A Refurbished Family Home in Cavite

A homeowner proves that living in the countryside can be just as luxurious as city living

Original Article: Tisha Alvarez Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Styling: Issa Villar Interior Designer: Bing Reyes

In 1998, designer Bing Reyes made major adjustments to the Salonas home. Aside from changing the wall colors, she also installed a Balinese-themed spa just below the ground-floor bedroom. At the center of the spa is a massage bed covered with batik fabric. Additionally, she tied up the theme of the house to their extension at the rear of the house—known as the "library"—by putting up Balinese-theme woodcarvings.

To upgrade the guesthouse-cum-lanai, Bing, who loves old bricks, used the material she sourced from a pugon in Pampanga. She also used wood pieces from Indonesia for all the furnishings in the guesthouse. The narra dining table, however, is bought from Quezon. The windows and doors were custom-made by Narding Lagman, a carver. The loft houses a bar area with a hand-painted counter. Jars, paintings by Jun Alfon and Carlo Magno, and other accents permeate the space. The bamboo ceiling and machuka floor tiles add to the casual, homey feel.

Original article by Tisha Alvarez. Styling by Issa Villar. Photographed by Miguel Nacianceno.

Read the original article (“Country Living”) in the May 2006 issue of Real Living Magazine. To download a digital copy of Real Living Magazine, visit Summit Newsstand at

Entrance The entrance to the compound clues in on the magnificent home inside. The wooden gate works well with greenery surrounding the whole property.
Guesthouse Facade The old garage was converted into a guesthouse-cum-lanai, but retains the Balinese theme, with figures of Balinese dancers hanging on each side of the doorway and a giant drum from Mindanao on the left.
Guesthouse Foyer Above the shelf hangs a painting by Carlo Magno. On the left is a basket filled with batik slippers for visitors. The console table works well with the classic pieces on top.
Bar Bing believes that it doesn't matter if the pieces are inexpensive or pricey as long as they fit the design. The front of this custom-made bar counter is made from old windows and has a Mindanao motif hand-painted by artist Jun Alfon, who specializes in ethnic paintings.
Vintage Piece Bing made use of unusual ornaments as wall hangings, like an old altar from Bohol to hold a Chinese jar.
Décor Detail Old plates can be used as decorative wall hangings. Bing gets old frames from antique stores and uses these with chipped plates. If you have beautiful old plates that are damaged, you may frame these and use them as wall accents.
Asian Touch The jars in the guesthouse are from the owner's old house. The blue-and-white collection is from Bing. The designer collects and sells porcelain from different places. The piece with the bulol god on top is from China.
Library The furniture in the library continues the Balinese theme and all of the Balinese pieces were supplied by Bing's store, 318 Interiors. An indoor garden receives plenty of sunlight through a skylight.
Guesthouse One of the compound's highlights, the guesthouse is perfect for entertaining visitors. It features a living area, a dining area, a bar, and a bathroom. Most of the pieces were imported from Indonesia. The ladder seen on the background leads to the loft.
Bedroom The bedroom highlights different colors such as blue, purple, and pink. To liven up the space, pops of color are seen in the wall accents and accessories used.
Spa When the master bedroom was extended, the area under was available. Bing suggested to have a spa where the owner can do all her beauty rituals---massage, hair spa, sauna, and a quick manicure. The mural is by Jun Alfon.
Sitting Area There is an intimate sitting area beside the spa, partly covered by a trellis. The walls are adorned with capiz windows and a plow.
Bathroom The bathroom will surely leave anyone in awe. The walls are painted a playful orange and aqua, and are decorated with seashells. The shower area has two walls of rock and plants and is only partly covered by a roof.
Guesthouse Detail The folding doors of the guesthouse open up to the garden. The intricate woodcarvings and pierced panels above the colorful sampaguita glass windows are made to order from carver Narding Lagman.
Garden A bridge made of weathered wooden planks leads from the garden to the guesthouse.
Garden Detail A koi pond runs beneath the bridge as water flows from jars and mini-waterfalls around the area.
Kubo The kubo outside is great for entertaining. It has a table and benches; a cabinet for storing plates, utensils, and glasses; and a sink for easy cleanups. There's even a mynah bird that asks guests if they've already eaten.

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