This Mid-Century Modern Family Home in Bulacan is a Must-See

Kintsugi Minimo created a striking yet serene space that captures the personalities of the owners

Photography: Hilary Buenaflor Photography | OLA Interior Photography Interior Designer: Kintsugi Minimo

Measuring 150sqm and with four bedrooms, this home in Bulacan is ideal for a family—with enough space meant for bonding and rooms where each member can spend some alone time. Given the size of the house, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing an interior style.

“We went for a Mid-Century look with hints of modern contemporary here and there. Since the client is out of town for work during weekends, we wanted the space to give off a quiet and serene vibe, but at the same time, be striking and bold without being too over the top,” shares interior designer Kyle Maniego of Kintsugi Minimo. In addition to taking advantage of the natural light, he also made sure to contrast it with neutral colors, dark accents, and wood finishes.

While the house is spacious, it has an irregular layout and awkward corners that the designer had to take into consideration to ensure the flow of the space.


Take a peek inside the stunning home below:

Living Area

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The living area is picture-perfect, with the design team executing a polished Mid-century modern aesthetic. “It needs to leave a great first impression since it’s the first area you’ll see when you enter the house. The client’s family loves spending most of their time in the living area so we wanted the space to feel as inviting yet engaging as possible,” says Kyle.


Working well with the light-colored furniture and flooring are the wood accents and dark finishes. The entertainment wall mirrors the same look and feel for a cohesive look.

Living and Kitchen Areas

The house has a feeling of airiness, with the free-flowing layout and abundance of natural light. From the living area, the kitchen can be seen and accessed, allowing the family to engage in conversations wherever they are on the ground floor.



With the kitchen directly across the living room, the design team completed it with the same color palette. “However, we chose to make more of a statement with the walls by painting it coal black. Having the peninsula layout for the kitchen helped with the flow of the house, too,” explains Kyle.


The kitchen follows a unique layout, enabling the design team to add enough storage and workspace. Since the family loves to cook and bake together, they requested for ample storage, pull-out baskets, and other mechanisms. Though it has numerous compartments, the kitchen is still sleek because of the choice of finishes and colors.

First Bedroom


According to Kyle, each bedroom showcases a different style, highlighting a more youthful and playful look. The first bedroom is a mini loft—with the sleeping area accessed through a staircase. Given this layout, the design team was able to transform the first level into a storage center and study space.


The look and feel of the bedroom will remind you of a condo unit, as if it’s a home within a home. “The soft Scandinavian-inspired look paired with the mini loft layout for the bed area gives this space a more playful vibe,” says Kyle.

First Bathroom


The chosen tiles give the T&B an extra oomph while working well with the chosen fixtures. Aside from the storage under the sink, there’s also a wall-mounted cabinet where toiletries can be kept.

Second Bedroom

Mirroring the look and layout of the first bedroom, the second bedroom also has a mini loft. The design team brought in different lighting pieces and soft furnishings to differentiate it from the first one.


Second Bathroom

While the first T&B has bold tiles, this bathroom features light-colored tiles that are easy on the eyes and add a relaxing feel to the private space.

Third Bedroom


Compared to the girls’ bedrooms, the son’s room also has its own aesthetic. “It has a dark Chesterfield green for the ceiling and upper half of the wall, with stucco textured off-white walls that exude a dark and moody aesthetic as requested by the client’s son,” Kyle explains.

Third Bathroom


To match the look of the bedroom, this bathroom also has an edgy vibe, with black-colored tiles serving as accents to break the monotony of the general tiles. Instead of having a wall-mounted cabinet, this bathroom has under-the-sink storage and a round mirror.

Master Bedroom

“This room’s job is to provide comfort and relief the moment the clients enter,” the designer shares. A floor-to-ceiling mirror spruces up one wall which also help enlarge the space and give it a hotel-like look as requested by the client.


Meanwhile, the other side of the room has fluted wall panels that has a hidden door that leads to the master bathroom. In the photo above, it can be faintly seen on the left side. “We chose to have it hidden so that the master bathroom door does not take away the attention from the wall accent while keeping the space feel larger,” Kyle adds.


Master Bathroom

From this angle, you will instantly see the irregular shape of the room. Despite this, the design team was still able to make it feel spacious.


The sink and storage are in front the toilet and water closet, with a sleek black aesthetic. It has a mirrored cabinet where essentials can be kept.

The shower area is reminiscent of five-star hotel rooms with a freestanding bathtub completing the look.

In completing this project, Kintsugi Minimo worked with Engineer Rey Enriquez Jr. (contractor for main areas) and Laforteza Montecillo Builders (contractor for kids’ bedrooms).


Ready for your own home makeover? Get in touch with Kintsugi Minimo through email at kintsugi.minimo[at] You can also follow the interior design studio on Facebook: and Instagram: @kintsugi.minimo.

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