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What Can Be Salvaged After A Storm?

How to save your furniture and belongings if a typhoon or flood damages your house

Original Article: Katherine Lopez Photography: Pixabay (Main Photo)

The toughest part of being hit by a storm or typhoon is dealing with the aftermath. But as long as your home is intact and sturdy, you can still save and reuse most of your furniture and belongings. “All materials can still be reused,” says architect Anthony Yan. “The possibilities are endless. It just depends on the resourcefulness and creativity of homeowners.” Here are some tips:

Uprooted trees and branches


“Fallen trees can still be replanted, while broken branches can be used as furniture and as landscaping elements or accents in a house,” says Anthony.

Galvanized iron or G.I. sheets

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“G.I. sheets from a damaged roof can still be reused. Just inspect and cut the portions that are still in good condition, as these can be used as a roof for a dog house or stock room,” says Anthony.



Salvaging appliances that have been soaked in floodwater is tricky. Even if it is still up and running, it may not be in the clear—best to consult a technician. (And don’t forget to unplug them when you’re cleaning up.)

Damaged wooden furniture


“Furniture or cabinets made of MDF will not last once soaked. But wood-based furniture, provided they do not warp, can be refinished,” says architect and vintage furniture dealer Allen Oblena.

Soaked curtains, bed sheets, and mattresses

Rainwater or flood-soaked rugs, curtains, bed sheets, and other linen can be disinfected and laundered thoroughly, or professionally cleaned. Mattresses, on the other hand, should be disposed of and replaced, for sanitary reasons. 


This excerpt appeared in the article “Bagyo-Proof Your Home” in the September 2014 issue of Real Living

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