A Modern Loft-Type House in Manila

Measuring around 56sqm, this home features a high ceiling, clever use of space, and well-placed windows that let in plenty of natural light

Photography: courtesy of Kamille Gem de Leon

For Kamille and her partner Kloyd, their loft-type house is the result of understanding what they want to have in a home and being surrounded by people who can help them turn it into reality.

“Building our home wasn’t a ‘one-time, big-time’ construction. We had to pause numerous times due to different reasons and it took around a year and three months to finish the loft before we consider it livable,” shares Kamille. With the help of Kloyd’s mother and older brother who are knowledgeable about construction, the couple achieved the captivating modern loft-type house they have today.

Some of its key features include the high ceiling that adds to the airy feel and the windows that let in plenty of light. In terms of aesthetic, Kamille shares that they tried to bring together elements inspired by classic, modern, and Scandinavian interior styles. “My partner originally wanted the house to feature a gray, black, and white look. I agreed but I wanted to add a few feminine touches,” she says. Hints of gold, pink, and neutral tones complete the space, adding to its sophisticated vibe.


“We love everything here. Our house isn’t perfect but when you are contented, you will appreciate every little detail. This is a hard-earned home completed with our own money and effort,” Kamille muses.

Take a peek around their loft-type home below:

Living Area

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It’s difficult not to be taken the home’s high ceiling and how it is surrounded by windows. These elements add to the maaliwalas ambiance, making the home look and feel bigger than it really is. The rust-colored seating pieces and gold touches double as accents in the space so there’s no need to add extra décor.


To further highlight the high ceiling, a tiled accent wall also serves as the entertainment wall. The couple has set up their entertainment essentials properly as they usually spend time in the living area to catch up on shows and series.

Though the living area is well-lit and natural light streams into the space at daytime, they made sure to add a focal lighting piece which is inspired by Tom Dixon’s Melt lighting creation.


Ground Floor

The dining and kitchen areas as well as a bathroom are located on the ground floor. The couple’s bedroom is found just above the dining and kitchen areas.


The staircase leading to the loft is made of wood except for the first three steps. According to Kamille, they incorporated a pull-out cabinet for shoes and bags under the stairs to maintain the clean look.

Pull-out cabinets are clever storage solutions that let you keep your essentials out of sight while maintaining the sleek appeal of your space. The owners’ cabinets have mirrored doors, allowing them to check their outfits easily while helping make the illusion of a bigger space.


Dining Area

The dining area can accommodate around five to six people comfortably. Keeping with the theme, the legs of the furniture are in gold working well with the classy suede upholstery fabric of the seating pieces.

Bar Area


Just a few steps from the dining area is a compact bar area. “The bar and drink buffet nooks are interconnected which works well for us. We don’t have a huge space so it’s important for us to make the most of it and to keep the spacious look of the house,” explains Kamille.



Functional and well-equipped, the kitchen is one of the most used areas in the house. Kamille and Kloyd have enough storage nooks, plus, they made sure to complete the space with an induction cooktop and an oven.

The backsplash mirrors the tiled accent wall in the living area to make the look cohesive.


Master Bedroom

The couple’s bedroom has a luxe aesthetic – from the choice of furniture to the gold accents. The velvet tufted bed is a customized piece from Pampanga and beside it is Kamille’s work desk. Given the space, they opted to have one side table and hanging shelves for extra storage.


The bedroom also has glass windows that give them a view of the ground floor and the sky outside. “It’s relaxing to watch the clouds, the sunrise, and the sunset while resting,” says Kamille.

Second Bedroom

The second bedroom in the house functions as a guest room. The owners maximized the space by completing it with a bunk bed with stairs that double as storage.


First Bathroom

One of the T&Bs in the house features a contemporary aesthetic with a lighted mirror and white lavatory. A curved glass shower enclosure gives it a hotel-like vibe, too. “We love staycations! We want the space to make you feel like you’re in a hotel so it makes us happy when people tell us that it looks like a condo or a hotel,” Kamile shares.


Second Bathroom

The second T&B in the house has a more rustic-industrial appeal from the choice of tiles and bath fixtures. While the other T&B has a shower enclosure, this private space has a shower curtain that separates the shower area from the rest of the space.


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