Plan Your Weekend Around These 8 New Spots In Antipolo

Tayo na sa Antipolo! Discover these new places in this beautiful town of art and leisure.

Photography: Marikit & Tala Singson

The city of Antipolo has long been a favorite weekend or summer destination for Manila dwellers, a cool, nearby respite that is equal parts urbanized but relaxing, and gentrified but earthy. Though many still trek to the classic haunts like the Antipolo Cathedral and Pinto Art Museum, there are now many new establishments, beautiful restaurants, and architectural and cultural wonders to explore.

Le Blanc Hotel


Standing beside Le Blanc Resort since November 2017, this pristine-white, 32-room upscale hotel—probably the only one in Antipolo—has a pool, a restaurant, a Skygarden, Skytent function hall, meeting rooms, gym, and a partner golf club. According to Francis Hallare III, owner and architect of Le Blanc Hotel, “It was really to cover the hotel room gap the city needs, and to provide an upscale hotel to improve the tourism efforts of Antipolo.”

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One of the areas you can enjoy is The Bistro, the hotel’s restaurant—bathed in sunlight and all-white modern furniture. The ceiling has a playful lighting pattern and the different furniture heights all add to the casual-elegant vibe. Le Blanc Hotel is also open to events, weddings, and private celebrations.

3 Taktak Road, Antipolo City, email reservation[at], URL

Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


No stranger to pop culture, the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary earned its place in the Filipino household when it was featured on A Second Chance, a film starring Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz. But this glass-encased architectural wonder does more than just appeal to the eye—according to the website of Dominic Galicia Architects, the team responsible for the project (the same team that designed the National Museum of Natural History), it also leads one to prayer and worship. “It aims to be an expression of grace, or at least of our yearning for it,” as articulated in the many aspects of their design.


The structural hexagons support the roof of the church, and carries the weight of the cross in the tabernacle, an analogy the architects likened to Mary’s mantle supporting her children. Its form—together with the glass tabernacle allowing the faithful to see the forest behind the church—harmonizes with the surrounding hills of Antipolo, echoing the role of nature in peace and serenity. This place is a breather for those who need to hit the pause button, and you can take a walk along its shady steps in the trees to recharge the soul.

Daang Bakal Road, tel. (02) 696-4387, mobile 0921-662-0434

New Antipolo Public Market


The new Public Market opened in 2015 after its old home beside the Cathedral was torn down to make way for commercial and public infrastructures. The two-storey building houses close to a hundred vendor stalls selling different goods and services.

You’ll also find yourself examining the various species of rice like Angelica, Maaka, Dinorado, Jasmine, Mindoro, Sinandomeng, and even brown and black rice. Here, you can also purchase kitchen equipment and accessories like pots and pans, bowls, strainers, ladles and cooking spoons, and even clay stoves. On the ground floor, you can score a combination of blooming orchids and a beautiful pot to plant it in.


Sumulong Highway, Antipolo Rizal, tel. (02) 927-6930

Tet and Maggie/Café Inday

Tet and Maggie was borne out of Tet Ureta-Aligaen and Magel Cadapan’s years of friendship and love for creating. The two friends’ happiness translates to their designs, giving life and spirit to old forlorn furniture pieces, which they reupholstered in electric pinks and teals. They have stuffed dolls in mish-mashed fabrics, all hand-sewn and given personalities. Wooden, as well as ceramic furniture are repainted and refinished in bright colors and decorated with lace, pompoms, and uniquely patterned tiles.


The space is also home to Café Inday, named after Magel’s mother, who still lends her paintings and style to the unique furniture pieces of Tet and Maggie. Tet and Maggie’s newest products include tapestries of beautifully patched textiles embroidered and sewn with dragonflies, tropical leaves and birds in patterned skins, bordered with lace or pompoms, and finished off with their inimitable crazy you have to see to understand.


Plan a visit to this reclusive yet vibrant spot for rebirthed antiques and hodgepodge finds and take home a piece of happiness, or maybe even two.

(Visits to Café Inday is by appointment and prior reservations only) General Luna St., Villa Carmen Subdivision, Antipolo City, tel. (02) 664-9075, mobile 0917-792-9020, Instagram: @tetandmaggie, or follow them on Facebook


AllHome Antipolo

In recent years, more village communities are being developed, and more houses are being built in Antipolo. Today, AllHome Antipolo, the official one-stop shop of the Villar Group of Companies, has been providing contractors, architects, interior designers, and homeowners with a one-stop shop to build and complete their homes since 2016.


