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#TBT: Sam Milby’s Industrial-Inspired Condo Unit

In a vlog posted by Alex Gonzaga in 2018, the actor gave a peek inside his home which has a mini studio and interesting features

Photography: Instagram/samuelmilby | Screenshot from Youtube/Alex Gonzaga Official

While celebrities often share a peek into their daily schedules, it’s not every day that they open the doors to their homes. Some would share photos on their social media or even allow friends from the media visit every now and then.


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In a vlog posted on her Youtube channel in 2018, Alex Gonzaga featured Sam Milby’s condo home in a special bachelor’s condo raid. It’s not the first time that Sam opened the door of his home as he once welcomed Kris Aquino in the same space in 2015.

Based on a polaroid photo the actor shared on Instagram, it seemed nothing major has changed in the unit as the style was more or less the same. Sam’s condo features an industrial-meets-rustic aesthetic, with brick walls, metal shelves, and wooden touches completing the look.


Let’s go down memory lane and check out some of the interesting features we spotted in Sam’s condo below:

A trolley defines the entryway.

Upon entrance to the unit, you’ll be greeted by a brick wall on the right. It features a trolley housing the actor’s keys and helmets (he rides motorcycles!) and a low shoe rack.

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Various works of art serve as wall accents.

At the time the vlog was recorded, Sam had two striking framed pieces on display near the dining area which in a way soften up the brick and wood combo.

He has a chalkboard wall for reminders.


A chalkboard wall not only serves a purpose, it also adds to the industrial feel of the space. It comes in handy for taking note of important appointments and must-dos as well as things needed around the house.

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His kitchen is perfect for entertaining friends.


Perhaps to keep the condo unit from looking cramped as well as to make entertaining friends easier, one side of the kitchen is kept open, facing the dining area. With this kind of layout, food can be served and passed immediately. Sam often invites friends over and he is close friends with John Prats and Moira dela Torre, to name a few.

He has a wine cooler.


What better way to make get-togethers with friends more fun than by serving a couple of refreshing drinks?

Black subway tiles complete the kitchen.

How else can you achieve the industrial style? By picking the right tiles, of course! In the kitchen, black subway tiles define the walls which perfectly complement the brick wall on the other side of the unit.


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The living area is modern and inviting.

To balance out the look of the condo unit and to complement the materials used in the dining area, the living area is furnished with light-colored furniture pieces. Some of the best parts about Sam’s living area? He has a lovely view of the city skyline and he has a reclining sofa which makes unwinding much more comfortable.


Polaroid photos on display add a personal touch to his unit.

Sam loves taking polaroid photos with friends and these are on display on a wall near the kitchen. When it comes to personalizing a space, you can never go wrong with prized photographs.


The unit has a narrow hallway leading to the bedrooms.

There are two bedrooms in the unit, one of which is Sam’s room while the other serves as a guest room. The red sliding barn door on the left from the living and dining areas opens to the common bathroom.


Iron pipe shelves double as décor in the unit.

Striking shelves can be seen in corners of the unit holding books and other essentials. He has a bigger shelf in the living area as well.

Sam’s headboard is peg-worthy.


As if mirroring the bricks used on the walls, Sam’s headboard features wooden pieces laid out like subway tiles. Instead of the usual desk lamp, a hanging lighting piece illuminates the bedroom.

You won’t instantly notice the TV in his room.


According to Sam, friends often can’t spot the TV in his room because it’s mounted in a unique way—angled and almost reaching the ceiling.

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Sam has a mini recording studio in his bedroom.


According to the actor, this is where he listens and records some songs. He revealed that Moira once recorded a song in his studio as well.


On display in this part of the room are his guitars, one of which is the first one he ever used.

Watch the rest of the vlog below:

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