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All the Details We Love in Bea Alonzo's Gorgeous Home

Have you seen her lanai-cum-art studio?


We’ve been given glimpses of Bea Alonzo’s home in her Instagram stories and other live streamed sessions, but we can finally stop wondering how the whole thing looks like because she’s granted us the vlog we’ve been waiting for. Yes, Bea released a house tour showing every corner and detail of her grand abode.

In the video, she explains that she moved in last 2012 and has been furnishing the home since then, with no structural renovations. The home is modern, spacious, and bright. Aesthetic without being overtly trendy. It’s a fabulous peg for those who want to achieve the same timeless sophistication that Bea effortlessly pulled off with the help of her interior designer friend.

Below, we round up all the best details you need to take note of especially if you’re thinking of pegs for your future dream home. Be warned—this celebrity crib will blow your mind!


1. Her grand foyer

Bea bought her home with some areas already furnished with cool details, like the foyer paneled with cool wooden details and a chandelier—a fancy tropical vibe, if you will. However, Bea wanted to make the foyer even better by painting the classic chandelier black—a tip, she said, if you want to add a little quirkiness to your light fixtures.

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2. All the pieces by Filipino artists

The impression you’ll get from watching Bea’s tour is that her home is a treasure trove of pieces from Filipino artists. From paintings, collages, to sculptures, Bea loves collecting artworks. Her collection includes pieces from celebrated artists like Arturo Luz, Michael Cacnio, and Ramon Orlina. There’s even a collage by Gary-Ross Pastrana inspired by Anne Curtis!

What’s so great about Bea’s collection is that every piece means something special for her, so it makes her home feel more personal and intimate. Something to think about if you’re looking to get into art investment!


3. All her beautiful chairs and sofas

One item that Bea couldn’t help but discuss everywhere in her home would be her chairs or seating arrangements. Her living room features a brown leather sofa from West Elm, while her patio has artsy chairs, including a mid-century chaise and her acapulco chairs that make the space feel like a resort. Proof that chairs can make or break a room! 

4. All the Filipino touches

Perhaps the best thing about Bea’s home is how she incorporated details that highlight Filipino culture. There’s a modern sungka centerpiece on her dining room table (she loved playing sungka as a child) and a bench made from a mango tree near her foyer (reminds her of her mother’s mango orchard). She has a piece of driftwood she took home from a trip to La Union and a basin made by a Filipino potter.


If you also want to add a Filipino touch to your home, take cues from Bea by purchasing pieces you feel a personal connection with.

5. The floor-to-ceiling pantry

If those things weren’t enough to blow you away, perhaps Bea’s enormous pantry will. The well-lit area has floor-to-ceiling shelves that allow her to organize all her food items and see them at a glance. (A tip: She puts basics like grains and nuts in glass jars with labels.) Aside from that, she utilizes the space by storing her chinaware in it as well. That way, she gets to see all her plates and easily decide which ones to use when guests come over.

6. Plants and candles everywhere

Amid all the artworks and fabulous furniture, you might not realize that Bea’s home is filled with plants that make her home come alive. She also balances out those fresh green colors with the faint hues of her dried flowers scattered everywhere and are often placed in pretty vases.


Another thing that you might miss out is the fact that there are also candles everywhere—from her office, the powder room, to her living room. Perhaps it’s her simple way of elevating her home!

7. Even her dirty kitchen looks bright and orderly. 

You know how one doesn’t really pay attention to sprucing up a dirty kitchen because, well, it’s called a ‘dirty’ kitchen? Bea makes a case for the contrary with her super clean and tidy “dirty kitchen” that’s just as neat as her main kitchen. Perhaps it’s because she stuck to an all-white palette and chose a sleek table and chair set, which was even adorned with a potted plant!

It makes sense to make this space bright and orderly, since this is where she cooks in bulk for frontliners and also does her laundry. 

8. Her lanai-cum-art studio

The pool in her backyard is a given cool feature of her home, but what’s better is her lanai in front of it. Featuring glass French doors, it’s got a TV and a couch—practically a mini living room outdoors. However, she recently transformed it into her artist studio so she could paint in peace. A tip you could get from this setup: Put glass sliding doors in your gazebo to transform it into an air-conditioned entertaining area.


9. Her kitchen with a huge coffee machine built into the wall

Coffee lovers, you’ll be totally jealous of Bea—she’s got a sophisticated coffee machine built into her kitchen wall. Yeah, we’ll let that sink in. We reckon the setup makes it super easy for her to grab a cup of joe in the morning since all she has to do is press a few buttons. Aside from that, what makes her kitchen swoon-worthy is how spacious it is. It features a large island in the middle that’s perfect for cooking and baking.

10. Her powder room

For those who love having guests over, you always have to keep in mind all the areas or places that your guests will frequent. These would be the spaces that will leave a first impression, and one of them is the powder room. You have to take notes from Bea’s mosaic tiled powder room. It’s small but feels large because of the mirror that covers the entire wall. Plus, she adorned it with dried flowers and a candle for major hotel vibes.


Watch her entire vlog here:

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