your home then throw them out after 24 hours; or draw yourself a bath and add 2 cups of sea salt in the water. Regardless of whichever method you use, your home (and you yourself) will feel instantly uplifted.


Invest in essential oils

Aside from helping reduce negative energy, essential oils have the ability to do a lot of other great things, such as make a space smell much better and improve your mood. Depending on your preference, use essential oils in your home and feel the negativity simply disappear out the door.

Create a sacred and meditative space

For many, the best way to combat negative energy is by spending the time to pray. You may find it incredibly helpful to set aside a space in your home where you can get some quiet time and say a prayer to keep the gloomy atmosphere at bay. For some others, meditative practices like yoga are helpful. Similarly, create a place in your home where you can do some meditative practices, which will not only help you feel positive, but also improve your health.

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