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These Work at Home Moms Rewarded Themselves With Gorgeous Offices

A comfortable, neat, and organized space does wonders for your productivity!


With parents busy setting up their children’s bedrooms and learning spaces, they might have also realized the need for an improved home office. After all, with the community quarantine, working at home also became the “new normal” for a lot of mom and dads.

5 home office ideas to help you be more productive

If you’re looking for inspiration, we asked members of Filipina Homebased Moms, an online community that aims to assist and support Filipina mothers in their freelancing journey, to share photos of their workstations and home offices. And we were so impressed!

Having a dedicated space is not only for motivation — for a lot of these moms, their decked out workstations are proof of their hard hustle. It shows that you can be successful at your homebased job if you also work hard! 

Here are five moms and their home offices:

Marilyn Balbontin, Social Media Manager


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Marilyn’s minimalist setup was inspired by a design she saw on Pinterest. The floating table and shelves were all customized and only cost around Php3,500.

The 31-year-old mom says she’s pretty happy with her plain (but pretty!) home office —“Having a comfortable workstation is a big factor in increasing productivity!” She adds that she already has ideas for her next upgrade: plants to put on the shelves!


Carla Delas Alas, Virtual Assistant Bookkeeper and Property Management Admin

Carla says that it took a while to achieve their dream office setup, especially since their family lives in a small house. But because she and her partner are both working from home, they really needed their own space. 


The 29-year-old mom shares that she got the L-shaped table from a Lazada sale for Php4,500. Her laptop (a 15-inch Asus Vivobook) cost Php48,000, including upgrades for the hard drive, RAM, and Microsoft Office. She also purchased a separate keyboard (Php1,200) mouse (Php220), headset (Php2,200), and curved monitor (Php19,500) for multitasking.


While the total cost may be steep for some, Carla, who started her homebased job five years ago, considers it an investment. “It makes me more productive and efficient,” she tells SmartParenting.com.ph. “I’m happy knowing that I’m able to inspire my co-moms about my achievements in life.”

Macy Aragon, Email Customer Support Specialist and Operations Manager


Many work-at-home moms need multiple devices for their jobs, so they also need bigger desks. Macy, 34, who has been working as a freelancer since 2017, says her husband lovingly made this desk for her. “It only cost Php600 or even less!” she tells Smart Parenting.

Before, Macy’s table could only fit one laptop. “But since I got another client, I needed to widen my space because I now use 2 computers,” she shares.

They are also planning to renovate their house thanks to the added blessings. “I will definitely leave space for a bigger workstation for me!” Macy says.

Jill Evitt, Virtual Assistant


When Jill, 28, shared a photo of her home office in the FHMoms group, many fell in love with the chic and aesthetic setup. Turns out she didn’t even have to spend much for it!

“My desk was actually from our garage, and supposed to be thrown away by my husband,” the mom shares. “But when I started working from home, I needed a desk. I didn’t want to spend too much so I decided to buy sticky wallpaper and cover the desk to make it look nicer.”

The cost? Around Php1,000 to Php1,500! “It inspires me to work every day — it became my comfort zone,” Jill shares. “I’m still planning to add more decoration in the future when I start earning more money.” 

Leann Carullo, Virtual Assistant and Accounts Manager


If you have limited space, Leann and her husband’s custom workstation might appeal to you — it also doubles as a sleeping area!

The 25-year-old mom says it took them a year to complete their home office, because they constantly upgrade their furniture and system units. But they are super happy with how it turned out and are already thinking of small upgrades for a lighter and more minimalist feel.


“It’s true that a comfortable, neat, and organized space boosts your productivity,” Leann shares. “Another perk is I get to work together with the love of my life by my side!”

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This story originally appeared on Smartparenting.com.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Realliving.com.ph editors.

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