This Industrial Contemporary Home Stands Out in Alabang

In just 4 months, architect Alistair Sadie was able to build his dream home completed with sustainable features and natural materials

Photography: Dairy Darilag Styling: Dagny Madamba Architect: Alistair Sadie

If you ever get invited to a party at architect Alistair Sadie’s house, we’re sure that you won’t have a hard time locating the venue. His house stands tall in the subdivision, with the beauty of wood taking center stage. From the outside, guests will notice the spacious outdoor area and the flight of stairs leading to the main house. “The design idea came from the bahay kubo, particularly the silong. Back then, the silong was used to store crops, farming equipment, and the collection of water. I used that idea and made it part of the design with modifications. The available space features a garage, a receiving area, and the dirty kitchen. I wanted to divide the public area from the private area and normally its separated by walls. Here, the areas are spearated by floors,” Alistair explains.

The entire ground floor functions as a huge receiving area, with an open space that can fit around 60 to 80 people. According to Alistair, their last get-together saw almost a hundred people having a grand time in the space. Aside from using the bahay kubo as inspiration, the architect also had to consider the comfort of his pets and unexpected natural occurrences. “We have lots of dogs and we want them to run around. In case may flooding, we’re elevated and that won’t be a problem,” he shares. With plans of improving the outdoor area with more plants and greens, we can already imagine it as a little piece of paradise and the perfect venue for more parties. “We want more people to come here than us going to their place. They either come here and cook for us or we cook for them,” Alistair adds.


Concrete, wood, and metal elements define the architect's house. He was able to keep within a strict timeline and budget because he hired the people from his design and build firm to work on his house. "We also had to look for cheap materials that will look luxurious when mixed together. For the perimeter fence, I opted for galvanized iron (GI) sheets painted in black. GI sheets are way cheaper than hollow blocks, plus these require less time and labor. Not many are using it as a fence right now," Alistair explains.

Material sourcing proved to be a challenge in completing the project as there are some elements that are quite hard to find, add to that getting cheap ones.

Dirty Kitchen

Upon entrance to the property, guests will see the garage, receiving area, and dirty kitchen. The dirty kitchen highlights the use of palochina wood, a concrete countertop, perforated metal sheets, and GI sheets. "I wanted it to look as natural as much as possible. In the design, you will see the screws, bolts, and nuts. It is bare yet still cohesive," the architect shares. Plants tie the look together and give the overall aesthetic a refreshing feel.

Dirty Kitchen

The dirty kitchen and the kitchen in the main house are well-used since they love having friends over for get-togethers. They can instantly have BBQ nights, thanks to a grill added as part of the spacious countertop. The palochina wood was cleverly spaced—to give guests a peek into the vertical garden behind it.

RL Tip: According to Alistair, palochina wood can be sourced from piers. Do check out hardware stores and home depots for options.

Vertical Garden

Alpha's Garden, the quaint spot behind the dirty kitchen, takes its name from a pet that crossed the rainbow bridge. It features lovely plants in similar black containers that balance out the touches of wood, metal, and concrete. Alistair hopes to further improve the outdoor area with more plants and trees.

Outdoor Area

While the furry babies are free to roam around the house and property, there are instances when they are needed to check into Units A and B. The cute dog house follows the look of the home, with wood and metal as the dominant elements.

Outdoor Area

Captivating metal pieces liven up the bare wall near the receiving area. The blank space can be converted into a huge vertical garden in the future.

Find similar pieces at Wilcon Depot.


The concrete steps lead to the main door, which opens up to the simple foyer spruced up with black sleek storage for shoes from IKEA, potted plants, and other knickknacks. Opting for a clever storage piece maximizes the available space without making it look cramped.

Find a similar piece at SM Home.

Living Area

Simple yet inviting, neutrals complete the living area. A brown leather sofa serves as the focal point, with big windows letting in natural light. Brown and sheer white curtains complement the sofa, the pillows, and the rest of the pieces in the space. "I also added wood features and grees as part of the interiors," Alistair adds.


The cooking area looks straight out of Pinterest, with a pretty backsplash, wooden cabinets, and overhead storage nooks. Alistair worked with plyboard painted with semi-gloss varnish for the cabinets while the overhead ones feature the use of steel mesh, an affordable alternative to glass.

Find steel mesh at CW Home Depot.

Dining Area

Light and a warm breeze welcome guests when they step into the home. Natural light streams in from the perforated metal sheets painted in black that serve as a wall and window in one that complete the dining area. "It serves as a huge window, helping us practice the idea of cross-ventilation," Alistair shares.

Dining Area

The wooden table and orange seating piece are IKEA finds. An industrial droplight hangs from the ceiling, while printed canvas curtains complete the minimalist look. "The interiors feature a sort of unfinished look that's part of the overall theme. The ceiling, its just plywood with semi-gloss coat of varnish to make the touches of black, brown, and the rest of the colors to pop," the architect explains.

Find perforated metal sheets at Takezo Industrial Supply, Moriones Street, Tondo, Manila.

Master Bedroom

Just like the rest of the house, the master bedroom is furnished with the basics. A bed with a headboard is dressed up with white sheets and light-colored pillow covers. Matching side tables, which are part of one huge piece, highlight wooden touches and hold a couple of personal belongings. Behind the bed is a piece of plywood with a coat of varnish that ties it with the look of the ceiling.

Find similar pieces at SM Home.

Master Bedroom

Storage was cleverly incorporated, with a built-in cabinet with sliding doors taking up the other side of the room. Aside from the cabinet, there are also bins for other belongings underneath.

Find similar storage bins at Muji.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom can be found inside the master bedroom. It has a bare look, with a few DIY pieces made by Alistair.

Master Bathroom

A glass shower enclosure separates the shower area completed with wooden touches. For a cohesive look, potted plants were used as decor. In this house, windows are maximized and kept open most of the time.

Master Bathroom

To complete the master bathroom, Alistair opted to create his own sink and faucet. He believes that to be able to achieve your dream space, you need to go bold and showcase something that is uniquely you. "Instead of using granite and solid surface, and given our tight budget, I decided to use concrete. It looks expensive. We molded it, had my people work on it. We considered the flow of water in finishing it. Meanwhile, for the faucet, it features steel pipes. You want your personality to be there, it's your house. I'm into innovations," shares Alistair.

Ready to build your dream home? Get in touch with architect Alistair Sadie through mobile at (0998) 536-8758). You can also follow Atelier SAVI on Facebook.

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