A Breathtaking Modern Home in Antipolo

Taking advantage of the property’s location, architect Angelo Siochi designed a bright and welcoming space for a family who loves to cook and entertain

Photography: Jilson Tiu Styling: Kamila Arianna Garcia Architect: Angelo Siochi

When designing a home, it’s common to take inspiration from its location. From the hundreds of spaces we’ve visited, some incorporate big windows to highlight scenic views, while some showcase interesting structures to make the house blend in with its surroundings. Found on a mountain slope in a subdivision in Antipolo, this family home is stunning on the outside and equally pretty and warm on the inside. Since the subdivision has an American-inspired theme, architect Angelo Siochi had to come up with a simple yet modern design that sticks to it. “The natural slope of the mountain gave us a chance to play on the property’s elevation as it created height as well as difference in levels. This helped us maximize the space of the property even more,” explains Angelo.

Aside from meeting the subdivision’s requirements, the architect also made sure that hints of modern Filipino architecture were also incorporated into the final look. The home not only highlights an efficient layout, it also satisfies the needs of the owners. Collaborating with the clients from the initial stages of construction up to the turnover was a good call. “Along the way there were changes and they wanted to be part of the planning process and redesign, which for us, was quite helpful,” he says. From the striking façade to the lovely bedrooms, Angelo has successfully created a home the owners can be proud of. The overall look is clean and streamlined, while the chosen pieces add a sophisticated touch to each area. Will you fall in love with this house? Yes you will.


The facade will remind you of contemporary homes we often see in movies and TV shows. According to Angelo, they had to follow a certain look and finish that's in line with the American theme of the subdivision. "Designing the property was quite a challenge—especially when it comes to bringing together modern and local styles in architecture. It has to follow the American theme of the developer," the architect shares.


Thanks to the home's location, the design team was able to play around with elevation. The simple, clean, and modern details were further highlighted.

The main door was one of the important things that Angelo and the owners wanted to highlight in the house. "The main door serves as the opening of the property and dictates the first impression of every house and the people who live there," Angelo shares.

To help with the property's landscaping, the architect worked with Mors Garden Landscaping Services.


The house approximately measures around 400sqm, with five bedrooms (each bedroom has its own bathroom!), a powder room, a guest/entertainment room, and a semi-basement garage as seen in the photo. Its facade will pique anyone's interest, given the chosen materials that come together to create a stunning look.

Constructing the garage needed careful planning due to adjustments done on the third floor. "The construction team got challenged due to plumbing and drainage issues. We managed to continue as planned and achieved an open and well-ventilated property," says Angelo.

Living Area

It's safe to say that the living area can rival any posh hotel lobby. The natural light that streams into the space lends an inviting feel to the pretty setup. "What makes this house special is its modern simplicity achieved in the details. Each area was patterned after the specifications of the owners. Its open and welcoming feel while still maintaining a sophisticated look is what we wanted to achieve from the start of the planning process," Angelo shares.

The living area has everything you need for a relaxing time. Aside from the elegant pieces of furniture, there are also green wonders that add a relaxing touch.

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Living Area

A play of soft colors can be seen in the living area. To maintain a bright and airy feel, sheer curtains were used as well. 

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Living Area

In completing the look of the home, Angelo underlines the use of neutrals and keeping each area functional. "Using basic neutral colors is the best way to start completing a look as it dictates the pieces to be used including measurement and function. Look at the space in its entirety to see what to add or lessen. Know when to stop decorating," he explains. Truly, there is beauty in simplicity. To liven up the neutral sofa, pillows in gray, beige, and light colors were added.

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Dining Area

Maintaining an open layout is essential for the family who loves to entertain. Since the living area flows freely to the dining and kitchen areas, they can prep meals as their guests settle down. The dining area follows the theme of the living area, with the neutral-colored upholstered chairs.

Dining Area

The wooden table is unique and lovely. Adding pizzazz to the wooden piece is a stained glass strip in the middle of the table.

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Living, Dining, and Kitchen Areas

"For the ground floor of the property, we chose big-cut tiles in neutral and natural stone tones to create a feel of openness and lightness," says Angelo. The open layout can be best appreciated from this angle. We can imagine how the owners and their guests can move around with ease during get-togethers.


The kitchen is definitely one of the stars in this home. It took meticulous planning to achieve a well-equipped and peg-worthy cooking area. "The modern and clean kitchen that the client requested and was particular about is what sets this project apart from the others. Since the family loves to cook and entertain guests in the kitchen, they wanted the area to be filled with happy thoughts. We gladly included them in the planning process and listened to their requirements which we included in our design," says Angelo.


