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10 Plantitas Share Plant Care Tips for Beginners

You might want to take notes!


Aside from baking and reorganizing spaces with pretty home decor, it seems like collecting plants is one other hobby that everyone has been obsessed with lately. There are so many kinds out there—from succulents to air-purifying plants to palm plants, and more. If you want to add a pop of color to your indoor garden, pink plants exist, too!

Some might already be experts at indoor gardening, but for those who are just starting out, don't panic. The pressure to keep a plant alive can be slightly stressful, but your journey to becoming a plantita can also be just as exciting. Keep reading to see what girls from Cosmo.ph's Cosmo Mixers have to say to all the future plant moms out there.

1. "Be aware of your space. There are gubat-worthy places, and there are spaces for small plants only." -Kalyn

 2. "Put old coffee grounds in your soil!" -Isabella


 3. "Know what kind of plants you can put in your house. Some indoor plants are poisonous and could harm your pets." -Cathy

 4. "Start with aloe vera. It lives longer and it makes your hair shine, too." -Vanessa

5. "Do your research first and be prepared because gardening is a full time commitment." -Noela

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6. "If you’ve got a fish tank or access to fish pond water, you’ve got GOLD. The algae in the water is a really good source of nitrogen, which will help them bloom and grow! Also, it’s a good way to help the environment too = less water goes to waste." -Andi

7. "Start small, ladies. Choose plants that are hard to kill—like snake plants! They're the golden standard for beginner plant owners because they're elegant, easy-to-care-for, and they filter the air, too! When you get past the level of simple plants, you can start branching out to succulents or leaves that have other colors." -Timmy


8. "Join a group. These people know their plants and give each other tips with no judgements. Budding plantita/halamom here!" -Jennifer

9. "Start small with one to two plants like pothos, snake plant, or zz. Before buying other plants, learn about the light, fertilizer, and water that they need. Watch YouTube videos by Planterina or Crazy Plant Guy." -Adelaine

10. "Once you start collecting plants, it'll be hard to stop. Buy only those that you think will be beneficial to your space, home, and lifestyle." -Elle


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