How Pauleen Luna’s Home Style Has Changed Since Getting Married

The houses we've featured have striking similarities�"from the chosen style to the look and feel of the areas

Photography: @pauleenlunasotto on Instagram | Rene Mejia

Sharing a home with your family is different from having your own place with your husband or wife. While you can call both properties yours, nothing compares to building your own home with your significant other. Take it from actress and TV host, Pauleen Luna, whose homes we’ve featured on the website. In 2015, we published the clean and streamlined family home she shares with her dad Eugenio, mom Chat, brother Miguel, and their furry friends.

Fast forward to 2018, we gave you a glimpse inside the spacious haven she shares with husband Vic Sotto and baby Talitha. Both homes showcase a take on the modern style, with tropical touches seen on the décor and accessories. But how has Pauleen’s take on interiors changed over the years? One big difference would be her involvement on the completion of the homes. She was more involved in the construction of her own home that she visited Wilcon Depot to personally check and pick the materials to be used. Let’s revisit the two homes below and note the differences:



The multi-storey properties have captivating facades that will make passersby stop and stare. 


In photo: The Luna family home has a gate and a towering facade.

The family home in Quezon City has a clean and modern look, while Pauleen’s current home in Laguna amped up the look by highlighting the use of glass.



Vic and Pauleen’s house doesn’t have a gate as well and from the look of the exterior, one will have an idea on the role plants play in completing the space.

Living Area

The Luna family home has an open and airy living area that’s ideal for welcoming guests. 



Just a few steps from the foyer, it’s furnished with dark gray seating pieces, modern accessories, and décor in earth tones. Mommy Chat opted to have an open layout to add to the airy feel.



Meanwhile, in the Luna-Sotto home, guests will surely admire the high ceiling that makes the home look and feel bigger. Walls and columns separate the living area from the rest of the house, giving the owners enough privacy when entertaining guests. Though it looks a bit confined, it’s easy to feel relaxed—thanks to the inviting chocolate-colored couch.

Dining Area

There are no huge differences in the dining area—both spaces highlight a modern tropical feel as seen on the chosen furniture and lighting. 



In photo: A glass-topped dining table and matching upholstered chairs take the spotlight in Pauleen's family home.


While the dining area in the family home is spacious enough to accommodate the family and a few guests, it’s safe to say the Sotto dining area is furnished with the big clan in mind. Since Vic and Pauleen host get-togethers and weekend gatherings, it’s a must to have a big room where their family and friends can instantly feel at home.



Both cooking areas have dining nooks and spots where one can enjoy watching TV, too. 


What sets the Sotto kitchen apart is the open feel of the kitchen. 




Compared to the well-equipped yet compact Luna cooking area, it features a kitchen island, spacious countertops, and an airy ambiance—thanks to the glass doors and windows near the area.

Outdoor Area

We can assume that allotting time for quick breaks, quiet time, and relaxation ranks high in Pauleen’s musts in a home. 



Both properties have exceptional outdoor areas that can rival a topnotch resort. The swimming pool in the family home is found on the same level as the dining and living rooms.

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Meanwhile, Vic and Pauleen enjoy the perks of having a veranda, a lanai, and a swimming pool. What we love best in the couple’s home is the serene view it offers—you can simply sit outside, admire the view of the gold course in the subdivision, or relish the benefits of having a garden.

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