A 380sqm Home Filled With Vintage Pieces and Modern Trimmings

Take a peek inside this special place where the old and the new coexist

Original Article: Sunshine Selga Funa Photography: Dairy Darilag Pictorial Direction: Nat M. Clave Styling: Dagny Madamba, Tala Singson, and Paula de Guzman
  • Homeowners:  Aischa and Bong Bangaoet
  • Style of Home: Modern Vintage
  • Size of Home: 380sqm with loft

Away from the city of Baguio frequented by most tourists stands a 380sqm sanctuary owned by Bong and Aischa Bangaoet who live with their kids Rafael, Sofia, and Olivia. In it are walls done in mostly neutrals—quite fitting for the numerous wooden antiques found around the house. This could be attributed to Aischa’s mom Pynky Gomez-Magsino who owns PNKY Vintage Collection and whose idea of celebrating milestones is by gifting her children with a piece of furniture.

The living area has a bright and airy vibe, thanks to the house’s big windows and high ceiling. It sits two huge leather sofas and a couple of wooden tables. Right across it are the dining and kitchen areas where Bong’s favorite piece, a six-seater kamagong dining table, takes center stage. Meanwhile, the staircase in the kitchen leads to the loft, which houses the study area, the den, and a small space for the family’s pet supplies.

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Living Area

“I didn’t want grilles…I was begging pa my husband ‘Let’s not put na lang. Let’s put lots of dogs!’ Finally, that design popped up. I saw it on the Internet, not exactly, but similar.” The grilles, however, aren’t the only interesting pieces in the living area. There’s also the artwork of Carlos Rocha, which adds pops of color to the rather neutral room along with some botanical pieces.

Despite the big furniture in the Bangaoet’s living area, the space still looks spacious and far from cramped. This is all thanks to the high ceiling of the house, which was originally suggested by Aischa’s mom.

Dining and Kitchen Areas

“We wanted just one long room instead of cutting it up...So we just added a dirty kitchen na lang at the back. So this is just for us when we cook dessert or when we bake. But we don’t really use this for cooking,” shares Aischa of the family’s dining area. Meanwhile, the six-seater kamagong dining table is on loan from her mom Pynky.

Dining Area

The space under the stairs was turned into a cupboard that matches the color scheme of the dining area and kitchen.

Master Bedroom

Bong and Aischa’s bedroom, just like the living area, is bright and airy. It is also home to PNKY pieces, including one from a B&B Aischa’s mom used to own: the sofa, which she decided to reupholster. “I had to take out the legs because they were scratching my tiles,” shares Aischa.

Master Bedroom

In one corner of the master bedroom is a study with a mix of vintage pieces and modern accessories.

Second Bedroom

“You know the ones that they use with carabaos for hauling the hay?” asks Aischa in reference to Rafael’s bed, which was originally a kariton.

Second Bedroom

Leading to Rafael’s room is this space accented with a wooden stool and ladder and a faux wood brick cladding.

Third Bedroom

Across the master bedroom is nine-year-old Sofia’s room, which has an assortment of wooden furniture (including her four-poster bed from PNKY), colorful linen, fairy lights, and toys.

Third Bedroom

Sofia’s desk was originally her great-grandfather’s and was passed on to Aischa, which she used when she was a child. It now holds Sofia’s storage boxes filled with various trinkets and school supplies.

Third Bedroom

"Since we grew up with antique furniture in our rooms, I really wanted antique furniture in their rooms," says Aischa, which explains the vintage dresser amidst the toys in Sofia's room.


The loft is where the staircase in the dining area leads you. It houses two study areas as well as the den.


Front and center in the loft is a small table with a vintage top. It used to be Aischa’s great-grandfather’s luggage, which he used during the World War II. It was preserved by Aischa’s mom as storage for baby clothes, which she later converted into a table.


As in every nook and cranny in the Bangaoet’s home, the den is also peppered with PNKY pieces. The only difference is it’s a wee bit more colorful and playful.


“I was looking for a bookshelf that’s unique. I saw something similar, but we kinda made it slanted... So I just had our engineer copy it, and he got it,” says Aischa of the assymetrical bookshelf in the den.


Just one of the many interesting pieces in the den: a rotary phone base of a lamp.


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