5 People Can Live Comfortably in this 25sqm Condo Unit in Quezon City

Interior designer Angelo Aguilar achieved a multifunctional space that's well-maximized and inviting

Checking out condo homes brings a certain kind of excitement because you never know what’s waiting for you beyond the main door. How did the designers transform the space? Are there multipurpose furniture? Opening the door can be likened to unlocking a room full of surprises, to say the least.

This 25sqm condo unit designed by interior designer Angelo Aguilar is one such space. Given the size, you’d assume it will be difficult to move around the home and make it picture-perfect, but Angelo rose above the challenge by coming up with a multifunctional condo unit that’s cozy and well-thought-out.

“The original layout of the condo unit features a wall partition that separates the bedroom from the rest of the unit but the client wanted the final look to be more open and spacious,” shares Angelo, who was introduced to the owners by his friend, architect William Cayanan, Jr. To make it happen, he had the partition removed then he completed the unit with customized pieces and plenty of storage.

The result? A functional condo home where around five to seven people can sleep, dine, and live comfortably. Check out the rest of the unit below:



Upon entrance to the unit, the bathroom can be seen on the left and the kitchen on the right. To create a faux entryway, Angelo installed a TRONES shoe cabinet from IKEA just a few steps from the door.

The condo unit highlights smart features—with the controls conspicuously incorporated into the faux entryway. “It has a smart home option wherein the appliances and lights can be controlled via a mobile app. It’s also adaptable to virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant,” the designer explains.


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Similar to most condo homes, this unit has a one wall kitchen with enough space for cooking and food preparation. To avoid clutter and make it more hardworking, Angelo had additional hanging cabinets in laminated marine plywood installed. These cabinets feature soffit or underside lighting.

“We used white subway tiles as backsplash for easy maintenance. Inside the base cabinet are two sets of wire baskets to keep the cutlery and dinnerware organized,” adds Angelo.

Living Area

Limiting the number of furniture in a space can help keep the look streamlined and spacious. The living area flows directly into the dining nook and this part of the condo serves as an entertainment, dining, and even work area.

Above the sofa bed is a hanging storage cabinet featuring a laminated wood finish and soffit lighting. Angelo expertly incorporated a ledge below it to allow the owners to display décor pieces and plants.


Notice the color of the wall below the cabinets? It’s Aegean Teal—one of the key colors used in the unit. “I used Aegean Teal with Cool Gray and Butter Yellow to create a relaxing ambiance,” the designer explains.

The sofa bed is sturdy yet inviting, plus it can accommodate two people. Just beside the living area and in front of the sleeping area is a full-height wardrobe cabinet flanked by mirror panels to help create an illusion of bigger space.

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Dining Area

Angelo takes multifunctional to the next level with this dining area that also works as an entertainment nook and home office. A pull-out table is conveniently stored under the TV cabinet to save on space.

During mealtime, the table can be easily pulled out—thanks to caster wheels attached to it—to accommodate four people. If the owners want to eat while watching TV, they can move it near the sofa bed, too. The dining table is made of a spray-painted metal frame with a laminated wood top and tempered glass.


Time for work? The table can be pushed against the natural abaca rope divider (one of the unit’s focal points!) to create an instant home office. The rest of the stools can be stacked and kept under the TV cabinet.

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Sleeping Area

The bunk bed was customized specifically for the condo home. It features a spray-painted metal frame and laminated marine plywood.

You might be wondering—how can the owners sleep soundly at night? The lower part of the bunk bed has a Queen-sized bed with an additional pull-out single bed. Look closely at the headboard—it has secret compartments where personal belongings can be kept.

The occupant of the semi-double upper bed has access to a side shelving in laminated wood finish (not seen in photo) where collectibles can be displayed.

The steps leading to the upper bed also work as drawers where clothes, shoes, and other belongings can be stored. These drawers are made of marine plywood in laminated wood finish and light gray laminate.


By the door that leads to the balcony is another TRONES shoe cabinet that works as a mini vanity desk and storage. To complete the nook, the interior designer brought in a round vanity mirror.

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In the T&B, Angelo installed a tempered glass shower enclosure and a hanging mirror medicine cabinet with shelving. To make bath time extra special, he also enhanced the vanity sink by installing a granite countertop and adding a base cabinet made of laminated marine plywood.

Click here to watch a video tour of the studio unit.

Ready for your own makeover? Get in touch with interior designer Angelo Aguilar through email at acga.designs[at]gmail.com.

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