A 1000sqm Home with Dreamy Contemporary Interiors

Standing on a 500sqm lot, this awe-inspiring property features sleek architectural details, calming pockets of peace, and an overall look that’s beyond welcoming

Photography: Mark Chester Ang

Have you ever stepped into a space and immediately felt at ease? It’s safe to say that this sprawling house in Cavite has a similar magic. With five bedrooms, powder rooms, an inviting family area, and upper and lower decks to boot—it’s a dream home anyone would love to call his own. Considered as a happy project by real estate developer Irene Enriquez, the house highlights influences and elements she learned from Japanese and Italian designs.

Irene took into consideration Japan’s disciplined culture as reflected in architecture. “[The] shapes are very clean and geometric. Each line is calculated and deliberate. The architectural details of this house were carefully planned and executed,” shares Irene. While both Japanese and Italian styles showcase the use of natural materials and neutrals, Italian design takes it further by mixing it with modern elements like glass and metal. To reflect this in her project, Irene brought in elegant furnishings, wooden touches, and modern accessories that double as accent pieces.

Meanwhile, the addition of travel mementos used as décor helped personalize the home and give it character. “The house symbolizes both a stroll down memory lane from previous travels and an anticipation for future travels to new places,” says Irene. While it’s hard to pick just one favorite spot in the home—the upper deck definitely steals the show. It’s not only the best spot for meditation, it also gives a breathtaking view of the lush surroundings and the twinkling stars at night. More than just a happy place, the house is definitely the best place to unwind, entertain friends, and get closer to nature.


Found in a subdivision not far from Manila, the house stands out among tall trees. The exterior highlights clean lines and a captivating contemporary Japanese aesthetic. From this angle, one can see the lower and upper decks.


The foyer welcomes guests into the home. A few souvenirs and interesting finds from different countries liven up the corner—with the zebra hide from South Africa defining the space. A black sofa placed against one wall functions as the receiving area.

The table holding the decor pieces feature a trellis profile—a recurring element in the home.

Living Area

Awash in neutrals, the living area is meant for entertaining guests. Instead of installing a huge TV on the wall, Irene opted to display a structural artwork by a Thai artist as focal point. The piece complements the colors of the pieces and the bevy of travel souvenirs on the shelves.

Living Area

A greige (a combination of gray and beige) modular sofa with steel legs invites guests to settle in and feel at home. Two accent chairs in gray showcase an ergonomic form that complements the bent glass center table. With plants used as additional decor, the house looks extra refreshing.

Dining Area

A column separates the living and dining areas. The owners and their guests can easily access both areas given the open layout of the first floor. Compared to the living area's light colors, the dining area highlights the use of wood and darker tones.

Dining Area

Inspired by Japanese design, the wooden trellis on the ceiling not only defines the dining area, it also adds warmth to the space. To keep it from being too dark, Irene paired the sturdy dining table in dark wood with light-colored upholstered chairs and an area rug in brown.

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Living and Dining Areas

From this angle, one can appreciate the openness of the first floor. It helps to have white walls to keep the vibe light and airy as well as to let natural light stream into the space.

Dining Area

The chosen dinnerware in dark and earth colors give the dining setup an Asian feel. Adding color to the dining area are the centerpiece showcasing succulents and the geometric artwork displayed on the opposite wall (not seen in photo).


A short flight of stairs leads to the sunken kitchen and powder room. The kitchen is every homeowner's dream—with spacious countertops, an island/breakfast bar, storage nooks, and topnotch appliances. "It emphasizes horizontal lines, a characteristic of contemporary Italian design," shares Irene. Aside from these impressive details, the cooking area also highlights anthracite (a hard variety of coal) sinks and faucets. 


The space under the stairs was turned into a storage center for ingredients, dinnerware, and other essentials. To keep the wall from being too plain, wall-mounted shelves were also installed to hold jars and decor pieces.

Notice the stair railing? It highlights a similar trellis element seen in the dining area.

Guest Room

The guest room is located just a few steps from the front door and it's nothing short of welcoming. Reminiscent of a hotel room, the space has a well-dressed bed in neutral sheets and pillows in patterned pillow covers as well as its own en suite bathroom.

Guests can lounge or read a book by the window as there's an abundance of natural light.

Guest Room

The lighting pieces on both sides of the bed moonlight as accent pieces as they are pretty even when not in use. When the lights are turned on, these fixtures add a warm glow to the room.

Powder Room

The powder room near the kitchen may seem small, but get ready for a surprise once you enter. The vertical mirror helps create an illusion of bigger space, while the patterned wall holds another enchanting revelation. It looks like an ordinary backlit wall with a geometric punch pattern, but wait until you turn off the main light—it will remind you of stars and constellations.

Second Floor

A triptych livens up the landing on the second floor and ties it with the look of the first floor. An interesting capiz chair serves as decor as well.

Family Room

Bathed in natural light, the family room on the second floor is completed with a modular sofa and matching canopy chairs meant for reading. The arrangement of the furniture allows the family to move around freely and enjoy movie nights.

