An All-White Two-Storey Home in Alabang

Inspired by French palaces and architecture, homeowners Camille and Neil decided to renovate their home into a posh sanctuary filled with classic finishes, brass accents, and neutral colors

by Cielo Anne Calzado
Jun 15, 2018

"We renovated the house because gusto ko yung feeling na I'd always want to come home. After we had the baby, gusto ko nasa house kami lagi."

While some dread a long drive to the South, there are those who find peace and contentment within its boundaries—as it's not only accessible, it has a laid-back vibe that makes you feel like you're in the province, too. These are two of the many reasons why Camille and Neil chose to live in Alabang. "Our office is in Paranaque. It's very relaxing pa, may Skyway, parang nasa probinsya ka pa rin. The neighborhood is quiet and parang everything's here," shares Neil.

After getting married and welcoming their baby boy, the two felt it was time to renovate their 350sqm, two-storey property as if to mark a new chapter in their lives. Camille was in charge of finalizing the look while Neil closely monitored the renovation. "It's a French-inspired interior. Ever since, I've always wanted to have a white house. I like the French palaces and architecture. Whenever we travel, I always take photos of the room we stayed in. Siyempre expensive mag-renovate at bumili ng pieces, pag iba-iba ang theme. Ito, classic, timeless, and it will take years bago ako magsawa. My husband is the perfectionist. He's more on the details. May [instances] na gawa na, tapos we had to remove it kasi hindi straight ang pagkalagay. Si Neil sa polishing," the lady of the house says. Aside from flying in workers from Zamboanga, their home province, the couple also tapped the expertise of interior stylist Liaa Cagro. Lia made sure that the pieces brought in complemented the overall theme and that each area in the house is picture-perfect. 


PHOTO: Jilson Tiu

Found in a quiet neighborhood in Alabang, the house stands out with its stunning façade defined by huge windows, clean lines, and a pocket green corner. The white 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline parked outside will surely catch the attention of passersby. "Umaandar pa ‘yan, kailangan lang palitan ang battery," says Camille. A vintage must-have, the car gives visitors a taste of what to expect inside.

Living Area

It's hard not to be in awe of the home's interiors the moment you step inside. Some of the first things one will notice include the soothing color palette, the posh furniture pieces, the high ceiling in the living area, and yes, the marble flooring. With generous windows and sliding glass doors leading to the pool area, the house has an undeniable light and airy feel—like it breathes.


The living area showcases subtle and neutral textures to make it cozy and inviting. Sprucing up the white sofa are throws and pillows in varying colors. An overall relaxing feel defines the space as the sofa and tufted accent chair in gray invite you to settle in and feel at home. "The classic and neutral finishes go with the timeless interiors. I also chose brass accessories, wall lamps, moldings, and chandeliers to complete the look," Camille shares. For a cohesive look, the AC unit is concealed in a custom-made shelf in white.

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The swivel tufted accent chair in gray breaks the monotony of white in the living area. Accessories and furniture with touches of gold and brass add a vintage glam appeal to the space.

Entertainment Area

PHOTO: Jilson Tiu


A few steps from the living area is a lovely entertainment area where the owners can watch TV, catch up with friends, and get some work done. The sliding glass doors open to a small outdoor area that leads to the garage. Though the moldings are enough to liven up the walls, two framed pieces serve as décor.

The owners plan to personalize the space further with framed family photographs. The tufted sofa and desk with cabriole legs are customized pieces. Meanwhile, a built-in shelf holds the TV, some books, and Camille's collection of Lladro figurines.

To maintain the classic feel of the interiors, the owners opted to use chandeliers as lighting in the different areas of the home. From this angle, one can see the openness of the layout and how easy it is to go from one area to the next. Cove lighting was also incorporated to add drama and help set the mood in the home.


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Kitchen and Dining Areas

PHOTO: Jilson Tiu

An open layout connects the immaculate kitchen and dining areas. With natural light streaming in from the outside, there's no need to turn on the lights during daytime.

