A Multi-Storey Dream Home for a Family of Four

Aside from the well-thought-out details and contemporary furniture, this home also has a mini condo that you need to see!

Photography: Vincent Coscolluela Interior Designer: Anla Li-Tan

After seeing one of interior designer Anla Li-Tan’s projects on, it was a no-brainer for the owners of this townhouse to get her to design their home. Everything happened so fast—from the initial meeting to the first site visit—the renovation went on smoothly, with the owners giving Anla free rein on the overall look and style of the space.

Once the overhaul was completed, both parties were satisfied with the result. To say that this home is beautiful would be an understatement—each area boasts of nifty details that you’d be curious to ask about and the bedrooms definitely spell #homegoals. One can instantly see the personalities of the people who live in it and how Anla successfully added her trademark style into the space. While the property holds a lot of surprises, it’d be quite difficult to forget the daughter’s bedroom (wait until you see it!) —it’s like a mini house on its own.

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Living Area

From the front door, guests are treated to a visual feast in the living area. Neutral furnishings work well with the touches of wood, floor lamp and wall decor from The Pietro Collection, and the top-of-the-line entertainment system.

If you look closely, you would notice that a column separating the living and dining areas was made more prominent with a customized sticker with backlight and covered with glass.

Living Area

A play of textures can also be seen in the space—with the thick and sheer drapes, area rug, and various pillows. One can't also miss the curve on the wall behind the sofa that makes for an interesting feature. It's also an ideal place for extra lights to keep the area well-lit.

Living Area

The entertainment wall features hints of wood, potted plants, and other small accessories. Additional lights were added to further accentuate this nook. To keep the AC unit from becoming an eyesore, Anla chose to conceal it using wooden slats.

Dining Area

One of the first things one would notice in this part of the home is the fancy lighting fixture that somehow serves as the focal point. Anla believes in the magic of mirrors—adding it in the dining area gives an illusion of space as well. To keep within the look of the home, green dining chairs with steel legs were paired with the table.

From the dining area, one can easily access the bar/counter of the kitchen. It highlights a luxurious appeal complete with a backlit facing.


Minimal changes were done in the kitchen as Anla simply added extra storage by way of overhead cabinets. Since it tends to get busy in this part of the house, it's always kept organized and well-illuminated. It's also equipped with topnotch appliances.

Ground Floor Bathroom

Meant for guests, this bathroom is kept simple with minimal decor. Hints of green and faux plants keep it from being too plain and boring.

Second Floor Hallway

Going up the flight of stairs will lead you to the floor dedicated to the master bedroom and en suite bathroom. The hallway features a mini altar where the family can spend a quiet time to say a prayer or reflect while the other side feaures a vignette of artwork and decor pieces.

Master Bedroom

Upon entrance to the space, a mini hallway with shelves and a vanity can be seen. Meant to be a walk-in closet of sorts, it can be used to store bags, clothes, and other essentials owned by the man and lady of the house.

Master Bedroom

The posh bedroom showcases a mix of neutrals, textures, and other sophisticated details. It's reminiscent of a five-star hotel bedroom—complete with an upholstered fabric headboard, warm lighting, a cozy nook by the window, and an additional seating piece at the foot of the bed.

Master Bedroom

On the right side of the bed is a streamlined work area with a built-in desk and drawers. We especially loved the wallpaper chosen for the wall—it has a metallic sheen with white floral patterns.

Master Bedroom

The front of the room is kept sleek and simple with an entertainment system and extra storage nooks with laminate finish. Elegant cove lighting adds to the warm and homey ambiance.

Master Bedroom

We won't blame the owners if they'd want to spend a couple of hours in this nook. It's complete with a floor lamp, a comfy chair, a side table, and an extra upholstered stool that make up a cozy reading spot. If you have an extra space in your own bedroom, you can set up your own reading corner by the window, too.

Master Bathroom

On the other end of the floor is this bright and spacious bathroom that's almost as big as the bedroom. It's complete with his and her sinks, a cabinet for essentials, and an enclosed shower area.

Master Bathroom

To maximize the space, Anla also set up a lounge corner where the owners can relax or even read a few magazines.

Master Bathroom

The enclosed shower area is situated on the left side of the bathroom beside the counter. An efficient layout can be seen in the space as the owners can move around freely and go about their business with ease.

Outdoor Nook

The sliding glass door in the bathroom leads to this quaint Zen nook made more special with a pair of metal wire chairs in copper finish and a small table. What we love best about this area are the complementing patterns on the wall and floor tiles. 

Daughter's Bedroom

Welcome to the amazing bedroom of the daughter which Anla fondly considers as a "condo in a home." It's hard not to fall in love with the space—it has a loft, an inviting area perfect for reading or movie marathons, a tiny kitchen/dining nook, and a multipurpose area meant for studying and storage. The floor-to-ceiling windows dressed up in light curtains add to the airy feel of the space.

Daughter's Bedroom

Accent lighting adds to the cozy ambiance of the mini living area. A shug rug anchors the space while the pieces were kept in neutrals to keep it light and airy. A shelf was added under the stairs to hold books and belongings while the customized wall finish adds texture.

Daughter's Bedroom

The other side of the room serves as a study, closet, and vanity in one. Storage is given utmost importance with the countless shelves and drawers. One cabinet also has a glass surface meant for notes and reminders. It's also meant to conceal the printer and other wires that turn into eyesores.

Daughter's Bedroom

According to Anla, the kids of the owners were very specific with the look they wanted for their rooms. In this bedroom, the daughter wanted a lot of storage and travel-inspired details. The designer incorporated travel into the room through decor as seen in the modern clock featuring different time zones.

Daughter's Bedroom

Who wouldn't want to sleep in this space? Since the daughter wanted this part of the room to be only for sleep and relaxation, decor was very minimal and a lot of focus was given on the bed. It features fluffy pillows and crisp sheets that are truly inviting. To keep it from being too plain, stripes and wall art were added on the wall.

Outdoor Nook

The third floor also has a mini Zen space with faux grass, dark walls, and a metal wire chair in copper finish. Aside from serving as an alternate reading nook, it's also a perfect spot for afternoon coffee or tea.

Son's Bedroom

The second bedroom on the third floor features a play of neutrals and dark tones. Since the son loves Math and Science, a part of the wall is meant for school work. The spacious work desk is also perfect for long study nights.

Son's Bedroom

Apart from the hints of brown and taupe, it's hard not to miss the upholstered headboard that ties the colors in the room together. We also loved the interesting lighting fixture chosen for the space. According to Anla, the owners initially wanted to have a special installation depicting the solar system as lighting fixture. However, to keep the look modern, they opted for a piece that somehow resembles the system instead.

Son's Bedroom

Given the son's books and other school must-haves, the designer didn't hold back in terms of storage. Cabinets and open shelves were also added.


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