This Top-Rated Airbnb in Baguio Is the Perfect Haven for Architecture Enthusiasts

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During the past year, we’ve seen most people rejoice over the lifting of pandemic restrictions, signaling the return of travel and nonstop adventures. After all, there’s nothing quite like getting away from the raging heatwaves of summer and the city’s hustle and bustle to get us started on planning trips! 

For the upcoming sunny season, one of the best ways to destress is to booking a staycation in colder cities such as Baguio. The homestay platform Airbnb is chock full of incredible homes for possible bookings—from modernist mansions to stunning beach houses. But if you’re dreaming of the perfect spot that’s both Instagram-worthy and budget-friendly, we found just the right place!

Enter Tudor in the Pines, a top-rated treetop accommodation hidden amidst the dense foliage of Baguio City’s pinewood forest. The remarkable estate comprises seven unique residences within a gated property, and can accommodate a maximum of 30 guests a night.

The property layout is perfectly designed for family and friends, housing a variety of exclusive amenities that guests can enjoy including a roaring fire pit, a private garden, and a stunning view deck where you can marvel at the sight of the lush green pines forest. The property’s architecture is inspired by the owners’ travels abroad, with every unit boasting its own unique character. Below, take a peek at Tudor’s stunning array of houses.


Tudor House

The medieval Tudor House design is a design lover’s dream come true, with its aesthetic that marries classic and contemporary elements. Reminiscent of typical old English lounges, it’s attached with a glasshouse lounge and is surrounded by forestry. As the main house of the property, it can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests—who will have access to a master’s bedroom with a cozy nook, a private coffee area, a spacious guest room, a double decker room, and a quadruple suite in the attic with a mini library. For sun lovers, it also comes with the floating view deck and a glass dormer with a 180-degree view of the forests for a stay like no other.

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Twin Glass Treehouses

The Twin Glass Treehouses is one of the main attractions of Tudor, comprised by two treehouses connected by a timber deck situated 30 feet above the ground. It can only accommodate a maximum of four people, so it’s a good choice for small group of friends or lovers. For views, the South treehouse features a full view of expansive pine trees, while the north overlooks an intimate sight of a mountain. 

Forest Terrace


Private and chic are two words to best decribe the Forest Terrace, which is located below the Tudor House. Not to mention, the cozy living and dining rooms blend in with the fully equipped kitchen in case you want to experiment on cooking. A haven for any art enthusiast, the whole place is decorated with several oil paintings. 

Garden Terrace

Like the other rooms in the estate, the Garden Terrace boasts a breathtaking view like no other, as it features a huge timber deck encased in glass with a panoramic sight of the sky, garden, and manmade waterfalls. 

Royal Cottage


If you’ve been lusting over the medieval design of the Tudor House, you’ll also marvel at the Royal Cottage, which is accessible through a stone archway and an art gallery. Living up to its name, it features two luxurious bedrooms, and comes with a private long bath area, fully equipped kitchen, and spacious living and dining halls for a royalty treatment.

Rates at Tudor in the Pines range from P5,800.00 to P15,800.00 a night depending on the room type. For full rates, visit their Airbnb listing or check out their website.

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