Dining Area

The star of the dining area is the vintage Swarovski chandelier from their Zamboanga home. Acquired by Camille's late Dad, the lighting piece adds elegance to the dining area. To keep up with the theme, hints of gold were incorporated through the accessories and wall accents, while acrylic chairs are paired with a black glass dining table with white base. A mirror flanked by wall lamps helps double up the space.

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The kitchen looks straight out of a cooking show—with its streamlined appeal, pristine countertops, and all-white cabinets with brass handles. It follows a galley layout to allow the owners to move around freely. Camille's collection of Royal Albert tea sets and charming dinnerware are kept in the cooking area, too. If you look closely, you'll see the moldings that define the cabinets—proof that the owners value the beauty of the tiniest details.

Second Floor

PHOTO: Jilson Tiu

The staircase bathed in natural light leads to the three bedrooms on the second floor. Since Camille and Neil made sure that every area at home is functional, the second floor landing serves as a play area for their baby boy, a storage center, and as a work nook in one.

Second Floor


Sprucing up the built-in cabinet are prized photographs, a collection of decorative horses in gold and white, and a mirror with an ornate frame. Instead of the usual rubber mats used in play areas, an area rug that resembles grass completes the nook.

Work Area

Who wouldn't feel inspired to finish tasks quickly in a work corner as charming as this one? A customized table with a drawer and storage compartments is paired with an acrylic chair to create a chic workspace.

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Kiddie Room


The kiddie room showcases neutral colors, moldings, and a vintage crib as the focal piece.

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The couple made sure that their son can maximize the space as he grows up by furnishing it with a tufted bed, comfy pillows, and other well-thought-out essentials. It also has shelves for toys and cabinets for his belongings.

Master Bedroom

PHOTO: Jilson Tiu

The master bedroom is dreamy and inviting, with calming touches of white and gray completing the look. "I want to keep it classic and white. I chose a subdued palette like gray for the bed frame, brass accents, and gold details," says Camille.

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The moldings on the walls, elegant wall lamps, and the use of sheer white curtains to conceal the sliding glass doors leading to the balcony give it an envy-worthy, hotel-like appeal. We especially love the tufted headboard and the assortment of soft furnishings on the bed. Just the sight of it will make you want to lie down and enjoy a restful slumber.


The couple considers the bedroom as their favorite area in the house. "It signifies a happy ending. It's a relaxing place, pag uwi mo, you can relax, sleep well, and watch Netflix," Neil happily shares. At the foot of the bed is an accent chair in gray where they can settle in with a good book. The built-shelf holds the TV, a couple of décor pieces, and books. You'll notice that moldings also define even the smallest of surfaces in the home to make sure that it looks seamless.

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Master Bathroom


Crystals, chandeliers, and mirrors add glamour to the T&B. Aside from making sure it's spacious with enough storage, they also have an enclosed shower area complete with a clawfoot tub. The clawfoot tub adds a chic, vintage touch to the private space.

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Beautiful marble subway tiles were chosen for the walls while accessories with hints of brass and gold tie it with the classic theme. Camille also adores the customized mirror with two wall lamps that they added to the space. It's a unique addition that will surely make primping in the morning a breeze.

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Walk-in Closet


A girl's dream, the compact yet organized walk-in closet highlights Camille's bag and shoe collection. The bags are neatly arranged on the top shelves while shoes take up the bottom part. A faux fur rug and a full-length mirror complete the boutique-like aesthetic of the space.

Pool Area

PHOTO: Jilson Tiu

The pool area is ideal for weekend gatherings as it's equipped with a grill and furnished with outdoor seating pieces, floor pillows, and an outdoor rug. To liven up the area and to ensure their privacy, they added faux greens above the concrete wall.

Shot glasses collected from their many travels are kept inside a glass cabinet and add personality to the outdoor area.

Photos by Jilson Tiu | Styling by Kamila Arianna Garcia