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Colorful Eclectic Style reigns in Kris Aquino's Condo

The Queen of All Media's vibrant personality is reflected in her high-rise celebrity home in Makati

Original Article: Gabby Reyes Libarios Photography: Rene Mejia and Mark Nicdao

Before moving into her country-cottage home, Kris Aquino lived in One Roxas Triangle, an exclusive high-rise residential building in Makati. In this building, the Queen of All Media shared two adjacent units with her sons Josh and Bimby. The 330sqm unit registered in the name of Josh is named Laguna since it faces Laguna de Bay. The 308sqm unit in Bimby's name is called Forbes because there is a view of nearby Forbes Park. 

Both units were designed by famed interior designers Cynthia and Ivy Almario and are filled with bright colors, bold patterns, and oversized furniture pieces.

Original article by Gabby Reyes Libarios. Photographed by Rene Mejia (House) and Mark Nicdao (Portrait). Shoot production by Anna Pingol. Makeup by Juan Sarte. Hair by Jonathan Velasco. Fashion styling by Liz Uy. 

Read the original article in the YES! Celebrity Homes Special 2012. To download a digital copy of YES! Magazine, visit Summit Newsstand at

FOYER A framed black-and white photo of her—taken by photographer Mark Nicdao—will welcome you to The Queen of All Media’s vibrant home. A white canape designed by Rica dela Merced serves as the perfect seat for guests.
LIVING AND DINING ROOM The living and dining room features a mixture of both the old and new, as some furniture came from her old house in Valle Verde II and her mother President Corazon Aquino’s home on Times Street, Quezon City.
DINING ROOM Very much like the owner, Kris Aquino’s design concept for her Laguna unit’s open-space living area is loud, flamboyant, and unapologetic.
Living Room A plush tuxedo sofa has a deep seat for the comfort of Josh, who is 6'2" tall.
Tabletop Decor The various trinkets on her coffee table, like the glass crucifix and frog figurines, help make Kris’s space look and feel more lived-in. The rose-colored plush balls are sweet additions to the table.
Buddhas Since she believes in Feng Shui, Kris has numerous frog figurines and Buddhas. She collects these pieces to attract good energy into her home.
Dining Table Leg The glass dining table used to be a part of her late mother's home on Times Street in Quezon City. To match her home's color palette, the legs now have a lacquered red finish.
BUDDHAS IN THE HALLWAY More Buddha figures stand guard in the TV host and actress's condo.
Josh's Bedroom The master bedroom in the Laguna unit belongs to Kris’s elder son Joshua. This custom-made jeepney bedframe, which takes up much of the floor space in this room, is from Finesteel.
Josh's Bedroom The room comes with an alcove, seen here behind Josh’s jeepney bed. A bed is cleverly hidden behind the pair of red curtains, which provides privacy for Josh’s nanny of 16 years, Yaya Ana.
Guest Bedroom If violets and bright reds dominate the living room, orange is the theme in the guest room. Orange, seen on the feature walls of this room, is believed to have uplifting or anti-depressive effects, which is why this color is often used in schools and public places.The two beds, whose beddings are from Las Bordadoras Filipinas Incorporated, came from Kris’s Valle Verde II home.
Closet Kris’s walk-in closet is every stylista’s dream. This is where the queen of the house keeps her formal dresses and other pieces she uses for work. There is a treadmill, as well as a StairMaster or step machine in the middle of the room. Kris says they’re there to remind her that if she wants to fit in her clothes and look fashionable all the time, she has to keep her body fit and toned.
ENTRANCE Kris placed this decorative open-shelf console table in the entrance hall of her Forbes unit. Above this table is a framed photo of Kris and Bimby, taken by Mark Nicdao.
LIVING ROOM The floral and striped throw-pillow covers in apple green, fuchsia, and floral patterns add a chic and feminine feel.
LIVING ROOM The curtains of her floor-to-ceiling picture windows lend an Art Nouveau feel to the space.
CANDLES Kris has a collection of scented candles from New York-based perfumery Bond No. 9, and from the local company Alice Blue.
PIANO The space is completed with Josh’s musical instrument of choice: an electric baby grand piano.
DINING AREA The flower-inspired Bloom chairs and the glass-topped Bouquet table are all designed by Kenneth Cobonpue.
DINING AREA The dining area is illuminated with a chandelier from Dexterton.
Media Room When Kris wants to spend quality time with her kids, she retreats to the soundproof media room, which can be accessed through the double-glass doors in the living room. Here, they can watch movies on their mini-home theater system.
Guest Room The two Victorian chairs and ottoman in front of the window were originally from Kris’s Valle Verde II home. They have since been re-upholstered using Designers Guild fabrics. The long expanse of mirror behind the bookcase helps create the illusion of bigger space.
KITCHEN In this kitchen, the color scheme is more simple and subdued.
KITCHEN The walls are painted white; the wall-mounted cabinets and the drawers under the island countertop are in baby pink; and the countertop itself is white.
HALLWAY The unexpected shade on the wall adds life to the unit's hallway.
HALLWAY Tables flush against the wall can be used to store and display belongings.
KRIS'S BEDROOM The highlight of this room is the bed, a Kenneth Cobonpue piece called Voyager.
KRIS'S BEDROOM A Mauro Malang Santos painting hangs above Kris’s pink, galvanized-steel desk.
Bimby's Bedroom Bimby’s all-blue room—with its Prizmic & Brill bed, side tables, console, and chairs—also has an alcove, equipped with a bed for his Yaya Gerbel to sleep in.
Bimby's Bedroom Bimby’s room is inspired by his favorite cartoon movie, Toy Story. That’s why there are various Toy Story action figures on top of the TV console and overhead shelves.
KRIS'S BEDROOM The desk is paired with a fully-upholstered chair with tufted detail.
Kris Aquino Located in one of Makati’s most sought-after addresses, her home is actually a combination of two units: the 330-square-meter Laguna unit and the 308-square-meter Forbes unit. Both units have a 21st-century eclectic style that borrows certain elements and concepts from different design trends: Victorian, Gothic, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau. But in the end, they remain faithful expressions of the flamboyant and fabulous Kris.
Kris Aquino According to interior designer Cynthia Almario, every little detail that went into the Laguna and Forbes units came from Kris. The queen of the house was clear-cut about her taste. “As soon as she tells you what she likes, she’ll leave you alone,” says Cynthia.
Kris Aquino Admittedly, Kris took some design inspiration from her extensive collection of decorating books, including Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic, Atlanta Bartlett’s Easy Elegance, and Naomi Cleaver’s The Joy of Home.

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