Hectare One is Our Dream Office Come to Life

This millennial workspace proves work can be fun and the office can feel like home

Photography: courtesy of Mundo Design and Build

These days, picture-perfect interiors aren’t just limited to houses and condo units. Restaurants and offices have taken their design game to the next level by collaborating with professionals who can help them create a functional space with a unique ambiance. Hectare One, the office shared by brothers-in-law and friends Erwan Heussaff and Nico Bolzico, is a prime example of how a workspace can feel like your own home. Found along Chino Roces Avenue, the two-storey building looks like any other structure in the area, but once you step inside, you’ll immediately feel that it houses creative minds.

“The whole purpose behind Hectare One from the beginning was to create a space where both Nico’s and my businesses could cohabitate and then the other businesses that we’ve probably invested in could also held office here…because most of the businesses that operate here are mostly agricultural, they are mostly agriculturally based or based around food so we though food or agriculture is talked about having hectares in mind. That’s why it’s called Hectare One, the first hectare,” shares Erwan. 



A wooden sign welcomes guests into the office while agriculture-related murals by Archie Oclos adorn the walls leading to the offices. Aside from potted plants, a wooden wall accent with a quote from Star Wars spruce up the staircase, too.

Designed by interior designer and Real Living style spotter Mara Manalo and architect Mervin Afan, Hectare One came to life with the expertise of Mundo Design and Build as contractor. “Our priorities were to one, contract someone that understood our vision and what we wanted to achieve with this space, to achieve it in a very realistic timeline and in a very reliable way,” says Erwan. Choosing Mundo proved to be a good choice for the two as the company was able to meet their requirements. “We are extremely satisfied I think, for both of us, it was a game changer in our business. The moment we had Hectare One, all our visions and missions became more real. Things happen here, we build a lot…when people come here, they actually want to work here, it’s a whole sense of belonging to the place, the whole Hectare One building plays a key role,” adds Nico.


Entering Hectare One feels like dropping by a cozy hangout where you can meet with friends, get things done, and have fun without noticing the time.


From the staircase, guests will see a painting by Isabel Diaz. Concrete walls and wooden touches dominate the Hectare One office. Nico's LM10 Corporation and Erwan's The Fat Kid Inside share the building. It also functions as a co-working space.


LM10 Corporation's AgriLab takes up space on the right upon entrance. A long bench seating invites employees to take a break and have a chat. Cozy nooks are found within the office. "It feels cozy and we managed to replicate this in the office with couches outside, the couch in the beginning where people can just relax and keep to their own and have conversations that are necessarily not related to their jobs. I think all these kinds of communal spaces are probably my favorite," shares Erwan.


To work in contrast against the concrete flooring and walls, wooden desks complete the open area that functions as a co-working space. An accent wall featuring plants liven up the space and give it a refreshing touch. The overall look is relaxing and with natural light coming in, one can instantly feel motivated to get work done.


Nico's office features concrete walls, wooden shelves, and a colorful rug that adds warmth to the space.


This Instagram-worthy nook can be used for quick breaks and short meetings. Instead of setting up the usual glass round table and office chairs, a couch, ottomans, and a tufted accent chair shine in the space. 



Anchoring the space a faux turf rug. Dubbed as a millennial workspace, Hectare One is the kind of office that seems to encourage everyone to lighten up and find joy in whatever they're doing. 


Hectare One is a place where work and life can coexist. "I think it is a case in point we bring our dogs here, we spend maybe way too much time at the office more than we would in our respective houses. We want to create a space where you know we can feel comfortable working and also comfortable socializing in. We can invite friends and clients here and we can have social events," Erwan shares.

Erwan has a fully equipped kitchen at his disposal where he creates the videos we see on his Youtube channel, The Fat Kid Inside. Erwan's spot is Nico's favorite area. "I go there all the time, to chill, to relax, to try to trick him to eat lunch with me every day. It doesn't work all the time, but I like his studio very much," he enthuses.


The Fat Kid Inside has been producing engaging content for years and Erwan enjoys having a space where he can work peacefully. "We are always very excited to come to work, I probably more than Nico spend like Saturdays and Sundays here alone, because this is just a peaceful place," he shares.

Who wouldn't enjoy meals and downtime in a pantry as lovely as this? Erwan and Nico consider this part of the office as their favorite. 


"This is where people eat, where people can chill and relax a little bit which is what we wanted to create, a space where people feel like this is their own social area. We added projects and a TV so more and more this is gonna be used really as a social space you can really tell people enjoy it," shares Erwan.



To be able to achieve the office they've always wanted, both entrepreneurs consider having Mundo Design and Build as contractor as a big help. "Every time we came about with suggestions, it was always met with 'Yes, but,' which I think is very important because I hate working with people that just say yes to everything I want and then at the end of the day, you realize it's not really gonna work and you need professionals to keep you in check. With Mundo, all the design ideas that we had or how we wanted it to look, it was always: 'Okay we can do that, but you might have problems with this, this, and this.' It was a very realistic approach to building which I really appreciate," Erwan relates.

Hectare One is located at 2230 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City.

To learn more about Mundo Design and Build, visit their website: You can also cal 8-MUNDO-8 (868-6368).

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