RL Entertaining: Stargazing Party

Tired of going out? Do something different and plan a relaxing picnic under the stars

Original Article: Tisha Alvarez Angluben Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Styling: Issa Villar

There’s nary a cloud in sight in the sky, so it’s the best time to get a clear view of some shining celestial bodies. Invite friends over for a stargazing picnic in your backyard (or a nearby park). Lie back, relax, and enjoy the show—and maybe even make a wish on a shooting star.

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Start with...

an outdoor area with an unobstructed view of the sky. Turn the space into a comfortable stargazing spot.

SET OUT MATS AND PILLOWS. Make your guests comfortable as they lay on the ground, looking up at the sky.

PROVIDE ADDITIONAL SEATING OPTIONS. Beach chairs are perfect for stargazing because they’re slightly reclined; this will keep your guests from getting a crick in their neck.

KEEP DRINKS HANDY. Stock up on drinks and place them in a cooler nearby, so guests won’t have to go far to grab a beverage.

MAKE EATING MESS-FREE. It’s hard to eat when there aren’t any tables around, so give guests something they could eat with their hands. Provide individual trays they could put on their laps, and serve soup in flasks, instead of spill-prone bowls and cups.

TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. You can start your picnic at sunset and wait for the stars to come out. Feast on the packed goodies before it gets dark; once the stars come out, turn off nearby light sources to better enjoy the main event.

BORROW A TELESCOPE. A sky studded with stars is pretty enough on its own, but it’s much more fascinating when seen through a lens.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Stargazing is more fun when you can map out constellations. Get hold of an astronomy book and have friends search the night sky for Orion and his buddies.


Using gold ink, write your invites on midnight-blue paper to mimic a night sky dotted with stars. Head to a scrapbooking store and pick out materials with celestial themes to adorn your invitations with.

The Food

Picnic food should be no-fuss and easy to chow down—there are no tables so ditch the utensils, and opt for food you can eat with your hands. Prepare individually wrapped sandwiches, and serve with soup in individual flasks.

Party Favors

Hunt for star-shaped boxes (in department stores, office supply stores, and the like), or make your own. Fill these with inexpensive treats—what could be more perfect than “Starr” candy?


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