On days when they have friends over, the nesting tables can be moved and floor pillows can be brought in. Meanwhile, huge potted plants add color to the space dominated by neutrals and give it a refreshing feel.

Opting for sheer white curtains not only helps illuminate the space, it also adds to the airy vibe of the home.

Reading Corner

The canopy chair at the far right of the room is the perfect spot to spend a few hours with a good book. Anchored on a rug, the setup is complete with an ottoman and a coffee table, too.

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Second Floor Hallway

The clever use of wood as divider conceals the home office. Sporting a similar trellis profile seen in the foyer, dining area, and staircase—it adds texture and warmth to the space.

First Bedroom

All bedrooms showcase unique Japanese-inspired works of art that highlight patterns. In this bedroom, circular elements take center stage—as seen on the sheets, pillow covers, and table lamps. The occupant has enough storage options—from the side tables, cabinet, and another table at the foot of the bed.

Second Bedroom

Similar to the guest room and first bedroom, this room showcases a heavy use of neutrals to keep the look timeless, sophisticated, and easy on the eyes. The extra seating piece by the window can function as a reading corner or even as an extra sleeping space during sleepovers.

Third Bedroom

The most spacious room on the second floor, this bedroom also highlights a neutral color scheme and different textures as seen on the wall art and area rug. While all three rooms offer a view of the outdoors, the third bedroom has a balcony where the occupant can enjoy snacks and quiet time.

Second Floor Bathroom

The third bedroom is directly connected to the floor's bathroom. It features a horizontal mirror to widen the space and a spacious counter. Other occupants can access the T&B through another door.

Third Floor Landing

Irene didn't hold back in terms of the lighting pieces showcased in the home. A lovely chandelier illuminates the steps leading to the third floor. To brighten up the landing, a metal chair is paired with a group of big indoor plants.

On the left, a short flight of steps leads to another powder room. Irene added a chair outside the door so those outside can relax while waiting for their turn.

Master Bedroom

Compared to the other rooms in the house, the master bedroom is the biggest and furnished with a cozy sitting area. It has a balcony and an en suite bathroom/walk-in closet.

Master Bedroom

The sitting area on the right side of the room features a black sofa, a center table, and a mirror that helps double the space. Since Irene values storage, a corner was made functional with the installation of a slim shelf. It can be used to store books and other collections.

Master Bedroom

To create a luxurious feel in the bedroom, Irene layered the beddings and mixed neutrals. A pair of charming drop lights help set the mood in the space and give it warmth. An interesting feature worth noting is the dumbwaiter (a small elevator meant for trasporting food and other items to different floors) by the door. From the kitchen, all floors have access to it.

Master Bathroom

Who wouldn't enjoy watching his or her favorite TV show while relaxing in the bathtub? Aside from having a TV and a bathtub, the en suite bathroom has a generous floorspace and an enclosed shower area on the left side. 

Master Bathroom

To echo the use of black in the bedroom, the cabinets in the bathroom were painted the same color—with bamboo-like handles and brass details completing the look. The spacious counter is perfect for getting ready in the morning as the owner can have his or her essentials neatly organized on top, with enough space left for small plants and accessories.

The big picture window allows the owner to relish the view outside or extend the mirror. For extra privacy, the blinds can be lowered, too.

Master Bathroom

Irene incorporated the walk-in closet with the bathroom to make early morning preparations easier. The owner has access to multiple cabinets where he or she can keep clothes, bags, and shoes.

Outdoor Area—The Lower Deck

Instead of having an ordinary lanai, Irene went the extra mile by maximizing the roof deck. Referred to as the lower deck, it has outdoor furniture pieces meant for catching up with friends or reading a book. The spot looks magical at night—with the wall lamps casting a warm glow that creates a laid-back vibe.

Outdoor Area—The Lower Deck

A long dining table and sleek black chairs complete this part of the lower deck. Meant for drinks and parties with friends and relatives, the area is surrounded by greens and a calming view. To create a cohesive look, Irene made sure that the trellis profile is still apparent outdoors. However, instead of using wood, metal was used to create the trellises and these were painted in gray. Glass surrounds the lower deck to ensure the safety of the owners and their guests.

Outdoor Area—The Upper Deck

This serene escape, which Irene refers to as a creative/gratitude space, is a garden lover's dream. With smooth pebbles and plants in small islands—it can match the prettiest Zen garden. The gray concrete slabs function as seating, while the green elevated surface highlights the use of artificial turf to mimic natural grass. Those who aren't afraid of heights can stand on top to admire the view or even set up a picnic!

RL Tip: Irene suggests the use of planters and plant boxes as these do not require huge amounts of water for maintenance.

Aerial View

The house looks stunning from above—with the lower and upper decks standing out. Against trees and lush surroundings, it looks like a calming retreat.

While you can enjoy refreshments on the lower deck, the upper deck is still the best spot to admire the sunset or look at the stars at night.

Watch the complete tour of this magnificent home below:

Ready for your own makeover? Get in touch with interior designer Irene Enriquez through e-mail at: idesign.inquiries[at] or ibenriquez[at]

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