With an impressive 10,500 square meters of retail space, the store has three levels of home improvement and home essentials you can shop all day in. This particular branch has a great selection of storage items: metal wire and woven baskets, fabric bins, and storage ottomans, that come in different styles to suit your space.


The store’s location is very convenient as it is anchored in the middle of the city’s residential area. AllHome Antipolo serves all the neighboring towns as well, such as Cainta, Angono, Taytay, and Tanay.

Vista Mall, Manuel L. Quezon Extension, Antipolo City, or visit their website

Yellow Bird Café & Kitchen


Sitting on a small hill by the entrance of a quaint village is Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen, named after the canary-colored birds that fly abundantly in the area. From the outside, the three-storey building is covered in glass and concrete, but when you enter the multi-level architecture, you are greeted by lush greens, wood and stone textures, and the smell of freshly-brewed coffee.


The interiors are homey and familiar—with architectural wooden beams on the ceiling, and comfortable seating. Among all the textures and design elements you get to experience, it’s the Machuca tiles that primarily stand out. “My favorite pieces are undeniably the handmade Machuca Tiles. Their colors and patterns strike me the most, and the process on how they were made was especially impressive. To some extent, they give the cafe a life,” says chef-owner Jelo Urag.

Their kitchen offers a wide variety of food, from Italian, American, to Filipino cuisines, and brings out the best pasta dishes in town. If you’re a fan of the local coffee from EDSA Beverage Design Group, you’d want to sample their coffee offerings here, too.

(Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen accepts private functions) Mission Hills Subdivision, Antipolo City, Instagram: @yellowbirdph, URL

The Glass Bar


Crescent Moon Cafe was widely becoming a place to dine and visit Lanelle Abueva’s pottery studio, and attracted individual painters, illustrators, and craft enthusiasts who would set up their little work space amid the canopy of trees or in front of the pond of the café. The Glass Bar opened its doors to teachers and interested students who wish to learn and hone their skills in the space already dedicated to love for the arts.


It started with (The Glass Bar manager) Majalya Fernando’s love for glass blowing. She studied the techniques during her stay in England, but the craft was too expensive to bring back and maintain once she got home. This led her to produce slump bottles instead, after learning about the country’s lack of recycling facilities, especially for imported beverages. “I started playing with the bottles around the same time as I wanted a creative space. So I thought, what if we do something with glass?”


The original concept for The Glass Bar was to be a place where individuals could spend time doing their glass projects, but teachers in different fields and expertise began approaching Majalya, and she decided to open its doors to a wider range of workshops, such as pottery, beer brewing, painting, calligraphy, photography, paper-cutting, ethnic musical instruments, and even tarot reading and planner-meets. This month, on June 30th, they will be holding a beer appreciation workshop in partnership with Santiago Brewery & Malthouse.


The design of The Glass Bar is reminiscent of a greenhouse, where life and beauty grow and thrive. In much the same way, it is a space for creation for the artists who come. The ledge tables face outside, with a view of nature, and where the light illuminates the workspace. The perimeter of the bar is adorned with different-colored bottles and mobiles, and Majalya’s glass-blown glass orbs, which she herself crafted, and which for her, represents the whole concept of The Glass Bar.

(People can also rent out the space for private workshops, with a maximum of 20 crafters), Sapang Buho Rd., Brgy. Dalig, Antipolo, Rizal, tel. (02) 234-5724

The Burrow Café


Originally meant to be an indoor swimming pool for the Gutierrez family, The Burrow Cafe at Antipolo Beehouse is now a space that houses an infinite number of possibilities. It’s a cafe, a shop, and a space for gatherings, collaborations, and pop-ups.

To be able to get to the space, you must climb down a series of steps going to an underground door. When you open the door, you’ll realize that you’re standing at the edge of the mountain, and, if you listen closely, you can almost hear the water from the stream below. The overall style of the cafe is a feast for the senses—mirroring the beauty that surrounds it. “Nature and raw materials inspired the Burrow's very essence, it's very foundation follows the natural contour of the land. It wouldn't look or feel as it does, if it were located in the middle of the city,” Vitty, the owner, expounds.


Plan your weekends as early as today because The Burrow Cafe will be having more events in the community soon. Body Food All-Natural's Raw Mat Meet is on August 11, 2018. Vitty and Marie are also planning their fourth Artis Artisan Bazaar later this year.

(The Burrow space is available for private functions and can accommodate 50 to 60 persons) 113 Beverly Hills Ave., Beverly Hills Subdivision, Antipolo City, Instagram:, email burrowcafe[at], URL


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