With a spot as cozy as this, anyone will be enticed to sit and have a drink. Angelo counts designing the kitchen and the big island as his favorite part of the project. "We were able to achieve a solid yet simple [look] with a mix of masculinity and sophistication in a functional space," he shares. The island can function as a prep area and as a bar during parties.

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For a neat look, some of the appliances were installed in built-in niches. These niches showcase a dark finish for a sleek and sophisticated appeal.


Aside from the main door, a lot of thought was also given to the design of the staircase. "The staircase serves as the main structural piece in the house. We thought of a clean look with glass and steel details to create an illusion of  floating handrails," says Angelo. Generous windows bathe the home in natural light, completing the warm and inviting look.

Decor Detail

This captivating atlas chandelier is what guests will see when they enter the house. "The staircase with the chandelier is our favorite part of the house. It is indeed a fixed sculptural piece in every house," shares the architect.

For this project, Angelo sourced at Steltz for general lighting. The decorative lights and chandeliers used in the living, dining, and staircase areas were bought from Azcor.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has a hotel-like vibe. Angelo shares that each bedroom represents the user. "From the master bedroom down to the kids' rooms, each space was carefully treated with elements that represent the one who will use the area. Their choices were considered—from the wallpaper, furniture, and colors," he says. Given the chosen pieces and details, the master bedroom also has a country feel to it.

Master Bedroom

The tufted headboard pairs well with the matching table lamps that flank it on both sides. Meanwhile, the chosen wallpaper adds a calming touch to the room.

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Master Bedroom

As seen in the other areas of the home, the master bedroom is also airy and spacious. Instead of filling it with accessories, only the essentials were added. The piece that holds the TV matches the storage piece in the corner, making the look seamless. "To balance and soften the design as you enter each room, we included wood vinyl planks to add warmth to the space as well as to create a homey feel," shares Angelo.

Master Bedroom

A wooden sliding door conceals the couple's main sleeping space. This partition makes sure that they get the privacy and serenity they deserve.

Family Area

The family values relaxation and spending time together. This cozy spot on the second floor is given importance as it's where they watch TV and listen to music. It is furnished with enough seating pieces, a pretty floor lamp, and a rug to tie the look together. Aside from having a passion for cooking, the owners also love good music. "A pipe-in music sound system [in the house] to complete the mood they want," adds the architect.

Eldest Daughter's Bedroom

The sweet and dainty personal space is perfect for rest and relaxation. Angelo successfully chose a wallpaper that will match the furniture and accessories in the room. To balance out the colors, a shag rug in gray was also placed.

Eldest Daughter's Bedroom

For a balanced look, this part of the bedroom is white and pristine. The storage piece, desk, and seating piece pair well for a cohesive look. Having a white shelf proved to be a good choice as it serves as a backdrop for the daughter's collections and personal belongings.

Third Floor

A colorful work of art spruces up the landing going up the third floor. Constructing and finishing this part of the home are challenges that Angelo and the team had to face. "The additional third floor which was originally the storage attic is one of our design's additional solutions to create the rooms and areas needed for the kids. It needs to be a bigger floor to accommodate two more rooms with a toilet and bath each. This affected the structure of the walls as well as the staircase," relates Angelo.

Second Daughter's Bedroom

A refreshing shade of blue dominates this bedroom. The wallpaper sets the vibe of the room and the addition of pieces in white and neutrals turn it into a calming escape. To create more space for the occupants belongings, a bed with hidden compartments was also chosen.

Second Daughter's Bedroom

This study desk doubles as a reading nook. With everything in its place and books neatly kept, the occupant can get things done easily and still have time for her favorite reads.

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Son's Bedroom

Clean, simple, and comfortable—the son's bedroom is furnished with the basics and dominated by a touch of blue. Sticking to the essential pieces is a pro decision in so many ways. It keeps the room functional and perfect for getting a good night's sleep.

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Master Bathroom

The master bathroom can rival a five-star hotel's T&B. With a bathtub, a shower area, and a huge floor space—the owners can do their routines with ease, while still being able to relax.

Master Bathroom

Opting for concrete-like tiles helped create a Zen, spa-like vibe in the bathroom. Adding plants and a stool holding scented candles turn it into a soothing escape as well.

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Master Bathroom

Completing the bathroom is a sink area spruced up with a plant, wooden details, and a mirror that reflects a design detail that Angelo incorporated into the house—the home's architecture and interior covers are all in neutral colors with wood/outlines in black frames. It's best to keep the accessories and decor at a minimum to achieve a functional and relaxing space.

Ready for your own makeover? Get in touch with architect Angelo Siochi through email at angelo.agsdesign[at]

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