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7 Museums You Can Tour Online for Free

Travel without leaving your home.

Photography: Nicolas Lysandrou | Unsplash (main)

With the ongoing enhanced quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus, everyone that isn't engaged in essential work is asked to stay at home. Being locked in a closed space for too long can cause cabin fever for some, which is why it's important not just to create a routine to follow on the daily, but to also engage in activities that will, at the very, least allow the mind to be elsewhere.

An easy way to "escape" for a bit is to go on virtual tours of famous destinations. To help you out, we've collated a list of museums which you can "visit" without leaving your home, so get comfy, and get read to let your mind travel the world: 

1. The National Museum of The Philippines

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Take a peek into the National Museum in Manila, from Reptile Room to the Spolarium. Museum officials continue to work despite the current circumstances in order to preserve and protect our country's treasures.

Take the tour here.

2. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

Travel plans to Korea may be postponed until further notice, but that doesn't mean that you can't do a bit of virtual sightseeing. The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art allows you to view its current collections through online exhibits.


Take the tour here.

3. British Museum

The virtual tour of the British Museum gets you to time travel through an interactive map that shows you artifacts from different eras -- view everything from the Heart Sutra of the Chuson-ji Temple from the 12th century, to the sarcophagus of Sisebek, and Egyptian vizier, dating around 630 B.C. It's got audio explanations, too!


Take the tour here.

4. Musée d’Orsay, Paris

If you are a fan of the show Doctor Who, then you'll know that this is where the Doctor takes Vincet Van Gogh to see his own paintings. Aside from Van Gogh's works, you'll aslo get to see pieces by Monet, Gauguin, an many more.


Take a tour here.

5. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Now, if you really love Van Gogh's art, you may also want to virtually visit the Van Gogh Museum, which has the largest collection of the master's works. 

Take a tour here. 

6. The Guggenheim Museum, New York


The Guggenheim Museum is in itself an almost impossible work of art, and it took architecture master Frank Lloyd Wright more than a decade to create it. This spiral structure is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts of of pure forms and an environment that, following Wright's vision, continually evolves even until today. 

You can take the tour of the building itself, as well as virtually visit the works of featured artists in it.

Take a tour here and here.

7. The Louvre, Paris


Most famous for Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, the Louvre houses many more of the iconic master's pieces, as well as other fascinating historical artifacts, including those from ancient Egypt.

Take the tour here. 

h/t: Smithsonian Magazine

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