An Out-of-the-Box Residence

This modern two-storey home is refreshingly comfy and inviting

Original Article: Tisha Alvarez Photography: Miguel Nacianceno Styling: Gwyn GS Guanzon and Issa Villar

When Andre and his partner Ernie thought of building a house, they shied away from the traditional Mediterranean and opted instead for a modern box-like structure with wide windows and sliding doors. It is not surprising then that the interiors have the same contemporary feel: a big black couch dominates the TV area, acrylic furnishings lord it over the dining area, and paintings in red, black, and white, Andre’s own, may be found all over the house.

Andre says, “Everything in our house, from the furniture, accessories, paintings to hang, etc., is a collaborative effort from both my partner and myself. Proposals ko, approval niya, and vice versa." As Andre and Ernie love entertaining, they find themselves throwing little cocktail parties out in the lanai. They even have a makeshift little bar set up, which they have playfully named 16 Rushmore Bar.

At the second floor loft is their bedroom and ensuite bathroom. With no walls separating the sleeping area from the sitting area, the space is light and bright with black and cobalt blue accents strewn all around. Andre keeps saying that their house is weird, but we found it absolutely wonderful!

Original article by Tisha Alvarez. Styling by Gwyn GS Guanzon and Issa Villar. Photographed by Miguel Nacianceno.

Read the original article ("All Boxed Up") in the August 2006 issue of Real Living Magazine. Download your digital copy of Real Living on the Real Living App ( now! Log on to for more details. 


From outside, the house resembles a box. The three vertical strips of glass windows not only accent the facade, these allow natural light in as well.

Entrance Detail

Andre scored the working bundy clock for P150 from the office where he got his filing cabinet/console table. They often use it during parties - as friends punch it to signify their attendance.


Sliding doors open up from the bedroom to the balcony.

Balcony Detail

The balcony resembles a makeshift stage - giving one a view of the garden below.

Living Area

The acrylic plastic-topped furniture piece in the living area is Andre’s design, which he had custom-made. Guests are wary to sit on it, but Andre assures us that it is very sturdy. The pillows are from Sifra Interiors and Objects.

Storage Find

The institutional-looking filing cabinets are used to store plates and utensils. Andre bought them for P250 from an office that was closing down. Adorning the wall is one of Andre's many paintings.

Work Area

To maximize the space, both Andre and Ernie use the space under the stairs as a work area. When patients come in, a patient's can be seen. When it's time for Andre to use the space, he uses a divider to conceal the chair. An easel can be found there as well.

Dining Area

Note the too-high table and too-low chairs of the dining set. Designed by Andre, the set is not a mistake. It was actually done on purpose to discourage the couple from spending too much time eating!


Touches of blue and black contrast the red and black theme of the public spaces giving it a more relaxing vibe. Most of the wooden furniture came from their old abode.

Bedroom Detail

Rustic furniture are also highlighted in the bedroom.

Sitting Area

By the bedroom is a sitting area overlooking the first floor. The modern pieces are similar to the furniture on the first floor.

Décor Detail

With no cable TV, Andre has more time to work on his art. Aside from working on paintings, he also finds time for doing wire sculptures such as this piece - shaped like a person hanging from the railing.


No walls separate the bathroom from the bedroom making the loft seem more spacious. Built-in shelves provide ample storage. Highlighting an open layout, it has freestanding walls for the lavatory and water closet.

Bathroom Detail

A unique and catchy wooden piece stands out in the bathroom.


The sliding doors say - 16 Rushmore Bar - a reference to their home address. This is where Andre and Ernie like to entertain their guests. The greens all around make it a refreshing space.

Lanai Detail

Note that 16 Rushmore Bar has its own amenities: paper bags, chopstick sleeves, utensil sleeves, and even toothpick packets - all made by Andre.

Outdoor Detail

Andre's sons and nephews are often at house with their own friends. When it's a full house, some of them stay in this Japanese-inspired garden while others stay in the lanai.

Outdoor Detail

More of Andre's wire sculptures are seen outdoors - adding character to the space.


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