You Can Rent These Secluded Islands in the Philippines

Planning a serene escape? You need to see these 7 beautiful islands.

Photography: Floral Island Resort (Main Photo)

Going to the beach is a rewarding experience, but having an island you can enjoy with your family and friends spells vacation like no other. Gather your loved ones and book one of these seven mindblowingly surreal private islands right here in the Philippines for a summer escape that's completely yours.

1. Ariara Island

At the top of our list is none other than Ariara Island, awarded by the likes of Vogue and Conde Nast Travelers with spots on their roundups of the most luxurious getaways in the world. Well-deserved, in our opinion: All 125 acres of it is tantalizingly unspoilt and skirted by a pristine turquoise sea rife with life. Choose from quaint beach cottages or jungle villas on stilts—either way, Ariara will belong exclusively to you for at least a week.

IMAGE Ariara Island


IMAGE Ariara Island

2. Brother Island

Also known as Smaller Darocoton Island, this secluded five-star pin is perched on the eastern seaboard of El Nido, making it perfect for a quiet getaway in a popular paradise. For a minumum of two days you get a house good for a dozen of your favorite people, your own chef to prepare fresh catch, and endless azure waters to explore.

IMAGE Brother Island


IMAGE Brother Island

3. Sundang Island

A mere three-hour drive from Manila, this rustic, tiny island in nearby Cavinti, Laguna sits pretty in the middle of the moss-hued Lumot Lake. Play house in a cozy 80-square-meter bungalow as you bask in the cool mountain air: Sundang is flanked by the Sierra Madre range on all sides, so you get the best of both worlds.

IMAGE Sundang Island


IMAGE Sundang Island

4. Bamboo Private Islands

This is technically two Palawan islands under one bullet point, because Big Bamboo Island and its little sister Small Bamboo are a mere 15 minutes away from each other by boat! The former can host up to 25 guests while the latter, 16—want to throw the house party of a lifetime? Take your pick between these stunning siblings and have them all to your self. The ivory sand-scattered photos speak for themselves don't you think?

5. Noa Noa Island

Owned by a wealthy, respite-seeking American expat who eventually opened this private Palawan paradise to the public, Noa Noa Island is surrounded by a 70-hectare tropical coral reef (declared an Official Marine Sanctuary by the Philippine government in 2005!) teeming with undersea wildlife native to Taytay Bay's crystalline waters. It can only accommodate 12 of your handpicked guests at a time, so you'll be assured of good company!

IMAGE Noa Noa Island


IMAGE Noa Noa Island

6. Tami Cove

This secret spot boasts of 100% self-sustaining, responsible luxury. Tami is made up of a cluster of tropical cottages along a private fine white sand beach on Siargao's Bucas Grande Island, and the best part? It's not located in the country's typhoon belt, so an all-year-round sunny sky is a big possibility! Whether you're bringing in two or 12 guests, the place is private to you, and you're free to select your swim of the day—Tami also has a wooden pier and a lake straight out of your retro summer dreams.


IMAGE Tami Cove

IMAGE Tami Cove

7. Floral Island Resort

Suitable for up to 28 guests, bigger parties will find Floral top-tier in every aspect, respect for the environment included. The island is completely solar-powered and proud to be part of the Coral Triangle Initiative, an international project focused on planting artificial reefs to encourage flourishing marine life! Revel in the sheer natural beauty of Palawan this tranquil place offers. Reviewers all concur that Floral sets the scene for the experience of a lifetime.


IMAGE Floral Island Resort

IMAGE Floral Island Resort


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