Bold Colors and Vintage Pieces in a Family Home

Refurbished furniture, travel finds, and DIY projects in a chic house with a black-and-white palette

Original Article: Katherine Lopez Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Pictorial Direction: Issa Villar

A typhoon’s aftermath usually leaves a mass of chaos and destruction, but 2009’s Ondoy gave Vicky Marchadesch a fresh beginning in a new home that would showcase her unique style and yet undiscovered flair for home decorating. Finding a new – albeit, smaller – home in the same village was a stroke of luck, yet Vicky had no definite plans on how she wanted her new home to look. Inspired by Real Living and Domino magazine, and complemented by her affinity for Jonathan Adler’s aesthetic which fuses bright, bold colors with clean lines, patterns, and textures against a basic palette, Vicky put together her new abode and showed off her own personal interior decorating style.

 A notable feature of her home is its eclectic mix of décor which ranges from refurbished and vintage items from her old house to easy DIY projects that serve as Vicky’s outlet which was previously satisfied by scrapbooking hobby to travel discoveries and souvenirs that tell stories of her wanderlust. Her home is a perfect example of how your home should reflect who you are.

Read the original article (“Up Close and Personal”) in the October 2011 issue of Real Living Magazine. To download a digital copy of Real Living Magazine, visit Summit Newsstand at

Vision Board

Create a focal point in your home where you can showcase your personality. Vicky’s vision board placed in the living area highlight her various inspirations for work and her personal life. Her fondness for reusing old practical items such as an old-fashioned paper puncher lends a touch of vintage.

Asian Touch

The vintage cabinet with Asian detail works well with the lamp and buddha decor.

Living Area

Collections speak volumes about the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle. Vicky’s living area showcases her travel discoveries and mementos. The bright red door is an anchor piece in the black-and-white palette that Vicky wanted, while the various red decorative accent pieces such as the candelabra and the miniature globe from IKEA unify the rest knick-knacks in the room.

Dining Area

The dining area keeps to the black-and-white theme of the rest of the house. The black printed curtains are from ARQ, a curtain supplier that Vicky patiently sought after.

Staircase Showcase

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Vicky’s innate fashion sense and style shines through with this row of 5- and 6-inch shoes display on her staircase. Also under the stairs are perfectly organized pairs of shoes stored in plastic boxes.

Master’s Bedroom

Vicky envisioned a four-poster bed in the master’s bedroom but has yet to find the perfect piece. For the meantime, she created her own DIY platform bed with some fabric and an elevated wooden stage as a base for the bed.


The black-and-white theme makes a perfect palette for her colorful personality and eye for subtle design details. A director’s chair in zebra print adds a hint of fun in an otherwise serious space like a workstation. This is playful touch of inspiration nourishes Vicky’s creative juices while brainstorming for her projects.

Vicky with a backdrop of her workstation shelves

Storage boxes in white help make Vicky’s workstation more organized without breaking her home’s overall theme. Scattered around her shelves are pieces from her trips and little design inspirations that help nurture her creativity.


Print little labels for closet shelves and drawers to help organize your dressing area. This also makes for hassle-free morning preparations, especially during a busy workweek.

Drawers with Labels

To keep up with the style of the closets, drawers have labels, too. This makes looking for whatever she'll need easier.

Décor Matryoshka dolls

A frequent traveler? Show off your travel mementos and display them on a prominent area in the room. Not only will you remember your past travels, but will also inspire you for future journeys. Charming matryoshka dolls from Prague find company with other matryoshka pieces found in Quiapo and IKEA.


Vicky's love for trinkets are reflected in her dresser full of accessories. She has a collection of bangles, rings, and vintage jewelry.

Son's Bedroom

Her son Sancho’s room highlights Vicky’s innovativeness and ingenuity with these shower curtains from Landmark that are used as window curtains. Landmark Department Store has reasonably priced home items you can choose from so you can easily create several looks you’d like to try without breaking the bank.

Guest Room

Occupied every December, the guest room is where relatives stay when they come home for the holidays.

Outdoor Nook

Vicky’s personality shines through in this colorful nook by the pool which still keeps to the rest of the home’s clean white palette. The multi-colored fringe adds a playful touch that’s perfect for either lazy summer afternoons or rainy days.


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